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C Support

Camilla: ...

Odin: Lady Camilla, I—what vexes you? Your face speaks of cares. May I destroy one for you?

Camilla: Hmm? Odin... No, it's nothing.

Odin: I see. Well...pardon my intrusion, then.

Camilla: Oh—not at all. Did you need something?

Odin: Ah! I had forgotten in my concern, but I did have a query to put to your royal ears.

Camilla: Go ahead. Ask what you like.

Odin: Lady Camilla, would you do me the honor of revealing...the name of your armor?

Camilla: What? Why? Did you want to wear it, too?

Odin: Wear it...?! I-I hadn't even considered such a privilege! But even now I see it in my mind's eye... Milady is truly a visionary... Garbed in this raiment, I would be as an angel in flight...

Camilla: Odin? Is that mumbling directed at me?

Odin: Wha—? Oh, no, nothing! My thoughts soared to the lofty heights of heaven. But the truth is that I have always admired milady's extraordinary armor!

Camilla: Extraordinary? You're talking about the armor I'm wearing now?

Odin: The same! That ebon finish...so, so black... Like staring into a raven's pupil at night! Naturally I wondered what sublime name milady could have chosen for such treasure. Even now, the anticipation of hearing its name pierces me with soul-knives of agony!

Camilla: Well, I hate to disappoint you, but...it's not the sort of thing I would give a name to.

Odin: But...this injustice cannot be allowed to stand! Such armor cries out for an identity!

Camilla: If you feel that strongly, why don't you name it?

Odin: Really? Milady would trust me with this sacred task?

Camilla: I can think of no one more qualified for the job than you, Odin. I look forward to hearing what you come up with.

Odin: I swear by the rich crimson of my blood that I will not fail you, milady!

B Support

Odin: Lady Camilla! I have given considerable thought to a name for milady's armor.

Camilla: Oh...right. I was...getting tired of waiting. Well? Tell me what you've come up with.

Odin: Of course! Prepare your ears for grace! With no more delay, its luminous name is... rendered in the old tongue of our land. It reminds us, like the armor itself, of the glorious night sky. I give you... Grossartig Mond, the great moon! Er...what does milady think?

Camilla: Grossa... What did you say to me?

Odin: Grossartig Mond. I meditated on the image of milady's armor from inside a dark chasm. It took two hours to climb to the bottom... Four to climb back out. But it was worth it! As I lay in darkness, words floated gently into my mind from on high. The first was "Grossartig." The meaning is noble, ample, and beautiful. Then came "Mond," the moon, the bright center around which the night revolves! The masterstroke of my revelation was to combine these two bold terms! Behold! Grossartig Mond!

Camilla: ... I see. This is a fine name. Thank you, Odin.

Odin: What? "Fine"? No, this will never do! I fear milady is far too cavalier with such a grave matter! Surely we must discuss the finer points before committing to this course!

Camilla: What is there to discuss? I've taken quite a liking to the name, and I will use it.

Odin: A-are you sure...? I mean, milady is not simply pushing the matter aside? You truly like the name?

Camilla: Yes, of course.

Odin: ... I confess I didn't think the first candidate... A disastrous miscalculation...

Camilla: Is there a problem? And what is that stack of papers in your hands?

Odin: Nothing! Just a few more possible names for milady's armor. A mere ten...dozen.

Camilla: Ten DOZEN? You mean to tell me you have one hundred and twenty names there?!

Odin: Y-yes. I thought I would ask milady to pick whichever suited her from this pile... And, alas, that won't be necessary! B-but that's not a problem at all! I'll take the remaining 119 and burn them so their inferiority shan't trouble you again!

Camilla: Well, I'm sorry for your wasted effort, but...thank you, Odin. All of this trouble for me... It's really very touching.

Odin: Think little of it, milady. Some men fight, some men preach—I name.

A Support

Camilla: Ah, Odin. Thank you again for your hard work naming my armor. I mentioned it to Avatar, and he/she thinks the name suits me perfectly.

