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C Support

Niles: Lady Camilla, just the person I was looking for.

Camilla: Oh? Did you want to ask me something?

Niles: Yes. I'm curious... Why do you shower so much affection on Lord/Lady Avatar?

Camilla: What do you mean? I love Avatar! He's/She's a sweetie! Plus, he/she had a terrible childhood. I think he/she deserves a little kindness now!

Niles: As I suspected! Your so-called love is nothing more than pity. You're probably one of those people who brings home lost puppy dogs too.

Camilla: Of course I would! Who would leave a cute, little puppy out in the cold?

Niles: Heh heh...

Camilla: *gasp* You would, wouldn't you?! Niles, you're terrible!

Niles: There's a reason you fixate on helping poor, pathetic creatures!

Camilla: Is that so? And what's that?

Niles: You live a pathetic existence. You're trying to make yourself feel better!

(Niles leaves)

Camilla: Niles? Get back here! You can't say something like that and run away! Coward!

B Support

Camilla: Niles! I've been looking everywhere for you! It's time for you to explain yourself!

Niles: Ah, I love it when you get all feisty. Your cheeks are turning red! Were you saying something? I can barely concentrate when you're like this!

Camilla: Enough! You better explain what you meant the other day when you said I was pathetic!

Niles: Fair enough. Lady Camilla, do you know why people love puppies?

Camilla: Because they're cute...?

Niles: No! It's because people want to be loved.

Camilla: Huh?

Niles: They want companionship—a person to come home to, and if they can't get it... They'll settle for a furry creature who'll greet them and slobber on their shoes. This is the same relationship you have with that lost, little puppy—Lord/Lady Avatar. You're miserable, so you shower him/her with affection, and that puppy slobbers back!

Camilla: Are you calling Avatar a dog? That's disgusting!

Niles: Oh, I like that hostile look on your face. It's giving me chills! Do you want to know where I came up with this theory? I'll tell you!

Camilla: You better!

Niles: My parents abandoned me in the slums of Nohr. I was raised by thieves and criminals. I learned fast. I did what had to be done to survive! So forgive me if I'm a little jealous. When I see someone who is oblivious to suffering, I like to give them an education. That moment when they discover their first taste of pain is pure bliss!

Camilla: Niles, you're a sad person.

Niles: Am I? For someone so sad, I'm having an outrageously good time!

A Support

Niles: Lady Camilla, I heard you were looking for me. You know I adore being summoned.

Camilla: The other day, you said you like to prey on people who've never known suffering.

Niles: Oh, yes. I like where this is going.

Camilla: Well, you were wrong to pick me!

Niles: Huh?

Camilla: I know what you thought! She's royalty! She must be happy! Her life is perfect! You're wrong! I wasn't born in the slums, but my childhood wasn't all roses either.

Niles: What?

Camilla: Oh. Didn't you know? Xander is the only one of my siblings born to the queen. The rest of us—Leo, Elise, and I—we're all children of King Garon's mistresses. Different mistresses, I might add. He loved to pit our mothers against each other.

Niles: I had no idea.

Camilla: Our mothers were the lowest of the low, trying to claw their way to a better status. Naturally, they used us as bait in all of their conflicts.

Niles: Lady Camilla, I'm—

Camilla: You said I was pathetic, and you were right! My mother loved me, but only as a pawn. Do I dote on Avatar? Yes, I do! I remember what it feels like to be alone!

Niles: I'm so sorry. I was wrong about you! You disguise your pain well. I didn't realize.

Camilla: I didn't tell you all this so you could apologize. I want you to think twice before you judge someone else unfairly!

Niles: I'm so ashamed. You must beat me! Here, I deserve to be punished.

Camilla: I'm not going to beat you!

Niles: Please, strike me across the face. I'll wait.

Camilla: Seriously, Niles. I'll pass. If you want to be flogged, you'll have to do it yourself.

S Support

Niles: Lady Camilla, I found you! I wanted to tell you how sorry I am—

Camilla: Niles, this is the fifth time you've apologized! I told you! We're fine!

Niles: I'm afraid I have another matter to beg your forgiveness for.

Camilla: Huh?

Niles: I lied. I never thought you were pathetic. I asked you all of those questions about Lord/Lady Avatar because I was jealous.

Camilla: Jealous?

Niles: Here you were showering all of that love and attention on Lord/Lady Avatar... I wanted it to be me.

Camilla: Oh? Is that all?

Niles: What? You're not mad? I said terrible things about you and Lord/Lady Avatar!

Camilla: Niles, there's plenty of love to go around!

Niles: But I tormented you!

Camilla: And your childhood was full of torment! It all makes sense. I feel very protective over Avatar, and I've started to feel that way about you. Funny, isn't it? I actually think you're kind of cute.

Niles: Huhhhhh?!

Camilla: What's the matter?! Cat got your tongue?

Niles: Yes! I mean, no! I mean, wait! Oh! What's wrong with me?!

Camilla: I think you're like an adorable little puppy I just caught chewing on my shoes! Now that I know your story, I don't mind your rough talk. ...It's kind of amusing.

Niles: Well, Lady Camilla, there's plenty more where that came from!

Camilla: I hope so.

Niles: Come over here. I'll whisper more of these naughty, little words in your ear.

Camilla: Niles!

Niles: Was that too much?