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C Support

Oboro: Grrr...

Beruka: You are...?

Oboro: Oboro. From the Hoshidan army.

Beruka: Ah. I'm—

Oboro: I know who you are. Beruka, of the Nohrian army. And a former assassin.

Beruka: You seem hostile. I notice you're still making a distinction of Hoshidan and Nohrian forces. Does that mean even though we're allies, we're still divided?

Oboro: You're overcomplicating things. I just hold a grudge against Nohrians, that's all.

Beruka: Ah. It still feels like you have something personal against me.

Oboro: Only after I found out you used to be an assassin.

Beruka: Why's that?

Oboro: My parents ran a clothing shop when I was young. They were out in Nohr making a delivery when some bandits attacked. I watched them die from the back of the wagon.

Beruka: Wait. Tailors? On their way to Nohr?

Oboro: Yeah, why? Do you know something about this?

Beruka: ...

Oboro: Hey! If you know anything, you had damn well better tell me! What do you know about the men who killed my parents?!

Beruka: ...I shouldn't have said anything.

(Beruka leaves)

Oboro: H-hey! You get back here right now!

B Support

Oboro: At last... I've finally got you alone so we can talk privately.

Beruka: You're wasting your efforts. I have nothing to say to you. Nothing.

Oboro: That can't be the truth. Admit it. What was it that made you react that way last time? What are you hiding?

Beruka: ...

Oboro: What do you know about my parents?!

Beruka: ...

Oboro: Still keeping silent? Figures. Look, I know you were still a child then. I'm not accusing you of killing my parents. I just want you to tell me what you know.

Beruka: If you're not accusing me, then I have nothing to say.

(Beruka leaves)

Oboro: Now hold on!

Beruka: ...

Oboro: Do you think I'm going to let you off that easy? I'll keep you here by force if I have to! So talk!

Beruka: ... The man who killed your parents... He raised me as his child.

Oboro: What...? Are you joking?!

Beruka: Does that satisfy you? Because I'm leaving.

(Beruka leaves)

Oboro: W-wait... Come back! I need to know more!

A Support

Beruka: I want to talk.

Oboro: Beruka!

Beruka: Calm down. I'm ready to explain myself now. I needed to sort out my thoughts first.

Oboro: Sorry... But yeah, I have time.

Beruka: Then I'll tell you everything. The man who adopted me ran a secret assassins' guild. Though he took me in, he didn't exactly treat me like a daughter. The only thing he taught me was how to kill.

Oboro: ...

Beruka: One day, he said something strange after coming home from a job. He said the mark that day was too easy. He didn't enjoy it, because he felt more like a highwayman than an assassin. I only heard him talk like that two times. That was one of them.

Oboro: So on that day...your foster father killed my parents?

Beruka: Yes. He said his targets were clothes merchants en route to Nohr.

Oboro: But why? Why kill them?

Beruka: Your parents' business was booming. They were known to have close ties to Hoshidan nobility. So it's natural that powerful figures in Nohr would want them dead.

Oboro: Grrr... Mother! Father! Who is this man who adopted you?! Where is he now?! I'll find him and avenge my parents!

Beruka: No. You won't.

Oboro: What?! If you're planning on protecting him, then I'm done with you.

Beruka: You don't understand. He's dead.

Oboro: What...?

Beruka: I know, because I killed him.

Oboro: A-are you serious?

Beruka: When I got older, and moved into taking on my own assassination jobs... I received a contract. The target was my foster father.

Oboro: That's why you killed him? The man who raised you as his own?!

Beruka: Yes. I killed him using the skills he taught me. I never hesitated. These things are more common than you might think in the world of assassins.

Oboro: B-but why? Why did he have to die?

Beruka: Any assassin who works long enough becomes a liability. Veteran assassins are commonly silenced to bury whatever secrets they know. With his last breath, he said it was time to pay his dues. That was the second time I heard him talk like that.

Oboro: So...I can never get my revenge! ARRRGH!

Beruka: That's right. He's gone.

Oboro: ...

Beruka: You can kill me instead, though.

Oboro: What? N-now wait a minute! Why would I kill you? On what planet does that make sense?

Beruka: I killed the object of your hatred. So you should hate me instead. It has to come spilling out somewhere. You need someone to get revenge on. I don't think you can go on for long without a scapegoat.

Oboro: ...

Beruka: So I volunteer.

Oboro: ...I'll pass, thanks.

Beruka: Why? Aren't you angry?

Oboro: You have no idea. I hate Nohr, your foster father...even you, kind of. But acting on that will only lead to more hate. I know that much. The chain of hate ends in tragedy. We're here to break that chain. Isn't that why we're all here fighting together?

Beruka: Oboro...

Oboro: Besides, you're a victim too. So I'll say it again, for the record: you might be from Nohr, but I'll still fight alongside you to bring peace to this world.

Beruka: ... OK. I understand...