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C Support

Mozu: ...

Nyx: ...Mozu. Did you come here purely to stare at me?

Mozu: Eep! You noticed... I didn't want to bother you while you were into your book there.

Nyx: I could feel your gaze boring holes into me. If you need something, ask.

Mozu: U-um... Well, I... I really admire you!

Nyx: What?

Mozu: I mean, you're always reading those thick, heavy books. They look serious. I wouldn't have thought someone so young as you would read those old things!

Nyx: ...

Mozu: Point is, I think it's amazing the way you can manage it.

Nyx: I've become a bibliophile over the years. It's nothing special, really.

Mozu: Oh, but it is! Especially for a girl from the sticks like me. Hey, could you teach me how to read those kinds of books? Really dig deep into them?

Nyx: Why are you asking me? It's your interest.

Mozu: Oh...you don't wanna be around me, huh. Ouch...

Nyx: *sigh* Very well, then. I'll grant you access to my library. I can't have you mooning around camp.

Mozu: Really?!

Nyx: Yes. There's no particular trick to studying or reading, but... Like all things, if you do it regularly, it will come easier to you.

Mozu: Yaaay! I can't believe it! I get to read Nyx's books!

Nyx: Do so quietly, or the offer is rescinded.

Mozu: Oh, um, sorry!

Nyx: You may choose any book from the shelves to study as you wish.

Mozu: Got it! Thanks a heap, Nyx!

B Support

Mozu: All right, Histories of...Nohr... Today I'm reading you cover to cover! Let's see, table of contents... Preface? Sounds skippable... Here it is! Chapter 1!

Mozu: ...Augh.

Nyx: ...Ahem.

Mozu: Eep! Did I doze off?! Aw, shucks! I gotta focus better!

Nyx: Mozu. Are you sure you want this? Falling asleep when you came to my tent to read suggests otherwise.

Mozu: Aww... I'm sorry, Nyx. You even went and loaned me your book. But this highfalutin writing style is just too tough for me.

Nyx: So it would seem.

Mozu: But I'm gonna keep at it until I'm smart like you! Here goes nothing!

Mozu: In...the year... Zzzz...

Nyx: Mozu. May I?

Mozu: Huh?! I-I wasn't sleeping! Who said I was sleeping!

Nyx: I could tell when I saw you pick up the book that it's impossible for you.

Mozu: Awww... Then you're kicking me out?

Nyx: No. But you shouldn't have tried to start at my level. Better to begin with a book more suited to you.

Mozu: How do you mean? I don't read too many books, so I dunno what I'd like.

Nyx: Hmm... What about this?

Mozu: Ooh! Is this a cookbook?

Nyx: Yes. Ingredient lists, preparation instructions—that sort of thing. If you like to cook, then I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

Mozu: Aw, Nyx, you shouldn't have!

Nyx: This is like a treasure trove for you, isn't it? Whereas to me, it's next to useless. You'll take to reading faster by building on the interests you already have.

Mozu: You're right... This book looks about my speed! Thanks.

Nyx: It would be selfish of me to deny you this one book when I have so many others. Now do try to read quietly, if you can.

Mozu: Whoa! This dish looks powerfully good! I've never heard of any of these spices! Huh, that's a funny-looking root. I wonder if it's from Nohr...

Nyx: Does she not know how to be silent...? I suppose I should be happy she's found something to read...

A Support

Mozu: Nyx, I really gotta thank you.

Nyx: For what?

Mozu: For the cookbook you loaned me! Plowing through that made me feel confident enough to tackle tougher stuff.

Nyx: But you did the actual reading, yes? You have nothing to thank me for.

Mozu: Nah, I know what you did... You must have spent a while finding a book that'd be just right for me.

Nyx: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mozu: Hey, I've seen your shelf. You've got a lot of books, and not many are about food. Though I see some new ones here... Did you get these just for me?

Nyx: I... It sometimes happens that I take on new interests. That's all.

Mozu: Hey, no judgment here! I'm happy for you.

Nyx: Mm.

Mozu: You think about other people's feelings, you read really tough books... You're really something, Nyx! Oh, almost forgot! I wanted to know if there's anything I can do to thank you.

Nyx: I've done nothing worth thanking me for, so no.

Mozu: Aw, but I won't rest until I do! C'mon! Are there any sweets you like? I can try whipping some up!

Nyx: If you really must...then I'd like to try Hoshidan pastries.

Mozu: You got it! I'll fix you something that'll make you break out smiling!

Nyx: Thank you, Mozu. ... You said I was "really something," but I could say the same of you. You're so young, and yet you're a good cook who cares for people.

Mozu: Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch that.

Nyx: It wasn't important. I'm eager to taste your sweets, Mozu.

Mozu: You got it! I know just the recipe to use!