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C Support

Rhajat: Shut your blubbering lips, you fool! I curse you now—you're doomed to drool! Muhahaha!

Percy: Are you talking to me?

Rhajat: No! What are you doing here?

Percy: I just heard some weird chanting and thought I should investigate. So...who were you talking to?

Rhajat: It's none of your business. But if you must know, I was cursing a local shopkeep.

Percy: Why?!

Rhajat: Because he's an old fool! He almost overcharged me! And he couldn't stop talking about his boring old clothes. Well, now he won't be talking much. I cursed him to drool for three days nonstop. Haha!

Percy: Are you sure he wasn't just trying to help you? This doesn't sound right to me, Rhajat...

Rhajat: Who cares what you think! Just leave me alone, OK? Unless you want me to curse you, too!

Percy: No...I definitely don't want that...but I have to stand up for what's right!

Rhajat: Hmph. Whatever. I guess I won't curse you this time.

Percy: Whew!

B Support

Percy: Aw, come on, Ace. Drink a little water. It'll help you feel better...

Rhajat: What's the matter with that dragon of yours? Human skull stuck in its throat?

Percy: Human skull? Ace doesn't eat people! At least, I don't think he does...

Rhajat: Oh. Boring. Anyway, what's wrong with him?

Percy: I don't know! He's been making the most awful noises, and he won't move...

Rhajat: Demon dragon, hear my call! Breath of fire, breath of—

Percy: STOP!

Rhajat: What's wrong?

Percy: You were gonna curse Ace, weren't you? I know he's sick, but he'll get better! You don't have to curse him to death!

Rhajat: Curse him to death? I was trying to help him, you fool!

Percy: Oh! You...you can do that?

Rhajat: I could. But maybe I've changed my mind. Maybe I will curse him to death...

Percy: No! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Please, help him!

Rhajat: Ugh, fine. Just stop whining.

Percy: Yay!

Rhajat: I'll have to try a different spell now. Let me think... Ah! Cough and wheeze, choke and sputter... Expel what's causing you to shudder! See that? He coughed up some kind of fruit. It must have been stuck in his throat.

Percy: Wow, he's back to normal. Thank you so much, Rhajat! You're the best!

Rhajat: You...you shouldn't say that...

A Support

Percy: Hey, Rhajat! I got something for you!

Rhajat: Must you always be so excitable? Anyway...what is it?

Percy: I got you some new clothes! Remember that shopkeep you cursed a while back? I knew you wouldn't want to go back there, so I went for you. What do you think?

Rhajat: Ah, yes. The blubbering shopkeep. But you didn't need to do this.

Percy: Well, I wanted to do something to thank you for healing Ace.

Rhajat: I see. Well, thank you, I suppose.

Percy: You're all right, you know that?

Rhajat: What do you mean?

Percy: I guess I used to think you were kind of a weirdo who just loved cursing people. But it turns out you're actually a kind person.

Rhajat: Your first impression was actually quite accurate. But thank you. Let me take a closer look at those clothes you got me...

Percy: You bet! I hope you like 'em...

Rhajat: ...They're all dragon themed.

Percy: Yep! Great, right?

Rhajat: Just to clarify... You expected me to WEAR these?

Percy: What? You don't like 'em?

Rhajat: Well, it's not that... It's just... I appreciate the thought.

Percy: Great! I knew it!

Rhajat: *sigh*

S Support

Percy: Whoa...it's so dark in here. What are you doing in here all alone in the dark?

Rhajat: Do I need a reason?

Percy: No, I guess not. You just seem to spend a lot of time by yourself. Are you lonely?

Rhajat: I don't know. I guess I'm just a gloomy person. Most people don't like me. But that's OK, because I don't like them, either.

Percy: That sounds terrible!

Rhajat: It's not so bad. If I really need to talk to someone, I can always summon a Faceless. They're good listeners and surprisingly helpful with menial tasks. Once you bend them to your will, of course...

Percy: Well. I like you, Rhajat.

Rhajat: What do you mean by that?

Percy: What do YOU mean by THAT? I like you! It's a simple statement!

Rhajat: You better not be teasing me right now! Or I'll curse you SO hard...

Percy: I'm serious! Like I said, at first I thought you were kind of strange. And then I realized that you're just unique. And that's neat! You helped heal Ace, and you're a fun person to talk to.

Rhajat: OK. Let's hold hands, then.

Percy: Um...OK...

Rhajat: I think I like you, too, Percy. But your normal is my weird, so I want to take it really slowly. Let's just hold hands and go for a walk.

Percy: Cool! Where should we walk?

Rhajat: Somewhere desolate, of course.

Percy: Right! Romantic yet desolate walk, coming right up! Give me your hand!

Rhajat: How interesting. Human hands are much warmer when they're attached to a live human...