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C Support

Mozu: Hey, Hisame. Got a moment?

Hisame: Ah, hello, Mother. What do you—? Wait, is that—? Why do you have that?!

Mozu: Oh, this? It's yours, right? I found it when I was cleaning out my things. It's a diary, right?

Hisame: Y-yes. It is. Why? Did you read any of it?

Mozu: Nope. Just thought it kinda looked like one. I didn't read it or anything. Besides, it's got a little lock on it—see?

Hisame: Oh, thank the gods! I'd forgotten about that lock! May I have the book now, then?

Mozu: Ah...um...sure, hon.

Hisame: Excelle— Mother? You, um...you can let go now. ...Is something wrong?

Mozu: Well...I was thinking...maybe you could let me read it? Just a little bit?

Hisame: No! There are some things that should remain private. Even from one's family!

Mozu: Ohhhh, I see. I suppose boys your age have lots of thoughts best kept from their mothers. It's only natural for a healthy young man. But to fill a whole book with them...

Hisame: Just what are you trying to imply?! And in any case, this diary is from when I was much younger! To be honest, I don't even remember what I wrote. I just know it was private.

Mozu: Oh. That's all it was?

Hisame: Yes. So may I please have it back now?

Mozu: I don't got a choice, do I? Here ya go.

Hisame: Thank you. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be on my way.

(Hisame leaves)

Mozu: And there he goes. I know I shouldn't be nosing around in his business... But I still wanna know what he's got in that thing...

B Support

Mozu: Hey, Hisame. I had some questions about that old diary of yours.

Hisame: What? You DID read it, didn't you?!

Mozu: No, no. Course I didn't. It just got me thinking, is all. When you were little, we didn't get to spend much time together, right? So I was wondering if you might be willing to share anything you happen to find in it... I want to know more about you. Stories and the like, you know? Is that OK?

Hisame: Yes. I'm glad you want to know more about me. Hm. Perhaps we could read it together?

Mozu: Are you sure? Before, you seemed so upset at the idea I'd read it...

Hisame: Yes, I'm sure. I think it would be fun to look back on those times with you. However, I truly don't remember what I wrote in it... So I reserve the right to skip over anything I do not wish to share.

Mozu: Heehee. All right. Let's do it!

Hisame: Right now? All right, let me just find the key... Ah! There we go. Now, let's see... "Today was a great day! Mama came to see me." "I wonder when I'll see her next. Maybe it'll be real soon this time." "We got to play a lot today, so I don't think I'll feel lonely again for a while." Haha. It appears as though I wrote about your visits on nearly every page.

Mozu: Hisame... You were always thinking about us, weren't you?

Hisame: Oh, I don't know if it was ALWAYS. I am surprised that there's nothing about my daily life in here, though. But I suppose those visits were always the things I looked forward to most. They were a rare treat, after all.

Mozu: Yeah. I'm realizing now just how blessed we are, getting to see each other every day. We've got to appreciate every moment we get!

Hisame: Heh. I feel the same way, Mother.

A Support

Mozu: Hm...

Hisame: Mother? You don't seem well. Is everything all right?

Mozu: Wh-who, me? I'm fit as a fiddle!

Hisame: Then why do you look so distressed? Or...is it something you'd prefer not to discuss with your son?

Mozu: No, no. I'm just still thinking about that diary of yours. I was happy you let me read it with you, but...it was hard to hear those things. You were always waiting for us to come visit you, and we made it so rarely... I feel right terrible for giving you such a sad and lonely childhood. And I know it's too late to be saying this and that words don't fix nothing... But I'm so, so sorry, darling.

Hisame: Please...it's all right. I understand why things had to be the way they were. Besides, I'm happier now than I have ever been. As a child, all I'd think about was when I might see you and Father next. But now I fight alongside you. I can contribute. I have purpose. So do not trouble yourself too much over me. I am content.

Mozu: ...Thank you, Hisame. You're an inspiration to us all.

Hisame: It was nothing. But I'm glad that it helped.

Mozu: It did. And I promise...I'll never allow us to be separated like that again!

Hisame: And I pray the day never comes when anything threatens to part us. Thank you, Mother.