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C Support

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I was wondering if you could help me with something...

Rinkah: What did you have in mind?

Ignatius: You know...now that I'm here it seems a little silly. Forget about it. I can take care of it.

Rinkah: Worm problems, right? Or did a spider make its web across your tent flap?

Ignatius: It's a spider riding a worm. If it had just been a spider OR a worm, I could have handled it, I swear!

Rinkah: How? You've come crying to me about bugs ever since you were little. Enough of this. Let me get my club, and we'll sort it out straightaway.

Ignatius: Oh, gods...please do NOT squish them. Just take them somewhere far, far away. This will be the last time, I promise.

Rinkah: Hmmm... Listen close, Ignatius. I'm the mother. You're the son. When you need things, you ask me, and I do it.

Ignatius: I know. I really am working up the courage to handle my own bugs, you know?

Rinkah: Heh... You'll get there. We'll say for sake of argument this is the last bug I smash.

Ignatius: No, I said DON'T squish them! I don't want bug guts on my things!

B Support

Ignatius: Good day, Mother. Do you have a moment?

Rinkah: Yeah. Something wrong? Ah, of course... More insect incursions.

Ignatius: No! I told you, I'm going to deal with my own bugs from now on. Why, just the other day a ladybug landed on my forearm... And, through gritted teeth, I was able to gently brush it away.

Rinkah: So how can your mom help you?

Ignatius: Well, it is about my tent. There's something wrong with it.

Rinkah: I noticed that. If you pitch it with the flap to the north, the sun won't—

Ignatius: No, that's not the issue. It's just... I believe my tent is haunted. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was sure I could see a face staring at me!

Rinkah: I should have guessed. If it's not one thing, it's the other.

Ignatius: MOTHER! This is no laughing matter.

Rinkah: You have to admit, it's always either bugs or ghosts with you.

Ignatius: I mean, I don't believe in evil spirits. I know they don't exist, but... What if they do?

Rinkah: Hmhm...round and round we go. I've been hearing this since you were tiny.

Ignatius: I'm sorry. You've always been so tough. You must be disappointed to have raised a coward.

Rinkah: Don't get mopey about it. It's comforting, in a way, to see that part of you never changes.

Ignatius: Really? You mean that?

Rinkah: I'm serious. When you have kids, you'll learn to love even their flaws. You'll always be my Ignatius, warts and all.

Ignatius: Heh. Well, thank you, Mother.

Rinkah: One thing, though... You don't still sleep with those stuffed dolls, do you?

Ignatius: Yes, what of it?

Rinkah: It's not that I mind. Just occurred to me who this face you saw might belong to.

Ignatius: Oh. OH! Never mind.

A Support

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I have something for you.

Rinkah: Hey, nice charm. You make it?

Ignatius: Yes. It's meant to bring you good luck.

Rinkah: Thanks, Ignatius. I have to ask, though— what inspired you to do it now?

Ignatius: It's just... I don't want you to die.

Rinkah: Hmph...

Ignatius: I know I shouldn't worry about it, but... I get scared every time you fight. If something were to happen to you...

Rinkah: The way I figure, if I let anything happen to me, I deserved it.

Ignatius: Yes, and I know how tough you are. But I still worry. You're the only person who accepts me just the way I am. I...I just can't stand the thought of losing you.

Rinkah: Dry those eyes. You're practically swimming in people who like you just fine. Do I need to name them? I'm sure you can think of at least one or two. They'll be there for you if you let them. Even when I'm not.

Ignatius: You're right. Of course.

Rinkah: So don't be afraid. When my time comes, you won't want for people to look after you.

Ignatius: I know. I'll try to be stronger. I'm sorry if I worried you.

Rinkah: Like I have something more important to do?

Ignatius: Fair enough. Just promise me that you'll live a long, healthy life, OK?

Rinkah: Heh. I was planning on doing that anyway, kid.