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C Support

Selena: Oh, Niles! You surprised me. Were...were you waiting here for me or something? It seems like you were hiding.

Niles: Hello, Selena. That's none of your business. What are you doing here?

Selena: I was just about to go shopping. But...that's none of YOUR business!

Niles: Hmph.

Selena: Why are you looking at me like that? You're treating me like I'm your enemy or something.

Niles: Who's to say you aren't?

Selena: What's that supposed to mean?

Niles: I've been doing a little research on you. There's no record of your hometown or your history in general.

Selena: Th-that's...

Niles: If you were born in this world, there should be some evidence of it! But you have none. It's as if...you just turned up one day suddenly out of nowhere.

Selena: Well, that's not possible...of course...

Niles: Lord/Lady Avatar seems to trust you, so I will grant you some leeway. But know this—I am watching you.

Selena: *gulp*

B Support

Selena: Let's see... I'll take this one, and this one, and this one...

Niles: You can't afford all of that.

Selena: What?! First of all, yes I can! Second of all—what are you doing here?

Niles: I told you...I'm watching you.

Selena: Even while I'm shopping? Yeesh! I really don't need any more stalkers, OK?

Niles: I'm well within my rights to follow you around like this.

Selena: Oh, so we're just making up nonsense now? In that case, I'm well within my rights to knock your block off!

Niles: I'm just making sure you're not up to anything nefarious. And I thought while I was at it, I might as well help you stick to a budget, too. Do you really need all of those trinkets?

Selena: Ugh! Look, I might use them someday... Wait, why am I explaining myself to you? Get out of here!

Niles: You have a real problem, don't you?

Selena: No! I can stop anytime!

Niles: Tell me. When you buy something, do you feel a sort of release?

Selena: Stop analyzing me!

Niles: It's tragic, really. That some in this world can buy anything, while others have nothing...

Selena: Well, you're not wrong, but... DAMMIT. Look, I'm just going to return most of this anyway...

Niles: Ah. The guilt surfaces. You've just earned one small unit of trust from me.

Selena: I couldn't care less. Just get out of here!

Niles: Very well. If I stayed any longer, I'm sure you'd ask me to hold one of your bags.

Selena: Ugh! What a jerk!

A Support

Niles: Well, I've done it. I've finally figured out your true identity.

Selena: What? You couldn't possibly...

Niles: Granted, your origin and hometown remain a mystery... But other than that, I have completely figured you out.

Selena: Now I'm just confused. What do you mean?

Niles: To begin with, you are selfish and impatient.

Selena: ...

Niles: On top of that, you're a poor loser. You must win at all costs.

Selena: You really don't care about offending people at all, do you?

Niles: At the same time, you are a hard worker. And you are loyal to your friends.

Selena: Wait...what?

Niles: I'm sorry, I'm not as practiced in dishing out praise, so this may be a bit clunky.

Selena: At least you've stopped insulting me for five seconds!

Niles: I apologize. I think you'll find the overall tone of this speech to be positive. Now, to continue...

Selena: Where is this coming from?

Niles: To put it plainly, I have finished vetting you, and I am informing you of the results. You'll be glad to know that I now trust in you fully.

Selena: Niles...

Niles: In fact, based on these results, I'd even consider a friendship with you. Congratulations are in order!

Selena: The arrogance! It's so...so... Ugh. I can't lie. It's somewhat appealing. Well, if you're going to treat me nicely, I suppose I can treat you similarly. So...you're welcome!

Niles: Ha! Well played.

S Support

Niles: Selena, I'm afraid I will need to continue watching you for some time.

Selena: But I thought you said that I earned your trust! Plus, we're friends now, right? What's this all about?

Niles: Yes, I trust you. But I want to be more than just friends.

Selena: Uh...

Niles: I've fallen for you.

Selena: Now, wait just a minute... We've only JUST gotten on friendly terms. You were calling me selfish and impatient, like, five minutes ago!

Niles: What can I say? I'm selfish and impatient, too. You're the one for me.

Selena: But...but...

Niles: Marry me. I will stay by your side and protect you for as long as you live.

Selena: Look. I'm a sucker for confident guys. But if we're going to do this, it's going to be on my terms.

Niles: Very well. What are your terms?

Selena: Well...remember how you couldn't figure out where I'm actually from? That's because it's, uh, really far away. And one day, I intend to return there.

Niles: Say no more. I'll go with you.

Selena: Are you sure about that?

Niles: Yes, of course. It's not like this part of the world has been particularly friendly to me. And with you by my side, I don't care how far I'd have to travel. Marry me, Selena!

Selena: All right, Niles. This is going to be a trial marriage. I don't want to hear any criticism of my shopping habits or my competitiveness! If you can handle that, then maybe—just MAYBE—this marriage can work. You got that?

Niles: Haha. Yes. I appreciate your honesty.

Selena: Yeah? Well, get used to it!

Niles: Oh, I will. I promise to get used to absolutely everything about you. From the tips of your fingers to the depths of your heart...

Selena: Next on the list—never say anything like that ever again!