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C Support

Setsuna: Morning, Saizo.

Saizo: "Morning" is when the sun is dawning in the east, or shortly after. Where is the sun right now, Setsuna?

Setsuna: It's right over our heads...

Saizo: This is called "afternoon."

Setsuna: Aw, man...I greeted you wrong, huh...

Saizo: Don't tell me you were sleeping this late.

Setsuna: OK. I won't tell you that. There's a good excuse, though... I was caught in a trap until just now.

Saizo: That's your idea of a good excuse? I wish you'd lied and said you overslept.

Setsuna: Really?

Saizo: I'm not sure what to do with you, Setsuna. You don't seem quite suited to be a retainer. It's your attitude, I think.

Setsuna: No way... I'm the most motivated gal around the castle.

Saizo: That is a barefaced lie! I pity Lady Hinoka for having you as a retainer. I will take it upon myself to train you in the proper behavior for a loyal retainer!

Setsuna: Sounds OK. Let's start...tomorrow...

Saizo: Yes. Bright and early. Be prepared.

B Support

Saizo: No more excuses, Setsuna. No more delays. I will mold you into a loyal retainer if it takes every ounce of my energy. Since I know better now than to assume anything from you, let's go over the basics.

Setsuna: Ooh, look at the cute little birdie. Poor thing... I should feed it...

Saizo: Setsuna! Can't you stay focused through the first thing I say to you?!

Setsuna: Oh...sorry.

Saizo: Tell me about your everyday duties. Do you ensure that Lady Hinoka is asleep before you retire for the night?

Setsuna: No. I usually go to bed first. See, a lot of the time, Lady Hinoka says... "If you don't go to sleep first, it's hard for me to relax and fall asleep myself." So that's why...

Saizo: Is this true?! Hrm... I'll give you a pass on that one, then. Well, if you retire earlier, do you at least wake up before her?

Setsuna: No... I get up later... I like to sleep until Lady Hinoka comes to wake me up.

Saizo: But...this is preposterous! Anyone would think YOU were the master and SHE the servant!

Setsuna: She lays out my clothes every morning by my bed, too. That's the kind of nice gal Lady Hinoka is...

Saizo: You monster! That's the kind of service you should be performing for Lady Hinoka! I hope you're considerate enough to fetch her breakfast in the morning, then!

Setsuna: Hmm...I can't remember ever doing that. I usually go practice archery as soon as I'm awake and dressed...

Saizo: Ugh... Let's put the everyday duties aside for now. What do you do on outings? Do you keep a sharp eye on Lady Hinoka's feet? To see whether there's anything dangerous in her path, for example.

Setsuna: Anything dangerous?

Saizo: Deep puddles. Enemy traps. Whatever form the hazard takes.

Setsuna: Well, actually... Whenever I walk in front of Lady Hinoka, she tells me to follow from a safe distance.

Saizo: Unbelievable. Just beyond belief. I'm helpless before your incompetence. I thought I would spend the day whipping you into shape, but... I'm now feeling like a whipped dog myself.

Setsuna: You can do it, Saizo...

Saizo: Oh no! You're the last person I want encouragement from! It's because of you that I'm at my wit's end in the first place! *sigh* I must pull myself together and focus on the task at hand...

Setsuna: OK. I'll feed this poor birdie while I wait.

Saizo: Ughhhhh!

A Support

Setsuna: Hi, Saizo. Got any more tips for me today?

Saizo: No. I've given up.

Setsuna: Huh? Why?

Saizo: Lady Hinoka said, and I quote, "You're wasting your time."

Setsuna: Really...? Did she say anything else?

Saizo: She said that she was equally exasperated by your behavior at first. But you proved yourself useful in combat, and that is all she wants of you. She also said she's come to enjoy carrying out these everyday chores.

Setsuna: Sorry, what was the first thing again?

Saizo: Unbelievable! It's like herding cats. Lady Hinoka is far too lenient with you.

Setsuna: Herding cats... That sounds fun. I had a great time taking care of that birdie the other day...

Saizo: If it were up to me, a small bird is all that would be allowed in your care. But I've abandoned any attempt at mending your relationship with Lady Hinoka. Much as it galls me, there is a place for retainers like you. If only that place wasn't here...

Setsuna: Thanks. Lady Hinoka's a great master. I'm lucky to serve her...

Saizo: Very, very lucky. Make that the first thing you think each morning and the last at night. You owe Lady Hinoka that much.

Setsuna: Yeah...

Saizo: Do all that you can to protect her, Setsuna.

Setsuna: For sure. I always try my best...

S Support

Setsuna: Saizo? I wanted to ask you something...

Saizo: Ask, then.

Setsuna: You stopped coming by. Is anything wrong?

Saizo: Your lessons in being a proper retainer were curtailed. That's all. Lady Hinoka told me she's satisfied with the current arrangements.

Setsuna: So you won't even come to say hi...?

Saizo: Is there some other reason I should?

Setsuna: Well, I liked it when you'd come to see me. I was flattered that you wanted so much to set me straight. You even took it up with Lady Hinoka. You tried so, so hard...

Saizo: A pity that it all came to nothing.

Setsuna: It didn't, though. I thought a lot about how hard you worked. It impressed me. It made me wish I could be like that. To be as good a retainer as you...

Saizo: ...

Setsuna: So will you come see me more? I want to change now. I need you with me as an example to follow. And I need you with me because... I love you.

Saizo: Setsuna... It's strange that you should say this. For I think I had confused disgust with something else. I didn't understand why your behavior bothered me so much, but then I realized... I cared about you. That's why it mattered to me that you be the best servant you could be. I would love to stay at your side and help you to grow into a fine retainer.

Setsuna: Thank you, Saizo!

Saizo: Shall we begin immediately?