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C Support

Sophie: Moooooooother!

Nyx: Hmm?

Sophie: Look! I found some of those flowers you love! Ones just like what you have!

Nyx: They're exquisite. Thank you.

Sophie: Heehee. I'm glad you like them!

Nyx: Where, pray tell, did you find these?

Sophie: That's what's so amazing! They were really close by! I can go back and get you more, if you want. There's a bunch more!

Nyx: As I thought. I suspect these are the flowers I planted not long ago, and not far away.

Sophie: Then that means... Oh no! That explains why I hadn't seen these flowers there before! I'm so sorry, Mother!

Nyx: You needn't be. It was very considerate of you. Thank you, child.

Sophie: Can...can I go back and plant these again? They'll grow back their roots, right? Awwwww! Why am I always screwing up things like this?!

B Support

Sophie: *sigh* Why am I such a klutz?

Nyx: What's causing such deep sighs, child?

Sophie: Hey, Mother... Do you think I'll always be a klutz? Earlier today, I went to the market and got a bunch of apples for myself and Avel. When I got back, I decided to see if he could catch one in his mouth, but... I let go in the windup, and the apple hit an old lady behind me instead! Also, Avel fell over. I don't know why that happened.

Nyx: That's...terrible. Heh...heh heh...

Sophie: Mother! Don't laugh at me.

Nyx: But you tempt me so...

Sophie: I'm seriously worrying about my future here, Mother!

Nyx: Indeed? My apologies, then. But yes, you are a bit clumsy. Maladroit. I fail to see the problem.

Sophie: I'm not a little clumsy! My life is one long series of mistakes and blunders!

Nyx: Seen one way, yes. Seen another way, it is a long series of rallyings and redoubled efforts.

Sophie: But... But...

Nyx: Besides, it is good that you have such a flaw. Otherwise you would be too perfect.

Sophie: Now you're reaching, Mother.

Nyx: Hmhm... Perhaps.

Sophie: *sigh* Thanks for cheering me up, though.

A Support

Sophie: Moooooooother!

Nyx: Sophie? You're full of vim today.

Sophie: I sure am! What you said the other day really cheered me up.

Nyx: I can't claim all the credit. Why, I'm sure the night's sleep you had did at least as much to ease your mind.

Sophie: Why do you always have to tease me?

Nyx: Hmhmhm...

Sophie: Oh, that does remind me, though... I made a small mistake at breakfast today. I...accidentally gave the horses the soldiers' meals.

Nyx: Not a good start to the day.

Sophie: But once I realized my error, I rushed to make fresh meals for everyone. Suddenly, they all joined in to help! It made me really happy.

Nyx: You are fortunate to have such friends about you.

Sophie: Yeah, I think so too!

Nyx: Has it occurred to you why they did this thing?

Sophie: Maybe they were worried that I would burn everything?

Nyx: That is not the reason, child. They were repaying the gift of your cheery, dauntless demeanor.

Sophie: They were? I don't know...

Nyx: You needn't fret over the small errors you commit now and again. Move past them with a smile, and those around you will follow your example.

Sophie: OK, Mother! I think I can do that. Oh! Also, I think I found some flowers nearby that I'm sure you'll like. We can go check them out together!

Nyx: By all means. But promise me these flowers are not...

Sophie: Don't worry! They aren't the ones you replanted. I didn't pick any in advance, either—just in case!

Nyx: Hmhm...perfect.

Sophie: All right! Let's go!