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C Support

Ophelia: Tap...tap...tap come the demon's footfalls. Steadily she advances... Inexorably nearer with every breath... My last chance to flee has fled. The demon comes to take me...

Soleil: Haha, there you are!

Ophelia: Aieeeee!

Soleil: Why are you hiding? I've been looking high and low for you! Come on, let's go get some tea! I want to show you my favorite café. It's the perfect place to sit and talk for hours. Just you...and me.

Ophelia: Soleil...why must you always chase me around?

Soleil: Isn't it obvious? Because I'm interested in you! You and me were destined to be together! Once you finally realize it, we'll be a partnership for the ages.

Ophelia: Please...just leave me be...

Soleil: Ahaha... I'm not letting you go that easy, my cute little butterfly! Relax already! We have so much to talk about that I can't wait to get started. Heheh...ooooooh, this is gonna be good!

Ophelia: N-nooooooooo!

B Support

Ophelia: Deep breaths, Ophelia...you can do this...

Soleil: Ahaha. Found you again! You can never hide from me for long!

Ophelia: Clearly not... Your pursuit is relentless indeed.

Soleil: That's right. And now that I've caught you, I'll finally get my chance to talk. Just the two of us...nobody else...for hours and hours...

Ophelia: Not today! For I am no longer a fragile butterfly, powerless before your onslaught. I saw this moment coming and prepared a special spell for the occasion! With a flick of the wrist...and a click of the tongue... Hah!

Soleil: What the—?!

(Soleil leaves)

Ophelia: How did I get over here? What's wrong with my voice? What happened to me?!

Soleil: Excellent. The spell worked perfectly.

Ophelia: Holy— That's me! I'm standing in front of myself! What's going on here?!

Soleil: Teeheehee. Surprised, Soleil? It's a bit of magic I found in an old grimoire...a body-switching spell. Now I inhabit your body, and you mine.

Ophelia: Huh! Sure enough. I'm...I'm you!

Soleil: Even you would lose interest in chasing your own body. Victory is mine! Now, let us discuss the terms for me dismissing the spell...

Ophelia: Heh...heeheehee...I'm in your body... It's too cute! This is too amazing!

Soleil: Hm...?

Ophelia: Now I don't need to chase you—I AM you! I've gotta go find a private place with a mirror! Heeheeheehee!

(Ophelia leaves)

Soleil: WHAT?! S-Soleil! Wait! Let's talk this over!

(Ophelia leaves)

Ophelia: Hey! It's Odin and my dad! Check it out, Dad! I turned into Ophelia!

(Ophelia leaves)

Soleil: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Don't you dare talk to my father while you're in my body! This is becoming a nightmare... I don't have any choice left. A click of the tongue...a flick of the wrist...HAH!

Soleil: Heeheehuh? Aw, man. I knew it was too good to last...

Ophelia: *sigh*...

Soleil: Ophelia? Did you end the spell already? I was just getting warmed up!

Ophelia: Soleil, you dunderhead!

Soleil: What did I do?!

Ophelia: I thought surely that spell would make you see the error of your ways. My plan was to have you swear not to chase me as a condition for restoring you. THEN maybe we could be normal friends!

Soleil: Uh...

Ophelia: But no...you'll never change, I suppose. You'll never listen to my pleas... You'll always hound me, try as I might to hide. W-well, see if I care! *sniff* *sob*

(Ophelia leaves)

Soleil: O-Ophelia... ...I think I messed up somewhere.

A Support

Soleil: Ophelia... Um...I wanted to apologize. I'm really sorry for how I acted. I kept doing what you told me not to. I should have listened to you.

Ophelia: ...

Soleil: I really like you, Ophelia. I think you're supercool. You're confident in yourself, and you never flinch or falter in battle. That's why I wanted to sit down and talk with you. That's all I wanted, really... But I was so nervous, all my invitations came out wrong. I'm really sorry. I promise I won't do that to you again. So please...if it's all right with you, I still want to be your friend.

Ophelia: ...

Soleil: I...guess it's not all right. OK.

Ophelia: My father told me about your father.

Soleil: Huh?

Ophelia: Laslow has fought side by side with my father many times. My father called him a steadfast comrade- in-arms. And I always felt...that maybe one day, you and I would be the same way. I believed the stars had aligned to bind our fates together.

Soleil: Aw, Ophelia...

Ophelia: I looked forward to meeting you even before I came to this world. But when at last we did meet...you were such an embarrassment... Not at all like the comrade-in-arms that I had imagined you to be.

Soleil: Oh. I'm...I'm sorry...

Ophelia: No... I blame myself. I made you out to be something you're not. You only ever saw me as I am... But when I looked at you, I compared you to the ideal I had in my mind. When I think back, you never said you wanted anything more from me than to talk. I was the one who ran from you, refusing to listen to what you were saying. So if anyone should apologize, it's me.

Soleil: I dunno...maybe I won't be the kind of partner you had in mind... But I'd love to get closer to you anyway!

Ophelia: But don't you see? We already are closer than we realized. Real friends don't need to work so hard to get each other's approval. I want that to be us: easy and comfortable with one another.

Soleil: Really?! That would be wonderful... I hope you can learn to like me just the way I am.

Ophelia: I'm confident that I will. The stars wouldn't lie, would they? I feel their twinkling in my deepest self and know, with absolute certainty... great things will come of us.

Soleil: Wow...that's really cool.

Ophelia: Hmhmhmhm...what else would one expect from the chosen maiden? Now then, shall we go?

Soleil: Go where?

Ophelia: To that tea shop you were going on about. We'll sit down, just the two of us, and have a nice, long chat.

Soleil: Ophelia! Are you for real? Somebody— pinch me! This is why I love you!

Ophelia: Hmhmhm...for the first time, I'm happy to hear you say that.