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C Support

Asugi: Ah, mission accomplished. I got a ton of useful information tonight. Today's undercover work was riskier than usual. I almost got caught this time. "Almost" doesn't count though, heh heh. Time to share what I learned and go relax.

Sakura: A-Asugi...? You're back! Oh, th-thank goodness!

Asugi: M-Mom?! Shouldn't you be asleep? It's really late.

Sakura: I couldn't s-sleep... I was t-too anxious waiting for you...

Asugi: I'm fine, Mom. It's an early morning tomorrow. You should be asleep!

Sakura: B-but I just told you, I can't! I g-get so afraid thinking about your missions.

Asugi: Look, I get sent out on these recon trips because I'm good at them. We all risk our lives when we're out on our missions, and I'm no different.

Sakura: Alone, though...? I-I don't know... I th-think I would sleep better at night if—

Asugi: I told you, I'm fine. I do what I have to, and that's the end of it. If you stay up all night, you'll just be a liability to all of us tomorrow.

Sakura: Th-that's just...

Asugi: Look, it's late. I'm exhausted. We should both get some rest.

Sakura: I suppose... G-good night, Asugi.

B Support

Asugi: I've successfully infiltrated the enemy base. Piece of cake! (Mmm...cake.) Now to scope out what the leaders here are up to. They've been acting suspicious. If I can just find some evidence that they're planning something...

Sakura: I'm sure y-you can!

Asugi: WHAA—?! What...? MOM?! What in the name of all that is sweet and holy are you doing here?

Sakura: Heehee. You don't mind th-that I followed you, right?

Asugi: Wh-why would you follow me? This place is dangerous!

Sakura: I m-must have mentioned how scared I get when you g-go alone...

Asugi: You shouldn't be here, Mom. This is MY mission, not yours!

Sakura: O-of course! But...I can help here and there, right...?

Asugi: SHH! Be quiet!

Sakura: M-mmph...!

Asugi: Not another word! The enemy patrol is heading this way...

Sakura: O-oh gosh...

Asugi: *sigh* OK, they're gone. Gods, my heart is racing. I was certain they'd spotted us.

Sakura: I'll be more c-careful next time.

Asugi: Geez, Mom. I know parents like to bond with their kids, but this is overkill!

Sakura: I'm sorry! I j-just want you to be s-safe!

Asugi: Ugh, enough is enough. I can't think straight when you're here. This whole mission is a bust. Let's go.

Sakura: W-we're leaving...? Why?

Asugi: Come on, Mom. I know a shortcut back. It's time to go home.

Sakura: But it's a long way...a-and we're at their base now... Sh-shouldn't we stay a while?

Asugi: It's over. Come on, let's hurry back.

Sakura: O-OK...

A Support

Sakura: H-hi, Asugi! What's the p-plan for tonight?

Asugi: ... WE are not going anywhere. You're not coming along.

Sakura: B-but...if I don't...wh-who will look after you?!

Asugi: Mom, you're being unreasonable. Don't you trust me?

Sakura: I just hate how th-they always send you on these m-missions alone! It's s-so dangerous... H-how am I supposed to n-not worry about you?!

Asugi: We each have our own part to play in this war, Mom. I'm a ninja, so I fulfill the roles that my training has prepared me for. When you follow me, it puts us both in very real danger. Instead of focusing on the mission, I can only think of protecting you.

Sakura: I d-don't mean to be a burden... I-I'm just trying to help!

Asugi: ...

Sakura: What if you were b-bleeding somewhere I c-couldn't get to you... H-horrible thoughts like those keep coming to me until I c-can hardly breathe!

Asugi: Mom... Look, this is embarrassing, so I'm only going to say it once.

Sakura: OK...

Asugi: When I got back from my mission that one night and I saw you waiting up for me... I was really happy.

Sakura: You w-were?

Asugi: I was. It made me realize that I had a real home to come back to. Knowing you're out there, waiting for me, makes me desperate to make it back home. No matter how much danger I'm in or what I have to do to make it back safely... I always will. I will always, always come back home to you.

Sakura: A-Asugi...

Asugi: That's why I need you to stay here. My home is wherever YOU are. I can't do what I do without knowing that I have a loving home waiting for me. As long as you're here, safe and happy, I'll never lose heart.

Sakura: ... Th-that makes sense... I hadn't thought of it that way. It'll be hard, b-but I'll try to c-calm down and stay home.

Asugi: Mom... Thank you. You don't know what that means to me.

Sakura: I'll k-keep the home fires burning while you're out d-doing what you do... And I'll m-make sure you have something to eat when you return.

Asugi: That...would be AMAZING!

Sakura: I'll make c-cookies, or cake, or pie... All your f-favorites! Wh-whatever I can do to help, because I love you.

Asugi: Thanks, Mom. I love you too.