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C Support

Leo: Good day, Niles.

Niles: Lord Leo. What is your command?

Leo: At ease. I was just making conversation. You looked like you were deep in thought. Thinking about anything in particular?

Niles: Not really. Just reminiscing about the past, I suppose.

Leo: Oh? I thought your past was rather unpleasant.

Niles: Oh yes, it certainly was. But it doesn't make me sad to think about it. I mostly wish I could string together more memories...

Leo: How do you mean?

Niles: I only have fleeting visions of my youth. I can picture an old brick. A field mouse. Torrential rain. Some kind of...horribly disfigured man. A pile of money. The taste of blood.

Leo: Gods...

Niles: Those fragments rattle around in my head from time to time.

Leo: I see.

Niles: It's not exactly...painful. But it isn't pleasant, either.

Leo: Well, I'll...leave you to it.

B Support

Niles: Lord Leo...I must apologize. The last time we spoke, I burdened you with some of my past...

Leo: Nonsense, Niles. I don't mind.

Niles: Well, I appreciate you saying that. It puts me at ease.

Leo: I do have a question for you, though. You don't have to answer if you don't feel like it... Do you have any fond memories whatsoever?

Niles: I have one. Even now, I can remember it in vivid detail.

Leo: Please, tell me about it.

Niles: It was the moment I met you, Lord Leo.

Leo: Is that so?

Niles: Yes. You must remember. I had broken into the palace with my supposed friends. They betrayed me at the first sign of danger.

Leo: That's right. They left you as a decoy, didn't they?

Niles: Yes.

Leo: And I...was about to execute you.

Niles: Heh. Yes. Now the memories are flooding back.

Leo: It was so curious, how you didn't beg for your life at all. Rather, you begged for death. That piqued my interest. And had the opposite effect of saving your life.

Niles: Which leads us to now.

Leo: Most people wouldn't consider nearly being executed to be a pleasant memory...

Niles: Fair point. But I am decidedly not "most people." I owe you a debt that can never be fully repaid, milord. But that's not to say that I won't try...

A Support

Niles: Hmm...

Leo: Still reminiscing, Niles?

Niles: Not exactly, Lord Leo. I was thinking about the future.

Leo: Ah. I often find myself worrying about the future as well. We're living in uncertain times, that's for sure.

Niles: On the contrary, milord. I've never been more confident.

Leo: Really? How so?

Niles: Because at long last I have a purpose in this world. And that is to serve you.

Leo: Niles, I appreciate your dedication, and you are most capable as a retainer, but... You needn't put things in such dramatic terms.

Niles: Again, I must contradict you, milord! You're the only one in this world who has placed trust in me. You've given my life a purpose. If anything, I am downplaying the debt I owe you.

Leo: Well, thank you again. I do consider myself lucky to have such a loyal and trustworthy retainer.

Niles: Please, I'm not worthy of such praise! Do you remember the broken memories I described to you recently? I retain almost nothing from my youth... But I can recall every moment since the day you rescued me in vivid detail! These new memories are what give me the strength to continue living.

Leo: Niles, I...

Niles: Make no mistake, milord. I will protect you until the very end. I would gladly sacrifice my own life for yours, should it ever become necessary.

Leo: I don't know what to say... So I suppose "thank you" will have to suffice. I will try to be worthy of your continued dedication and support.

Niles: Thank you...Leo.