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C Support

Hana: Haaiii-yah! Hah!

Ryoma: Ahh, she's over there... Good morning, Hana. It looks like you're deep into your training.

Hana: Yikes!! Lord Ryoma?!

Ryoma: My apologies for surprising you. And for interrupting your training.

Hana: N-n-no problem at all! It's fine! Please don't worry about it!

Ryoma: ...You seem a little out of sorts. Is everything all right?

Hana: Yes, of course! I guess...I was so caught up in my training that I didn't realize you were right there. I was a bit startled to hear your voice all of a sudden.

Ryoma: Ah, if that's all...

Hana: And how are you, milord? It's unusual to see you on this side of the camp...

Ryoma: I thought I'd check up on everybody while I walked the perimeter.

Hana: That's very kind of you, milord.

Ryoma: When I have free time, it's important to see that everyone is doing well. The core of any army lies in the strength and well-being of its members. I know that you train very hard every day.

Hana: How do you know that?!

Ryoma: Haha, this isn't the first time I've walked an early morning patrol around the camp. I was so impressed by the intensity of your training that I had to talk to you today. I understand that you're fully dedicated to serving Sakura. As her brother, I'm glad.

Hana: There's no need to thank me, milord. I am only doing my chosen duty.

Ryoma: You shouldn't be humble about your efforts. You're doing a fantastic job.

Hana: Uh...you really are making me blush... Oh yeah! I was asked to organize the storage supplies! I'm sorry, Lord Ryoma—I have to be on my way!

(Hana leaves)

Ryoma: Wow, she left in a hurry...

B Support

Hana: Lord Ryoma... Could I have a bit of your time?

Ryoma: Ah, Hana. Of course. What is it?

Hana: I came to apologize for being so abrupt the other day.

Ryoma: Abrupt?

Hana: Yes, you had taken the time to talk to me, and...I just kind of fled our conversation.

Ryoma: Oh, that's what you're talking about? It's fine; it didn't bother me. But I'm getting the sense that's not what you wanted to talk about. What seems to be the problem?

Hana: Oh, no, it's not a problem! It's the opposite of a problem!

Ryoma: How do you mean?

Hana: I just wanted to say...that I really, really admire you. You're my idol.

Ryoma: Your idol?

Hana: Of course, Lady Sakura is my liege, and my dedication to her is strong. But in terms of fighting skill, you're on a level all by yourself. When you showed up suddenly while I was training, I was so incredibly intimidated... I couldn't think of anything to do except run away.

Ryoma: Ah, now I understand. But I'm really not as intimidating as you seem to think.

Hana: Yes, you are! Lady Sakura always talks about you! She says, "Ryoma is a great brother who's amazing at everything." "He's honorable and can fight like no one else!"

Ryoma: I appreciate her saying that...though it's a little embarrassing.

Hana: It makes me wish I had a big brother like that.

Ryoma: I see. Well, I think I can help you out.

Hana: What do you mean?

Ryoma: Knowing you look up to me that way, I want to be able to live up to that image. Not just in fighting, but as someone to talk to when you have concerns.

Hana: Oh, no, I wouldn't want to be a burden to you...

Ryoma: It's no trouble at all.

Hana: Really? Well, OK. Thank you!

A Support

Ryoma: Hana—off to another early training session, are you?

Hana: Oh, Lord Ryoma! Yes, I am!

Ryoma: Well, be careful not to overdo it. Sakura will get worried about you.

Hana: She will?

Ryoma: Of course. You're not just a retainer to her; you're also an important friend. It can really weigh on you, watching a friend overwork herself for your sake.

Hana: I see what you mean. I also hate to see Sakura pushing herself too hard. I guess we both have to be careful!

Ryoma: It's a good idea to talk to each other on a regular basis, just to stay in touch. Though I suppose that isn't really a concern for the two of you...

Hana: Because...?

Ryoma: I saw you and Sakura having a good time talking the other day.

Hana: If you were passing by, you should have stopped and said hello!

Ryoma: I didn't want to interrupt your time together. I get the sense that there are some things you want to keep amongst yourselves.

Hana: Lord Ryoma...

Ryoma: Anyway, I want to thank you for being there for her, and not just on the battlefield. It is reassuring to know that she has someone like you by her side.

Hana: Thank you, milord. I promise you—just as I promised her—that I will serve her as long as I live!

Ryoma: That's great to hear. I hope that you will continue to fulfill that promise.

Hana: Just leave it to me!

S Support

Ryoma: Hello, Hana. I apologize for bothering you while you're training, but can we talk?

Hana: Lord Ryoma! Of course, what is it?

Ryoma: The other day I asked you to continue protecting Sakura. But as I thought about it, I realized I had more to say than just that.

Hana: ...Yes?

Ryoma: Well, while you protect Sakura, I want to be the one to protect you.

Hana: I... What?!

Ryoma: I care for you, Hana. I want to aid you not only as a friend, but as someone who is in love with you. Would you allow me to do that?

Hana: Milord, I must confess... All this time I've respected you very much, even idolized you. But as I got to know you better and had a chance to confide in you... My admiration grew into love.

Ryoma: Hana...

Hana: But you're Lady Sakura's older brother, and since you're of the royal family, I always felt like I had to hide my feelings from you. I guess...this means I don't have to do that anymore, do I?

Ryoma: No, you don't. Be my sweetheart, Hana.

Hana: Yes! I will, gladly!

Ryoma: From now on, let's support each other and fight together.