Fates Supports/Selena Ophelia(PC)

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C Support

Ophelia: Mother, my situation is dire.

Selena: Ophelia, what's wrong?! Did something bad happen?!

Ophelia: A voracious beast stirs within me. It demands a hearty offering.

Selena: Seriously? You're just hungry?

Ophelia: That's right! You understand me so well, Mother.

Selena: Heh, of course I do. After all, I'm a chosen one.

Ophelia: Y-you are?! Somehow, I always suspected. I have to admit, I'm a little bit jealous. I wish I were a chosen one too! Then we could battle side by side.

Selena: Heh, that would be wonderful.

Ophelia: We'd better quiet this grumbling in my belly first.

Selena: All right, I'll make you a snack.

Ophelia: Let me help! What should I do first?

Selena: Can you grab those bowls for me?

Ophelia: You bet! Leave it to me. AHH!

Ophelia: Mother! According to my shattered-bowl fortune-telling—

Selena: Now listen, Ophelia. If you break something, just apologize, OK?

Ophelia: You're right. I'm sorry.

B Support

Ophelia: *sigh*

Selena: Ophelia, is something on your mind? You look worried.

Ophelia: Ahh, Mother. Of course you could tell. Chosen ones see everything, don't they?

Selena: You know it. Why not talk to me? Who knows, maybe I can give you some advice.

Ophelia: Well, I've been wondering something. Do you think I'll become a chosen one too?

Selena: Huuuuh? Why do you ask?

Ophelia: Well, it's just that I'm not strong like you and Father.

Selena: Oh dear, is that all? Don't be so concerned. Someday, you'll be a chosen one too.

Ophelia: You don't understand how I feel. You're so powerful already.

Selena: You know I wasn't always this way, right?

Ophelia: What do you mean?

Selena: My true strength came after I was already a chosen one.

Ophelia: Really?

Selena: Take a guess. Who do you think chose me?

Ophelia: Fate? Or the gods maybe?

Selena: Nope. Good try. It was you, silly.

Ophelia: M-me? I don't understand...

Selena: Your birth made me stronger than I ever thought possible, Ophelia. I knew I had to protect you, no matter what occurred.

Ophelia: Oh, I had no idea.

Selena: So, don't worry yourself so much. Eventually you will be a chosen one.

Ophelia: Oh my. Thank you, Mother.

A Support

Ophelia: Greetings, Mother!

Selena: Ah, Ophelia, you're in a good mood today.

Ophelia: Thanks to you, I am! You pulled me free when I had sunk into a whirlpool of despair.

Selena: I'm glad I could help you feel a bit better.

Ophelia: Now that I have moved past that darkness, I need you to teach me everything. Battlefield strategy, culinary techniques... Whatever wisdom you can spare.

Selena: That would be quite a bit of work. Why are you so curious now, dear?

Ophelia: Generations to come should benefit from your experience. I need your help, Mother. I must become much stronger. With your guidance, I can develop the tenacity and skill to back up my words. Maybe then I could inspire and help people.

Selena: Heehee. I see.

Ophelia: Please, I just want to be an incredible chosen one, like you! Teach me everything! I'll soak up your knowledge like a sponge.

Selena: I'll take you under my wing. But don't expect me to go easy on you, OK?

Ophelia: Thank you, Mother! Can we start with some chores?

Selena: Sure. How about you wash that pile of dirty dishes?

Ophelia: OK! You mean this pile here? AHH!

Ophelia: Umm, I broke the plates. Again. I'm sorry, Mother.

Selena: Hey, at least you apologized promptly this time.

Ophelia: A true chosen one doesn't try to hide their mistakes, right?

Selena: Heehee. You're learning already.