Fates Supports/Peri Selkie(PC)

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C Support

Selkie: Hey, Mom! What are you doing? Wanna go outside and play?

Peri: Selkie?! Whose blood is that? Yours?!

Selkie: Yep! I was exploring in the forest, and I think I fell off a cliff or two. Heehee!

Peri: How did you manage that?! Are you OK?

Selkie: Aww, I'm fine. I just scraped my knees a little bit. Everything still works the way it's supposed to. See?

Peri: Phew! I'd hate to see anything happen to your fine, sharp claws. I don't mind you playing outside, Selkie, just...so long as you do it inside.

Selkie: Grr, that's no fun! What am I supposed to do?

Peri: I don't really care, as long as it's safe. There's a time and a place for being reckless, and an army camp is not it.

Selkie: Awww...that sounds boring. Oh! I have an idea! Let's play dress-up! We can put on makeup and everything.

Peri: Makeup? Since when do you care about that? Well, if it'll keep you out of the forest...

Selkie: Yay! Let's do it! Gimme that lipstick!

Peri: I need to sort through my collection first. Don't worry, I'll tell you when I'm ready.

Selkie: All right...this is gonna be great!

B Support

Peri: I'm ready for you, Selkie! You ready for me?

Selkie: Oh yeah! Bring it on!

Peri: Heehee, that's the spirit! What kind of makeup did you want, anyway?

Selkie: War paint! Right under the eyes with lipstick! I want green—do you have green?

Peri: Good choice! Though I'd go with red, if you really want to put the fear into your foes. Either way, we'll want to get foundation on first before we mess with that stuff.

Selkie: You mean this powdery stuff? I think it's gonna make me sneeze. AH-CHOO! Oh no...it's everywhere!

Peri: That's fine. It'll still work without it, just maybe not as well.

Selkie: *sniff* I'm sorry, Mom. I'm screwing everything up, aren't I?

Peri: Eh, it's about par for the course for a total beginner. Do you wanna see how I'd do it, if I were you?

Selkie: Really? OK...that sounds good.

Peri: Once you get a little practical experience with it, you'll see it's not so bad! What's the plan here, anyway? Are you trying to look pretty, or fierce?

Selkie: Fierce! I want to look like I could rip your head off with my teeth. Rawr! I mean, not YOUR head, Mom. Anyway, make me look fierce!

Peri: Right answer, kid!

A Support

Selkie: Hey, Mom! Guess what?

Peri: Whatever it is has got you in a good mood, I see!

Selkie: Yeah! Well, I got so many compliments on the makeup you did for me. People said that I looked terrifying!

Peri: Really?! That's great! Way to go, kid!

Selkie: Uh-huh! There's just one problem...

Peri: What would that be?

Selkie: Well, I loved the makeup, but it took so long to put on. I'd kind of rather spend that time outside playing and running.

Peri: Sounds reasonable...I guess...

Selkie: Oh! But that doesn't mean I didn't like being with you. It was really fun to see how you put it all together. I guess what I'm saying is... Sometimes I want to do makeup with you, but other times... I want to run and play outside with you!

Peri: Heh heh. Now there's the Selkie I know and love!

Selkie: It is? Yay!

Peri: Why don't we go outside right now? We can play hide-and-stalk in the forest!

Selkie: Aww, you're the best! I'm so glad you're my mom!