Fates Supports/Rhajat Ophelia

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C Support

Ophelia: Abominable! Abominable! Abominable!

Rhajat: Are you speaking to me?

Ophelia: Who else?

Rhajat: Well then...

(Rhajat leaves)

Ophelia: Rhajat! Come back here.

Rhajat: Yes?

Ophelia: I was talking to you! You can't just walk away like that.

Rhajat: You were talking. Was it to me? I couldn't tell—it was like you were onstage. I found your performance dull. So I left.

Ophelia: B-but aren't you curious about what I find so abominable?

Rhajat: Not at all.

(Rhajat leaves)

Ophelia: Rhajat! Please!

Rhajat: What do you want?!

Ophelia: Finally ready to listen?

Rhajat: I'm ready for you to finish saying your piece so I can leave.

Ophelia: It's your aura. It's abominable!

Rhajat: Understood. Farewell.

(Rhajat leaves)

Ophelia: I'm not done, Rhajat!

Rhajat: Please, finish.

Ophelia: I'm just getting to the good part! I will be glad to use my magic to help you. It will require my most potent powers, but I vow to cleanse your murky glow.

Rhajat: Cleanse my aura?

Ophelia: Ha! A smile! Now I see that I have your full attention.

Rhajat: I don't care to be cleansed. But I'm intrigued that you'd dare attempt it.

Ophelia: That's the spirit. Then I'll go make preparations. Visit my chambers later.

Rhajat: She doesn't stand a chance. There's no way her power can break mine. Hee hee! I'm looking forward to seeing HER spirit broken...

B Support

Ophelia: Rhajat!

Rhajat: Hello, Ophelia. Is it just me—or is your cowlick looking cowlickier today?

Ophelia: So I was right! It WAS you!

Rhajat: What was me? Hee hee!

Ophelia: Don't play the fool with me. After I tried to cleanse your murky aura... I got a stiff back! And my soup that night was too salty to eat! And yes, as you've noticed, my cowlick IS cowlickier! You cursed me! This is what I get for doing the housecleaning of your soul?!

Rhajat: What if I did? In any case, you now realize your silly magic is inferior to my dark curses. Now, leave me be.

Ophelia: Not so fast.

Rhajat: What now?

Ophelia: Your curses inspire me to try again. Your aura must be cleansed. I surrounded you with obsidian last time. This time I'll try amethyst.

Rhajat: Please, Ophelia. No more of your gemstone nonsense.

Ophelia: I'll never give up. I'll go to make preparations. Visit me later in my chambers.

(Ophelia leaves)

Rhajat: When will that dizzy creature ever learn? Her magic can't touch my darkness.

A Support

Ophelia: Rhajat! Victory is mine!

Rhajat: Your silly grin is making me nauseous, Ophelia. Please stop.

Ophelia: My happy demeanor shines like the unsnuffable sun! I purified your aura AND have rebuffed your attempts to curse me.

Rhajat: Yes...and?

Ophelia: My power has triumphed over yours. I'm glad I chose the brightest of my diamonds for my aura ungunking. The stars smiled upon my spell. Thus, I am happy as a magical clam.

Rhajat: No, you silly loon. Your power didn't overcome me or my aura. I simply grew bored with you. I didn't bother with curses.

Ophelia: Now you see—my cleansing spell mopped up your desire for vengeance!

Rhajat: Pathetic. You grasp at straws. I tire of this.

Ophelia: No! Stay! Talk! Don't you want to chat about spellcasting and gem magic?

Rhajat: Not at all. I'll give you this if you leave me alone.

Ophelia: A magic charm? Thanks!

Rhajat: Wait. You're not going to ask if I've cursed that?

Ophelia: I've cleansed your aura. You no longer have any interest in cursing me.

Rhajat: You're so naive.

Ophelia: Am not! See you, Rhajat.

(Ophelia leaves)

Rhajat: Hmpf. I can't believe I managed to craft a good-luck charm. It's perhaps the most perverse and challenging magic I've ever attempted. I wonder...? Did Ophelia actually tidy up my dark soul a little? Her spells are so weak though. Pffft—gem magic!

Ophelia: Hmm? Say something?

Rhajat: No. Just muttering to myself.

Ophelia: Well, if your dark aura truly starts taking hold of you again, just let me know. I'll be glad to get in there with my gems and clean out the doomy goo!

Rhajat: Hmm. Thanks for the offer.