Fates Supports/Selkie Rhajat

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C Support

Selkie: Hey, Rhajat!

Rhajat: Selkie... Hm. Hmhm. Heheheh...

Selkie: Is something funny?

Rhajat: Praise the gods...and their divine vessels...

Selkie: Uh, Rhajat? If I didn't know better, I could swear you were trying to worship me.

Rhajat: I wasn't merely trying. I was succeeding. Praise the gods...and their divine vessels...

Selkie: Whaaaaat?! What's all this about?

Rhajat: Foxes are messengers of the gods, are they not? If I show you the proper reverence, I'm bound to be rewarded for my faith. It's only logical, no?

Selkie: You're weirding me out, Rhajat. I may be a kitsune, but I'm no messenger of the divine, or whatever you said!

Rhajat: Ohh...it's suddenly come to me what I should wish for. I should petition for my black magicks to surge in strength. I beseech thee, O Dark Ones, to grant my wish...

Selkie: I'm telling you, I'm not their messenger!

Rhajat: Here...a gift.

Selkie: A coin purse? What's this for?

Rhajat: Consider it a tithe. I only hope that it's sufficient to earn their favor.

Selkie: Rhajat! Cut it out! Stop trying to worship me! That's it—I can't stand this! I'm leaving!

(Selkie leaves)

Rhajat: Oh dear. The messenger has escaped...

B Support

Rhajat: Selkie, have you a moment to talk?

Selkie: Wh-what do you want, Rhajat?

Rhajat: So tense. What could be troubling you?

Selkie: Isn't it obvious? You keep treating me like some "messenger of the gods"!

Rhajat: Is that still bothering you? I'm sorry. It might please you to know that today, I came to talk about something else.

Selkie: Oh yeah?

Rhajat: You intervened in battle the other day to save me from imminent danger. The moment was too hectic to express my gratitude, so I came to do it now. Thank you, Selkie.

Selkie: Oh, well...why didn't you come out and say that? Don't worry about it! That's what friends are for!

Rhajat: Friends, yes...or perhaps I had the dark gods' divine favor from praying to you?

Selkie: Rhajat! You just told me you were going to drop that silliness!

Rhajat: Here...a gift.

Selkie: Not another coin purse...

Rhajat: No. This is an incense set.

Selkie: Rhajat! I keep telling you! I have NOTHING to do with the gods!

Rhajat: Why do you mention it?

Selkie: Don't give me that! This incense set is another offering, isn't it?

Rhajat: That? No, it's my way of expressing appreciation for what you did for me. You may be reading too much into simple gestures.

Selkie: Oh...ohmygosh! I'm super, super sorry! Boy, is my face red...

Rhajat: But if you're that interested in offerings, you should have said so. Heh heh. I would be honored to worship at your feet once more...

Selkie: Argh, me and my big mouth!

A Support

Rhajat: Selkie...this may sound strange to you, but please, hear me out. My black magicks have definitely felt stronger lately. The power surges within me more and more each day. I can think of no other explanation than that my prayers to you have been answered.

Selkie: That's weird, because I haven't done anything.

Rhajat: My supplication to you was somewhat— well, mostly—for my own amusement, but...

Selkie: Are you kidding me?!

Rhajat: I wonder if you have been granting me some sort of power after all.

Selkie: Answer the question! And no, I don't have any power to grant! That's crazy talk!

Rhajat: I think you're wrong. There is power in the unbreakable bond of camaraderie that we share.

Selkie: Huh? Comma...robbery? Start making sense, Rhajat!

Rhajat: Let us make a pact. We will spur one another on, intervene on each other's behalf... and otherwise do all the things that friends do, for all eternity.

Selkie: Uhhh... O-OK! Sounds good! I'm in for your weird pact, Rhajat! Especially the part about us being friends, heehee!

(Selkie leaves)

Rhajat: Phew...I finally said it. Honesty wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It may have been a circuitous way to make friends, but it is my way.

Selkie: Hmm? Did you say something?

Rhajat: O-only the usual, my friend Selkie. Praise the gods...and their divine vessels...