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C Support

Shiro: Hey, Mom. Do you feel like doing something today?

Mozu: What? Why do you ask?

Shiro: Well, we didn't get to spend much time together when I was little, right? Maybe now we can make up for that with some mom-son bonding time.

Mozu: So that's what this is about. Thanks for asking, darling. Hmm... You know, I can't think of anything right this minute. But just knowing you care means the world to me, Shiro.

Shiro: But how can we bond if you don't want to hang out? I mean, I can't spend time with Dad. He's always preoccupied with the war. I guess you don't see him much either. Has he ever given you a gift or anything? How do you know he cares about you?

Mozu: Sh-Shiro, that's not Ryoma's way.

Shiro: Well, unlike him, I want you to know how special you are, Mom. Come on. Please! Can't you think of something you would like to do?

Mozu: Ahaha.

Shiro: Wh-why are you laughing at me?!

Mozu: You're talking a whole bundle of nonsense! There isn't any sense in comparing yourself to your pa. He would be awful hurt if he heard what you were saying. The truth is, he treats me right. I love being his wife.

Shiro: Mom, are you sure? He's never even around to be with you.

Mozu: You probably don't know this, but your pa loves me to the moon and back. I can even show you proof, if you think I'm just telling tales.

Shiro: Hmm... I'd be curious to see this so-called proof. I'll hold you to your word, Mom.

Mozu: Heehee, just you wait!

B Support

Mozu: Shiro. Say, you have a minute?

Shiro: Ah, hello, Mom. Of course. Say, why are you holding those envelopes?

Mozu: These are the proof I was telling you about.

Shiro: Let me take a guess. Love letters?

Mozu: They surely are. I've saved each and every one he wrote me. They're my little treasures. Now, here's the first one he jotted down. And that there's the latest.

Shiro: Wow, I had no idea that Dad was such a prolific writer.

Mozu: He sure is! I knew he was a thoughtful guy. But I never dreamed he'd send dozens of letters! He likes to jaw about his feelings from time to time as well. But he takes to writing like a fish takes to water. I really love that about him.

Shiro: Wow...

Mozu: Not what you were expecting, huh?

Shiro: I always thought Dad was stiff and formal. Maybe I've been wrong all along. Tell me, what does he write about?

Mozu: That's a silly question, darling. Obviously, it's a secret between us!

Shiro: Ugh, but now I'm even more curious! I suppose knowing how much you two care about each other will have to do.

Mozu: Glad to hear it. Oh, and it should go without saying, but we sure do love you, too, darling!

Shiro: I-I know that! But thanks for saying so, Mom.

Mozu: Heeheehee, of course.

A Support

Shiro: Hey, Mom! Do you have a minute to talk?

Mozu: Hi there, Shiro. What can I do you for?

Shiro: Well, after you showed me Dad's letters, I started thinking... I thought maybe I'd try writing out my thoughts and feelings too. What it's like to be your son... That kind of thing.

Mozu: That's so sweet. Thank you, darling.

Shiro: I don't know. Now it just doesn't seem good enough.

Mozu: Huh? Why's that?

Shiro: It's not very special if I'm just doing the same thing as Dad, right? That's why I've decided to treat you to a fancy meal too!

Mozu: A fancy meal?

Shiro: Yeah. Whatever your heart desires. Or at least anything I can find in the forest. But I can't get started until you tell me what you'd like to eat. Does anything in particular sound appetizing?

Mozu: Can I think on it for a spell?

Shiro: I guess it would be tough to think of something off the top of your head. Just let me know when you make up your mind.

Mozu: I will.

Shiro: All right! Now I've got a leg up on Dad!

Mozu: Shiro, this isn't a game. I don't reckon there are any winners or losers.

Shiro: I just know I'd be a failure as your son if I couldn't make you happy.

Mozu: Huh... I'm getting an inkling that I heard something like that before. Your father made a comment to the same effect.

Shiro: He did?!

Mozu: Let me try and recall... He said something about his success as a husband being measured by my happiness. Heehee. Like father, like son, huh? You're one apple who didn't fall far from the tree.

Shiro: Damn! He always has the upper hand!

Mozu: Ahaha. Ain't that a crying shame. Thank you, Shiro. Knowing how much you care makes me an awful proud Ma.