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C Support

Setsuna: La lala...

Niles: You look like there isn't a thing in the world that could bother you right now.

Setsuna: That's not true... I do worry about some things.

Niles: Oh? What could possibly worry you?

Setsuna: Hmmm. That is a really good question. I suppose I worry about how I don't seem to have any worries...

Niles: I see. So you're something of an idiot, then.

Setsuna: Hmmm? Sorry, I stopped listening for a moment... Was that a compliment? Thank you for your kind words.

Niles: You're completely hopeless. Though that probably makes you happier.

Setsuna: What kind of things worry you, Niles?

Niles: Even if I did have worries, why would I tell you about them?

Setsuna: Hmmm. That's a good point, really. I don't think you can solve problems just by talking about them.

Niles: We're in agreement there.

Setsuna: Yay, you agreed with me. That's nice.

Niles: You're something special, that's for sure.

B Support

Setsuna: Hum de dum...

Niles: I don't get it.

Setsuna: What don't you get?

Niles: I don't get why Princess Hinoka took you of all people on as a retainer.

Setsuna: Ahhh, one of life's great mysteries...

Niles: You don't know, either?

Setsuna: Nah. Lady Hinoka works in strange ways, sometimes.

Niles: I feel bad for her, with you as a retainer... How did you start serving the royal family, anyway?

Setsuna: Oh, my family is an important one in Hoshido, so...it just kind of happened...

Niles: So, your privilege is what got you such an esteemed position? I see... That is perhaps the most infuriating answer you could have given.

Setsuna: Is it? I guess I could elaborate... I used to practice my archery every day in the castle. One day, Lady Hinoka saw me, and then she ordered me to serve her. I agreed, and here I am.

Niles: That makes a bit more sense—you are definitely a skilled archer. That must have heavily outweighed your... other attributes.

Setsuna: It wasn't until I'd been her retainer awhile that Lady Hinoka commented about me. Something about my listening skills. I believe it was a compliment. She's always giving me compliments.

Niles: Yeah, I bet she is.

Setsuna: It makes me so happy when she praises me. I love being her retainer...

A Support

Setsuna: La de da...

Niles: It's so strange...

Setsuna: Oh, Niles... What's strange?

Niles: I've never seen anyone who looked as content as you always seem to. Whenever I see someone looking happy, I just want to wipe that smile off their face.

Setsuna: That seems like an odd thing to want.

Niles: And yet, I don't feel that way when I see you smiling. I can't even picture how your face would look if you were in pain. Are you truly as happy as you look?

Setsuna: Oh, who can say? I know that I don't know, at least...

Niles: How do you not know if you're happy or not? That seems...impossible.

Setsuna: I've never really given it a lot of thought, to be honest. I usually just daydream whenever I try and think about stuff like that.

Niles: Interesting. That makes me a little bit envious of you, truth be told.

Setsuna: You should try doing it with me. Just let all your thoughts drip out of your head. Let anything that was bothering you just disappear.

Niles: I'd imagine it requires some special training or skill to become so at ease.

Setsuna: Training? No... It's really very easy to do.

Niles: It comes that naturally to you? That's kind of impressive...

Setsuna: Thank you. That's a nice thing to say.

Niles: I actually meant it as a compliment, too. What is going on with me?

S Support

Niles: Setsuna, what are your plans for your future?

Setsuna: My future? Well... I think I'll probably just keep daydreaming. It works for me. Hopefully Lady Hinoka will keep taking care of me while I do.

Niles: I see. That could prove quite difficult for you, couldn't it?

Setsuna: Difficult? How do you mean?

Niles: The world isn't a nice place. And things could always change with Lady Hinoka. It might be impossible for you to get by if you're always daydreaming...

Setsuna: But I'll have Lady Hinoka to help me...

Niles: Right now you do, but she is a princess. She won't always be able to help you out.

Setsuna: If that happens, I might have to think of some other plan, then...

Niles: I was thinking that, too. You'd be in trouble if you kept daydreaming like you do.

Setsuna: Oh, wait. My family is very rich. I'd be OK.

Niles: It's almost insulting how privileged you are.

Setsuna: It is? I don't understand...

Niles: Regardless, your family's money may not be enough. Money can easily run out.

Setsuna: You might be right. What can I do, though? I really like daydreaming...

Niles: Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I had an idea... I thought of a way that you could keep daydreaming, no matter what.

Setsuna: OK...

Niles: If you and I were together, it would solve all of your problems. It would make me happy to look out for you.

Setsuna: I... I do not know what to say... No, I do. Yes, of course. I've actually daydreamed about this when we've talked before.

Niles: I was hoping you'd say something like that.

Setsuna: But...can I stay the way I am, even if we're together? I love daydreaming...

Niles: Of course. Like I said, I'll take care of you. The desire to sacrifice... That's the problem with being in love with you.

Setsuna: Niles, let's go lie in that field and daydream for days.

Niles: Yeah. But...just hours, OK? We may need to eat at some point.

Setsuna: Oh. Right.