Odin: R-really? Can this be true?

Camilla: Yes, of course. Why would I make that up?

Odin: It's just...such an honor... to know that my sublime meditations and supreme effort are seen and appreciated...

Camilla: Wait, what is the matter, Odin?! You're crying!

Odin: N-no... These aren't tears at all... They are but watery vagabonds in search of adventure. Wanderers seeking escape... from my face.

Camilla: I-I see... Thank you, Odin. I had a lot on my mind— the war, the future of Nohr, and so on. But everything seems clearer now—thanks to the name you gave my armor.

Odin: But of course, milady, I live to— Wait, really?

Camilla: This armor is now called Grossartig Mond. It holds the spirit of the moon itself... Thinking of it that way gives the armor an identity, and helps me solidify mine. I feel like I've gained a clearer picture of the warrior and the ruler I want to be... And that's because of you, Odin. Thank you.

Odin: ... Ha! Hahahaha! My joy is like a fearsome predator! It hunts down baser emotions and rips out their vitals in a savage banquet of laughter!

Camilla: Odin? You're talking to yourself again.

Odin: Ah. My sincerest apologies, milady. I was enraptured by a realm of epicurean atrocity! Even brought back to earth, I must say I feel better than I have in ages.

Camilla: Have you not been feeling well, Odin?

Odin: I would never want to burden you, milady, but since you asked... The truth is...I haven't been naming things with my usual effortless grace and aplomb. But since you took to Grossartig Mond so immediately... My confidence and limitless naming power have returned!

Camilla: That's wonderful, Odin. Truly.

Odin: Yeeeessss... I feel the power radiating from each mighty drop of my peerless blood... I should go, lest the force of it scorch your fair skin like the summer sun.

Camilla: Before you go, Odin, let me say this: the world is a more joyful place with you in it. And don't hesitate to come tell me your troubles. You will always have my ear.

Odin: Your generosity humbles me, milady. And that is no easy feat. I thank you with each separate hair on the back of my mighty hand.

S Support

Camilla: Odin, you wanted to talk to me? What's the matter?

Odin: W-well, milady, you see...it's...

Camilla: You're not losing your self-confidence again, are you? If so, I have something to tell you. I've been telling our other companions in the army about my armor's name as well. And literally every one of them wants you to give a name to their weapons and armor!

Odin: Oh...I see...

Camilla: You aren't happy? I expected an explosion of verbose excitement and pride.

Odin: Eh? Oh, I am honored, of course... but I must refuse.

Camilla: Why ever would that be?

Odin: In times past, I would have been glad to take on their request. But now I feel differently.

Camilla: I see. Have your naming powers deserted you again?

Odin: They have, and the reason, Lady Camilla... is you.

Camilla: What? M-me?

Odin: I named Grossartig Mond after meditating on an image in my mind... You rode into battle, resplendent in the armor's defensive embrace... Had I pictured any other, lesser person, such a naming would be impossible. I'm afraid my nominative prowess, and with it, my life, is now in your exclusive service.

Camilla: Wait... Odin, are you saying what I think you're saying?

Odin: Yes, milady. It is time to put voice to what my soul has been bellowing for ages... I love you. I love you with my entire being, down to the sacred blood in my veins. Please take this. It is...a bridge that links us, like the rainbow that links the worlds.

Camilla: Is this...an engagement ring?

Odin: To employ base literality for a moment, yes. I would ask for your hand in marriage. That is why I came to see you today. But if you're going to refuse, please do it quickly. I'm ready.

Camilla: Refuse? Why would I? I would love nothing more than to have you for my husband!

Odin: Can this be true? Or do my wicked ears conspire with each other to deceive me?

Camilla: It's very true, Odin. I should tell you, though—I want to have children. I hope you are up to the task of naming them...

Odin: I will meditate harder than ever! I'd best get started at once!