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C Support

Selena: Hrmph. I was really counting on having this shopping trip to myself... How is it that you can look so damn pitiful when you need to?

Setsuna: I just really wanted to go to town... And I don't like going alone.

Selena: Why not? You're a perfectly capable archer! I'm sure you can hold your own. If you hadn't looked like you were going to die if I left you behind, I would have! And don't think for a moment that this means we're making a habit of this...

(Setsuna leaves)

Selena: Hm? Setsuna? Where'd you go? Did I hurt her feelings with what I was saying to her? She might have turned back... I did go a little far... I can't leave her out here; I'd better turn around.

Selena: What the— Where did that arrow come from?

Setsuna: It came from down here...

Selena: Setsuna?! Wh-what are you doing down in that pit? And why are you shooting arrows out of it?

Setsuna: It's a pitfall... I fell into it while we were walking.

Selena: Seriously? How did I miss it? Wait, were you just firing arrows out of there, hoping to get my attention?

Setsuna: Yes. Please help me...

Selena: Of course I'll help you. But jeez, that must be one of the most impressively stupid things I've ever heard!

Setsuna: Thanks for the compliment...

Selena: That wasn't a compliment!!

B Support

Selena: OK, we are not speaking.

Setsuna: Why not...

Selena: Because you just made me pay for half that market? Maybe that's why? How could you even carry that many items in your arms? You've got some serious nerve, showing up and expecting me to cover all your bills.

Setsuna: It's not my fault, I just tend to buy things that people suggest I buy... It's a condition I have.

Selena: There is no such condition as that! Could it be... Did you come along with me specifically so I would pay for you?

Setsuna: But, I paid you back. You didn't lose any money...

Selena: No, YOU did not pay me back. You got Lady Hinoka to repay me! What kind of a retainer has her liege pay all of her bills for her?! I can't believe you. I'd never ask something like that of Lady Camilla. It's such a disgrace. You should consider yourself lucky that Lady Hinoka thinks you're valuable.

Setsuna: I'm valuable... Thanks for the compliment...

Selena: That wasn't a compliment! Are you even listening to me? Why am I wasting my time trying to lecture you about this—I'm going shopping.

Setsuna: Oh, which town are we going to this time?

Selena: I'm going to a town south of here... Wait, "we"? Oh no, you're staying right here.

Setsuna: But I want to go. I have to pick up some salves for myself... Please take me?

Selena: Are you planning to get me to pay for all your things again?

Setsuna: No, but it might happen anyway...

Selena: *sigh* You really have a lot of nerve, but at least you're honest. You can come. Besides, now that I know Lady Hinoka will cover your debts, it's not quite as bad.

Setsuna: Yay... You're such a good person, Selena.

A Support

Selena: Setsuna, I wanted to thank you for the other day.

Setsuna: What do you mean?

Selena: You...don't remember? When we were on our way into town the other day, and you fell into another pitfall?

Setsuna: I fall into a lot of pitfalls...

Selena: I was lecturing you about watching where you were going...

Setsuna: You lecture me about that a lot...

Selena: *sigh* While I was talking, you grabbed my leg and pulled me into the pit with you. At first, I was furious with you... But then I saw all the arrows flying over us, basically right where I was standing.

Setsuna: Oooh, that day. I see...

Selena: And after that, we found and beat up the bandits that attacked us, but... I realized that if you hadn't pulled me in, I wouldn't be alive right now. Even though I paid for your things in town, that doesn't nearly repay you for saving me. So... Thanks.

Setsuna: You don't need to thank me... I just...didn't want you to die...

Selena: Well, I couldn't have paid your debts if I'd been dead.

Setsuna: You're right, but that's not the only reason. I don't have many friends...

Selena: I didn't realize that you considered us friends...

Setsuna: Oh, I do. That's why I like going shopping with you.

Selena: I guess I don't mind the idea of being friends with you... You are kind of a big pain, but at least I'm never bored around you...

Setsuna: Really? That's good to hear...

Selena: But that's not really a compliment! I don't think I'd give compliments to someone as inattentive as you.

Setsuna: I'm inventive... Thank you for the compliment...

Selena: That's not... *sigh* Really, I'm not even surprised anymore. I can't be mad, either. This is how our friendship started. Anyway, I was thinking of going shopping. Want to come along?

Setsuna: I'd like to... Don't worry, though... Today I will bring plenty of money to cover myself.

Selena: Oh, really? Well then...we can shop as much as we want! Let's go!

Setsuna: What are you planning on buying today?

Selena: I want to get something for Lady Camilla. Oh! You should get something for Lady Hinoka, to show your gratitude. She might be so surprised, she'll cry!

Setsuna: That's a good idea... Please help me pick out a present, Selena.