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C Support

Kagero: Setsuna, we need to talk.

Setsuna: Kagero? What do you need?

Kagero: In our last battle, you were selected to be the army's messenger. But you forgot almost half the messages you were supposed to relay.

Setsuna: Hm? Ah, now that you mention it, I think I remember what you're talking about.

Kagero: Serving as the messenger is a critical role in the battle. Lives are at risk. You absolutely must take your job more seriously.

Setsuna: Sorry...

Kagero: Lord/Lady Avatar was informed of your... difficulties with the job. He/She has ordered me to instruct you.

Setsuna: Instruct me in what?

Kagero: In how to become a shining example of what a battlefield messenger should be.

Setsuna: Ohhh...

Kagero: You must become more focused when you're entrusted with a mission. It won't do for you to cause Lord Ryoma and Lady Hinoka undue worry.

Setsuna: Um... Kagero?

Kagero: With my guidance, your training will be incredibly thorough.

Setsuna: This is the most fired up I have ever seen you, Kagero... I guess...thanks for helping?

Kagero: Leave everything to me.

B Support

Kagero: Setsuna, it is time we began your training as a battlefield messenger.

Setsuna: All right... How do we begin?

Kagero: The biggest complaint about you has been your inability to memorize a message. We'll start by having you hear and repeat back some simple messages.

Setsuna: OK.

Kagero: For example... "Lord/Lady Avatar has breached the enemy line. Send reinforcements immediately." ...Now repeat the message.

Setsuna: Um... "Lord/Lady Avatar has bleached the enemy sign. Send endorsements immediately." ...I think?

Kagero: Huh?! How...? That's not right at all! Why would Lord/Lady Avatar be bleaching enemy signs? And what is the purpose of endorsing anything in the midst of battle?

Setsuna: Oh. I guess if I think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense...

Kagero: Maybe we should start with something easier. "Lord/Lady Avatar sent a pegasus to Lady Hinoka." ...Your turn.

Setsuna: Um... "Lord/Lady Avatar rents a narcissist to Lady Hinoka."

Kagero: ......

Setsuna: I wonder what he/she charges. Heehee...

Kagero: That doesn't even make sense!

Setsuna: What? Did I mess it up again? I'm sorry...

Kagero: *sigh* This is going to be more difficult than I thought.

Setsuna: It's really hard to remember that sort of stuff...

Kagero: It feels like you have no interest in memorizing messages.

Setsuna: That's not true...

Kagero: In any case, you definitely lack the basic memory skills needed to be a messenger. However, it's too early to give up.

Setsuna: Yeah... You can do it, Kagero...

Kagero: You're the one that needs motivating— not me.

A Support

Setsuna: Ah, Kagero... Are we going to practice memorizing more messages today?

Kagero: No.

Setsuna: Oh no. Have you given up on me?

Kagero: I overestimated your ability to memorize things. I didn't realize it would be this bad.

Setsuna: Are you saying I can't be a messenger anymore?

Kagero: No, but we're going to need to write the messages for you for a while. We'll also give you a map so you don't get lost.

Setsuna: That sounds doable... I'm pretty good at reading!

Kagero: It would be better if you could memorize the messages, though. You'll have to keep working hard to improve your memory.

Setsuna: ...All right.

Kagero: However, you are still not ready to be entrusted with this important task. I'll be traveling with you while you deliver messages for the time being.

Setsuna: You're going to be my battle chaperone?

Kagero: In this, I am your teacher. So yes, I'll watch over your progress until you're ready. My goal is to make your messenger skills match your impressive skills with a bow.

Setsuna: Heehee... You gave me a compliment...

Kagero: Don't get excited. You still have a very long way to go as a messenger.

Setsuna: I know... But having you with me is motivating... Thanks, Kagero.

Kagero: Hmph. It's too soon for praise, I think. We will be fighting by each other's side for a long while yet.

Setsuna: I know...