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C Support

Niles: We have a job to do, Odin.

Odin: Do tell, my umbral friend!

Niles: Our army is thinking of developing some new weapons. They need these weapons named.

Odin: Weapons?! Named?! Those that you hold?! What a perfect task for me—to anoint those with my mystic tongue!

Niles: Before you start drooling all over them, you need to know one more thing. They're calling for name possibilities from everyone in camp. Not just us. As Lord Leo's retainers, you and I must contribute our ideas.

Odin: Hmpf. I'm not used to auditioning with amateurs. But I'll do my best. Feel free to bow out of this scene now. I've got this.

Niles: Fine by me.

Odin: Now, where to start? Ooh, that sword looks like it's begging for the Odin treatment. It should be a strong name. Hmm. Maelstrom, perhaps? No, that doesn't sound half as fierce as this blade demands. I'll put it aside for now. What's next? Ah, a powerful staff, white and streaked with red. The Scarlet...something. No, that's crummy too. How about...?

Niles: How about you wrap this up, Odin? We don't have forever.

B Support

Odin: NILES! How DARE you?!

Niles: Sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Maybe shout it...directly into my ear?

Odin: Oh, you heard me, traitor. You didn't wait for me to name those weapons. You submitted your own—and your names are just plain bad. Why, every one of them is charmless, rigid, and stiff! Was this some sort of joke?

Niles: One of us had to do something, or we'd look like fools.

Odin: What?!

Niles: You were at risk of missing the deadline. We represent Lord Leo here. That would have made him look bad. So I turned in some names. Crisis averted.

Odin: You know nothing of naming. It's FINE to be late...if the names are perfect. It's you who've made Lord Leo look like a chump.

Niles: You were going to blast past that deadline as if it was years away. And, just like always, you'd come up with names that were nonsense.

Odin: Excuse me? But your names are the very stuff of which senses are made non! Lord Leo will be sorely displeased.

Niles: What a big talker you are, Odin. Pretty suspicious, given that you're a man with no past.

Odin: Oh? Tried to dig up a little dirt on your friend Odin, eh?

Niles: When a man like you shows up to serve Lord Leo—of course I do. I look into the past of anyone and everyone who comes into his life. And I found...nothing.

Odin: And our conversation is...over.

A Support

Odin: I have to apologize for how rude I was to you the other day, Niles.

Niles: But, Odin—

Odin: Please, no. Not a word of apology from you. I won't have it. Besides, you don't know how right you were, submitting your weapon names. They're being seriously considered for the final choices.

Niles: Oh, really?

Odin: What's more, everyone is saying how un-Odinish our names are. Hard to believe it, but they mean that as a compliment. Everything you said was true—I would have been late, and with names they'd hate. So, we haven't brought shame on Lord Leo's name at all.

Niles: Look, I really just wrote down the first words that came to mind. But I do need to apologize. Not for that. I shouldn't have looked into your past.

Odin: You were just doing your duty by Lord Leo. That you didn't find any past at all must have alarmed you. But I swear, there's nothing in my... past...that would harm Lord Leo.

Niles: Say no more. If Lord Leo put his trust in you, so should I. Even if you had a dark past, it couldn't be more troubling than mine.

Odin: What matters is that you care deeply for Lord Leo.

Niles: That I do. As do you.

Odin: In which case, we must band together better than we have been. You and I often squabble. We shouldn't.

Niles: I agree. Let us put away any troubles and embrace each other as friends.

Odin: Done deal. Just one more thing.

Niles: Yes?

Odin: I've heard the camp is going to be naming some new armor next. Help me with my names. People love the ol' Niles touch!

Niles: Nope. You're on your own.