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C Support

Percy: Mom, I'm home! Is dinner ready yet?

Mozu: There you are, darling. The food is just cooling on the table.

Percy: No time to wait! I'm gonna dig in.

Mozu: Hold your horses. Did you wash your hands yet?

Percy: Oops, I forgot. I'll run and wash them now.

Mozu: What's your hurry? We've got plenty of food.

Percy: I have to eat fast... Every moment I'm not training is a missed opportunity. Eat fast, train fast! I need to get big and strong quickly. How else will I be able to keep you safe?

Mozu: You're going to protect me, Percy? That is so sweet.

Percy: I promise, I'll never let anything bad happen to you. You can count on me!

Mozu: OK, darling. But please, do me a favor and chew your food properly. You won't be able to train if you have a tummyache.

Percy: Good point, Mom. For the time being, I'll train myself to eat quickly but efficiently.

Mozu: Heehee. Well go on and eat up!

B Support

Percy: Mom, I'm home! Is dinner ready yet?

Mozu: Percy! Oh dear! Your knee is bleeding!

Percy: Fear not, Mom! This scratch is merely a symbol of my dedication to training.

Mozu: Well we had better get that cut disinfected right this minute.

Percy: No really, it's OK! I'm sure it will be fine if we leave it alone.

Mozu: If that cut gets infected, you won't be singing the same tune. Now, sit yourself down.

Percy: Geez, don't be such a worrywart.

Mozu: I'm your mother. I can't help but worry from time to time. Stand still. I'm gonna apply some ointment.

Percy: Youch! You didn't say that would sting. Can you try to be a little more gentle?

Mozu: If you can't deal with a little pain, how are you supposed to protect me, Percy?

Percy: What? No, I was just...pretending! Yeah, I was totally just pretending it hurt. I can't believe you actually fell for that. Go ahead, put on more medicine. I can take it!

Mozu: Heh, I bet. So how did you end up hurting yourself?

Percy: Well, I was running down a mountain as fast as I could. But I lost my footing and tripped.

Mozu: And you only got this bitty little cut? That's some luck you've got, darling. You gotta knock off this foolhardy nonsense. I don't want you to get hurt.

Percy: But... How can I get strong enough to protect you if I quit?

Mozu: I know your heart is in the right place. Really, I do. But I'd never want to be protected by anybody who enjoys courting danger. You're the most important person in the whole world to me. I need you to try and keep yourself safe.

Percy: You're right... I'm sorry.

Mozu: It's OK, darling. Now how about you and I chow down.

Percy: That sounds great! All that tumbling made me hungry!

Mozu: Heehee. I'll go get supper going.

A Support

Percy: Hey, Mom...

Mozu: What's the matter, darling? You're looking a little blue today.

Percy: I've been wondering... I don't know if I can ever get strong enough to protect you.

Mozu: What makes you say that?

Percy: There are so many strong people all around the camp. They are all much stronger than me... What do I do if I come across a foe who is more powerful than I am? Thinking about that makes me lose confidence.

Mozu: Hmm, I see. Don't you fret. The only way to get tougher is to work hard. If you commit to training day in and day out, you can accomplish wonders.

Percy: You're just trying to make me feel better.

Mozu: I'm telling the truth. Please, don't worry. I've seen all your hard work. Someday, I bet you'll become the strongest person in the whole wide world.

Percy: Someday isn't good enough. What if evil rears its head before I'm ready to defeat it?

Mozu: I'll keep you safe and sound until you've finished training. Then once you've become strong enough, you can protect me. All right, Percy?

Percy: That sounds like a great plan. I'm gonna bust my tail and work even harder. Then no enemy will dare challenge me.

Mozu: I'll cheer you on every step of the way. Maybe I'll even make some of your favorite dishes too!

Percy: Really? Thanks, Mom!