Fates Supports/Setsuna Mitama(PC)

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C Support

Setsuna: ...

(Setsuna leaves)

Mitama: ...

(Mitama leaves)

Setsuna: Mitama...I know you are in there. Please come out now. The war council meeting is today.

(Setsuna leaves)

Mitama: Shoo now, little fly / Leave Mitama to her sleep / Do not buzz so loud.

(Mitama leaves)

Setsuna: Oh, thank you, Mitama.

(Setsuna leaves)

Mitama: I called you a bug / Thanks are not necessary / Now I feel awful. Not awful enough to leave my bed though.

(Mitama leaves) Very well. I will prepare my bow. I am coming in.

Mitama: Please, honored Mother / My bed is warm; you are cold / Do not part us so. Besides, I am too tired to attend. I would just fall asleep at the table.

Setsuna: You are only tired because you were up all night reading again. Perhaps it would motivate you more if I locked your books away. Such obsession... Where did you get it?

Mitama: The answer is clear / A gift from Father did it / A brush and paper. I remember it like it was yesterday...

Setsuna: That cannot be it. A brush and paper can be used for many different things. You could have written letters or stories, or taken up drawing... Instead, you chose poetry.

Mitama: I must ponder this / Other paths I left untrod / Where did I begin?

Setsuna: Hm. Who knows?

Mitama: Perhaps we should now / Try to solve this together / Mother and daughter.

Setsuna: Silly Mitama. I will not fall for your trick. Now, come. We are already late for the meeting.

Mitama: My ruse discovered / I have no choice but to go / It was worth a shot. Perhaps I should have tried a pitfall trap...

B Support

Setsuna: Mitama...what are you doing? Why all the papers?

Mitama: Sly old Memory / She leaves only threads behind / For us to follow.

Setsuna: Hm?

Mitama: I refer to the method of recovering lost time via a thread of memories. To reclaim the past, we must begin by seizing upon a single vivid memory—a clue. It in turn reveals other memories, until the object of the search is found. For this reason, I am looking for my very first poem. It is here somewhere.

Setsuna: Oh. Where are you hoping this thread will lead?

Mitama: Before there was verse / Mitama existed not / Wherefore Mitama? I wish to understand who I am. I was not myself until I learned poetry. If I find my earliest self, I find my now-self. In the beginning, the end. Therefore, the search.

Setsuna: I see. You think finding your first poem will tell you why you fell in love with poetry.

Mitama: Yes. How long 'til it's found? / In a blizzard of poems / A single snowflake. It has been many days. But I am determined.

Setsuna: Is there anything I can do to help?

Mitama: Well, perhaps if you— Ah! Wait! I may have found it / The Alpha of Mitama / Omega, my search.

Setsuna: What does it say?

Mitama: Mother does not come / I count the days passing by / Days without number.

Setsuna: Mitama...is this really your first poem?

Mitama: Yes. I remember now. You'd become very busy, and my caretakers told me you couldn't come to visit. I began writing poems to comfort myself while you were gone. Left waiting for you / My world turned inward to verse / Structure to sorrow.

Setsuna: I am very sorry, Mitama. Can you ever forgive me?

Mitama: Don't apologize / You had a duty, a cause / The world needed you. I am sorry. I didn't want to upset you. And I want you to know I understand. You fought to protect me. I know that now.

Setsuna: Maybe. But maybe I could have done better. Regardless. We still don't know why you turned to poetry in particular. Maybe we should write your caretakers.

Mitama: More clues to my past / Hidden in old memories / The search continues. Yes. They are bound to know something. I will draft a letter immediately.

Setsuna: Perhaps I should help... Fewer poems will be appreciated...

A Support

Setsuna: Hmmm...this can't be right.

Mitama: Mother? Is that the letter from my caretakers? Please, let me see it / Perhaps the source is revealed / The search now bears fruit.

Setsuna: I am not sure how to say this.

Mitama: What is it?

Setsuna: It says that I got you started on poetry.

Mitama: I don't understand / You have no great love for it / What else do they say?

Setsuna: I don't understand either. One moment...

Mitama: ...Yes?

Setsuna: Your caretakers say that I used to teach you the lyrics of the lullabies I sang you. You had trouble singing, so I taught you by reciting them. Eventually, you forgot they were songs, but you never forgot the lyrics themselves. And when you wanted to find more things like them, you naturally asked for poetry. Luckily, they had many books of traditional verses—tanka and haiku especially. Dozens, from the sound of it. And after that...well, the rest is history.

Mitama: Mystery dispelled / I know now the catalyst / My life's prime mover. But to think that so much of my life has hinged on a simple misunderstanding... A single mistake / Like ripples on a still lake / Echoes across life. But that means—

Setsuna: Yes. It was me who started you on this path.

Mitama: Heehee. So it wouldn't be right for you to make me stop, would it? Yourself the wellspring / Can the source of the river / Choose to flow uphill?

Setsuna: I suppose not. Good job, Mitama! You are very clever.

Mitama: Poetry and song / Daughter and mother allied / Invincible bond!

Setsuna: Heehee. I think this one is my favorite yet...