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C Support

Niles: Shigure, you're painting again?

Shigure: Oh, Father. I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry... I know I shouldn't be focused on trivial things like artwork. I haven't forgotten that we're at war.

Niles: Son, you didn't do anything wrong. And trust me, I know a thing or two about indiscretion... Granted, your paintings aren't my thing, but I find them oddly entrancing. I think your work might turn a few heads. You shouldn't be afraid to show off your talent a little more.

Shigure: That's kind of you to say.

Niles: It's easy to forget about your troubles when you look at these paintings... Listen, maybe I'm crazy, but I think you should share your work with the world.

Shigure: Father, I don't know...

Niles: Wait, I have an idea... Have you ever thought about trying to do some kind of show?

Shigure: What do you mean?

Niles: You know. Hang up all your work... Like a solo exhibition, I mean.

Shigure: A-an exhibition?! I could never do something like that! Our troops are on the advance. War is still raging... Honestly, the setup alone would be more trouble than it's worth.

Niles: It's not like we have to build a gallery. Think a little smaller. All we have to do is borrow a tent and get some soldiers and townsfolk to volunteer. We could throw this together in no time.

Shigure: But it seems so vain to use a whole tent just for my personal use...

Niles: This isn't just personal use. Why don't you open up and share your talent? People can always use a dose of beauty during harsh times.

Shigure: Father, I'm not sure...

Niles: Inside, I think you want other folks to see your work. That eagerness is just beneath the surface. But I'm not gonna force you to do anything if you're against the idea.

Shigure: OK, fine... The idea makes me nervous, but I'll do it. We can throw the exhibition.

Niles: Hehehe, excellent. You just leave the preparations to me, understand? I'm going to head out and recruit some helpers. Keep your fingers crossed.

(Niles leaves)

Shigure: Thank you, Father.

B Support

Shigure: Father...

Niles: Hey, Shigure. Did you need something?

Shigure: Not exactly... You've been doing so much to make this exhibition possible. I just wanted to thank you.

Niles: No need. I'm very happy to assist. I just had the idea, really. Don't give me too much credit. By the way, I managed to rent the tent. They rejected my request initially... But after I told them it was for your use and not my own, they changed their tune. So everything is coming together. But this whole exhibit is only happening because of your gift. Be proud of yourself.

Shigure: O-oh, I'll try...

Niles: Why do you look tense? Are you feeling nervous, Shigure?

Shigure: Well, sure, of course. But I'm mostly upset because my last painting isn't coming together...

Niles: The one you're creating specifically for the big event? Opening night is just around the corner. Obviously this matters a great deal to you, but sometimes things don't work out. Maybe you should hold off on finishing that piece and focus on the exhibition.

Shigure: No, it's very important that I complete it in time. Everyone has worked so hard to pitch in... I want them to know that I appreciate all of their efforts. That means the show has to be great.

Niles: Well, it is your exhibition. But don't push yourself too hard. We won't be able to pull off the show if you make yourself sick.

Shigure: Thank you, Father. I should really get back to my easel.

Niles: If you insist.

(Shigure leaves)

Niles: That boy is much more fired up than usual. I wonder what it is that he's working on?

A Support

Niles: The exhibition is finally under way! I better check out how things are going inside the tent... Wow... Look at all these visitors! The tent is practically overflowing with them! From the murmurs I'm hearing, everyone seems to love the paintings. I think it's fair to call this a huge success. But where is the man of the hour? I haven't seem him anywhere.

Shigure: *pant*...*pant*...

Niles: Shigure, why are you out of breath? Did you just get here? It's not exactly proper to show up late to your own exhibition.

Shigure: I apologize, Father. I had to stay up all night to finish the final piece.

Niles: You stayed up all night just to paint?

Shigure: Y-yes...

Niles: But there are already plenty of finished works hanging here. Why were you so fixated on completing this last one?

Shigure: Well, I'd promised myself that I would, no matter what. I made it to show how thankful I am for everything you've done, Father.

Niles: WH-WHAT?! This is a painting of your mother...and me?

Shigure: Yes, it is...

Niles: So this is what you sacrificed everything else to complete.

Shigure: My love for you two is beyond measure. You brought me into this world. Without you, I never would have been able to paint. So I wanted to pour those feelings of gratitude into this portrait.

Niles: Shigure...you... I'm almost angry...at what a great son you are!

Shigure: F-Father, it hurts when you hug me so tightly, hahaha.

Niles: I'll never understand how a wonderful kid like you came from a rascal like me. You sure make me proud.

Shigure: Thank you, Father.

Niles: Now that I'm done being sentimental... We need to focus on the show! There's no more time for hugs. This piece needs to be a part of the show!

Shigure: O-OK. I'm a little embarrassed though...

Niles: Don't be ridiculous. This is the finest painting I've ever seen. I'm going to hang it in the easiest-to-see spot in this whole exhibition!

Shigure: If you insist, Father!