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C Support

Mozu: There we go! It's really starting to simmer now.

Ryoma: What do you have on the stove, Mozu?

Mozu: Oh! Well, if it isn't Lord Ryoma. Right now I'm fixing some soup to warm all our bones.

Ryoma: I see. It looks delicious, I must say. I didn't know you were a skilled cook.

Mozu: Aw, it's nothing a prince like you ought to take notice of. Anyway, this is pretty much the most I can do to help the army out.

Ryoma: What do you mean by that?

Mozu: I don't have any fancy fighting moves like the rest of you folks... And I'm no tactician, neither. So I want to help with the things I DO know how to do. And that's cooking...

Ryoma: It's an admirable stance to take, to be certain. But you needn't be so humble.

Mozu: I dunno...it's just...

Ryoma: What would you say, then, if I offered to train you myself?

Mozu: What? No. No way. I couldn't— I can't be wasting your time training me, Lord Ryoma! You've got too much to do around the camp as it is!

Ryoma: If you won't accept training, Mozu, then yes, you will be too weak to fight. I'm giving you an opportunity to push past the barrier you believe holds you back.

Mozu: Lord Ryoma...

Ryoma: I see strength in you, Mozu. You are the only survivor of a brutal attack on your village. That speaks of a fierce determination to survive. I believe you can be trained.

Mozu: Even so, I... Aw, OK. I'll show you—and myself, I guess—I've got what it takes. Thanks, Lord Ryoma!

Ryoma: We'll have you in fighting shape in no time.

B Support

Ryoma: That's enough for now, Mozu. You've earned a short break.

Mozu: *pant* *pant* Whew! I can't believe the rest of you folks train this hard every single day.

Ryoma: You've nearly got the hang of it, Mozu. If anything, you're acclimating to the routine faster than I expected.

Mozu: I guess I can't be that bad if you say so, Lord Ryoma.

Ryoma: You'll feel the improvements start to show in no time, I expect.

Mozu: This still kinda feels like a dream. Some no-name farm girl like me getting personal attention from the prince...

Ryoma: That matters less than you think.

Mozu: Huh?

Ryoma: It doesn't matter if you're a villager or a nobleman, so long as you want peace. If you want it strongly enough, you could grow to be more powerful than myself.

Mozu: I don't think that's gonna happen. But you know what? I feel like it COULD. I gotta hand it to you, Lord Ryoma. You're pretty persuasive when you want to be.

Ryoma: Haha, am I? Thank you.

Mozu: I've got a long way to go, so will you keep training me?

Ryoma: Yes, of course. Whenever you want.

Mozu: Thanks a bunch!

A Support

Mozu: Hey, Lord Ryoma! You got a minute? I wanted to give you something...

Ryoma: Of course, Mozu. What is it?

Mozu: Heh, well, since you've been putting in so much work training me lately... I made you some soup.

Ryoma: Oh, really? Thank you.

Mozu: All the folks back home loved it, so you know it's good! Here you go! Eat up!

Ryoma: Thank you. *slurp* *sip* Oh! This is very good. I'd rank it among the finest soups I've ever tasted.

Mozu: I'm glad you like it.

Ryoma: Like it? I'm entranced by it. This is really first-rate soup, Mozu.

Mozu: Heh! I didn't think a fancy nobleman would have such simple tastes.

Ryoma: Do I? Hmm.

Mozu: I like watching people eat my cooking. Maybe if things ever get back to normal, I might open a restaurant or something.

Ryoma: Mozu...

Mozu: Oh! Sorry, was that too heavy? I didn't mean to bring you down.

Ryoma: No, you just struck a chord with me. I want to return peace to this world as well.

Mozu: I think that's what we all want.

Ryoma: The fruits of your training are starting to show. Let's keep up the good fight, hmm? I'll do everything within my power to see that your wish comes true.

Mozu: Gosh! I'd better step things up too, then!

Ryoma: That's the spirit!

S Support

Ryoma: What's cooking in the cauldron today?

Mozu: Oh, just more of the soup I made for you the other day. It's a hit with the soldiers, that's for sure! I wish I knew how they found out about it...

Ryoma: That's simple enough. I told them.

Mozu: What?! You did?

Ryoma: Yes. I didn't think they'd make such a commotion of it. I'm truly sorry.

Mozu: No, it's not a problem.

Ryoma: There's probably little I can do to make up for it now, but I'll help however I can.

Mozu: I-I'm fine. I couldn't ask a prince for help with the soup...

Ryoma: I told you that station in life doesn't matter to me. We're all together in this. It stands to reason that we'd help one another out.

Mozu: B-but...

Ryoma: I must say, I hope my title isn't a problem for you.

Mozu: Huh?

Ryoma: I may be the high prince of Hoshido, but...I'm very fond of you, Mozu.

Mozu: What?! YOU like ME? Did I hear you right?

Ryoma: I was touched at your passion, both in cooking soup and training with me. As we spent time together, it seemed sillier to let social standing keep us apart.

Mozu: Even if that's true, do you really think we're a good match?

Ryoma: Who's to say? I like you, Mozu.

Mozu: Well, if it doesn't bother you, I'd be a fool to let it bother me, huh! I like you too, Lord Ryoma. And if I'm the one you want, I'll give you everything I have.

Ryoma: I was going to offer you the same. I hope you'll stay by my side henceforth.

Mozu: Wild horses couldn't drag me away!