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C Support

Saizo: [angry expression]...

Beruka: [angry expression]...

Saizo: [smile]...

Beruka: [smile]...

B Support

Saizo: When you were still taking contracts, did you do most of your jobs alone?

Beruka: Of course. I didn't need help. But after Lady Camilla took me in and enlisted me in the army... As head of a special strike force, I worked with partners more often. Yourself?

Saizo: I do most of my work alone, in secret.

Beruka: *nod* Covert operations are a challenge.

Saizo: Indeed. There was one a few years ago that was especially so. My mission was to infiltrate Nohr and eliminate a duke.

Beruka: ...Go on.

Saizo: The target was a nobleman in a town in Nohr's eastern holdings. Everything that could go wrong with the job did. Even after the target was down, I had nothing but problems. One of the family saw me and screamed curses at me during my entire escape. Then, once I was out of the village...

Beruka: ...

Saizo: Am I boring you?

Beruka: You're talking about Duke Pohl.

Saizo: How do you know?!

Beruka: So you killed him...

Saizo: What do you mean? Did you know him?

Beruka: No. But it doesn't matter now. It's too late. Forget it...

(Beruka leaves)

Saizo: Beruka! Wait! What was that about...?

A Support

Saizo: Beruka, about the other day...

Beruka: I told you to forget it.

Saizo: I'm sorry, but I can't. I looked deeper into the incident.

Beruka: You...

Saizo: Pohl's family hired you. Your contract was Lord Suruga, who gave me the original assignment of Duke Pohl.

Beruka: ...

Saizo: Lord Suruga's family, in turn, hired me for another job. I killed every member of Pohl's family...

Beruka: Please...stop...

Saizo: Why cover your ears? So you don't have to hear that your assignment was pointless? So you can avoid facing up to it?

Beruka: You're no better.

Saizo: No. I'm not. That's what's unbearable. This chain of vengeance has no ending. It's a vicious cycle. It's a perfect hell...

Beruka: So you get it.

Saizo: But our reason for fighting this war is to break that chain, isn't it? We need to put a stop to this foolish practice of washing blood clean with blood.

Beruka: That's what I'm fighting for, yes.

Saizo: Let's snap the chain of suffering together for a more peaceful world. Can I count on your support for that?

Beruka: I'll try.

S Support

Saizo: Beruka. Can we talk?

Beruka: What is it?

Saizo: We swore to fight together to bring peace to this world... But I want you to promise me one other thing.

Beruka: Another vow? The first one was already a tall order.

Saizo: I realize that. You and I have lived lives soaked in blood. Even if we can bring about peace... our lives in this new world will never be like those of our allies.

Beruka: I know.

Saizo: Which is why I want to find somewhere just for the two of us...to make our own peace.

Beruka: Our own peace? What do you mean?

Saizo: Let's settle down together, Beruka. Just you and me. Someplace where we can finally be at rest.

Beruka: S-Saizo...

Saizo: Though the world may turn its back on us as killers... I will never abandon you. I promise to stay with you forever.

Beruka: ... I didn't know I could have feelings like this. But I want it... I want to know this peace you're talking about.

Saizo: As long as we're with each other, I think it's within reach.

Beruka: Then I'll stand by your side.

Saizo: Good. No matter who rejects us, we will always have each other.

Beruka: Always.