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C Support

Peri: Selena! Hey, Selena! You hate it when you're not the best at everything, right?

Selena: Ugh, definitely! I never settle for second place—ever!

Peri: Wellllll...I happen to know I'm better than anyone at murder!

Selena: A-at what?! Murder's not a sport, Peri!

Peri: It isn't YET! We could be the first!

Selena: L-look... Most people don't go around killing each other because they feel like it!

Peri: Then I'm automatically the best at it! Hooray for me!

Selena: Grrr... Why does this bother me so much?!

Peri: Yikes! Ease off! I-I didn't mean it! Waaaaaaaaah! Selena is bullying me!

Selena: What's with you? Those crocodile tears aren't fooling anybody! If you really want to see someone turn on the waterworks, watch and learn! Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Peri: What the heck?! Teeheeheehee! You look so silly when you cry!

Selena: Ugh... Beaten again!

B Support

Peri: Hey, Selena, know what? I'm a pretty good cook, too!

Selena: Is that a challenge? You don't know what food tastes like till you've had my cooking! I'm not letting any selfish crybaby killer beat me in a cook-off!

Peri: A cook-off! That's a great idea! You know I'll win, right? Can you handle that?

Selena: Fat chance. I'm taking you down!

Peri: Let's get started!

(Peri leaves)

(Selena leaves)

Selena: How... How did this happen?!

Peri: Hi-hi! What did you think? My cooking's pretty yummy, huh?

Selena: Ugh... Ughhhh!!

Peri: Don't just groan about it! I want to hear what you think! Is it yummy? Gross? Tell me!

Selena: Will you stop pestering me for five seconds so I can get a word in edgewise?! I was just about to tell you what I thought.

Peri: Yay! This is so exciting!

Selena: Your cooking...it was...

Peri: Yes? It was what?

Selena: It was better than mine. But only by a hair!

Peri: Yesss! I win again!

Selena: (How does this psycho keep beating me?)

Peri: Aww, aren't you going to make your funny crying face this time?

Selena: Mind your own business! I'm not faking it! These are real tears! Ugh... I hate everything about this...

A Support

Selena: I hate to admit it—I really, REALLY hate it—but you're a better cook than me.

Peri: Hey, we agree on something!

Selena: But I'll practice nonstop until I'm better than you! Just you wait! And don't go anywhere! You stay put until I'm ready to wipe the floor with you!

Peri: So you're saying...rematch? Teeheehee! You're so much fun, Selena!

Selena: Wh-what?

Peri: Seriously! I love hanging out with you! You're cute and strong, and you wear your hair in twintails, like me! I could go on and on! I hope we can keep having fun contests!

Selena: I'll admit, I got a kick out of the cook-off we had. I didn't realize you were into that stuff, and I feel like I know you better now.

Peri: Yep! Best friends forever!

Selena: Sure, I'll be your friend. But don't think for one second that I'm happy about it!

Peri: You're...not happy to be friends...? *sniff* *sob* Waaaaaaaaah! Why are you such a meanie?!

Selena: D-don't cry! I didn't mean it! I... I'm happy too! I'm...glad we're friends.

Peri: *sniffle* R...really?

Selena: "R-really?" Listen to this girl! Don't you trust what your best friend says? So stop crying already! It's smearing your makeup.

Peri: OK...I'll believe you.

Selena: Then again, you'll be crying your eyes out after our cook-off rematch! Get ready to lose hard!

Peri: OK! I can't wait!

Selena: But for that to happen, I can't waste all my time here. I'm off to practice cooking!

Peri: And I'll go practice killing! We'll have a kill-off someday too!

Selena: Don't get your hopes up...