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C Support

Soleil: Hey, Mitama! Your outfit today is super cute. Where do you find those...?

Mitama: Ah, Soleil. Nothing pleases me more than to see you in good health.

Soleil: Really? Awwww. I'm touched that you care so much.

Mitama: It was an exchange of pleasantries. Nothing more.

Soleil: Heehee! You make even rejection sound so polite. Would you like to have tea together sometime? I know a place.

Mitama: Leave me here in peace / Solitude is my delight / Sweet tranquility.

Soleil: Whoops, sorry. Just remember, though! I knew from the moment I saw you that we had to share a cup of tea together!

Mitama: Hmm. I'm unused to such bold geniality. Your sweet, honeyed words / Are as ash upon my tongue / I care for them not. I'm not the most sociable person, Soleil.

Soleil: Really? You seem pretty great to me. I can't help taking a liking to you, Mitama. You're like a sparkly thing.

Mitama: A sparkly...thing?

Soleil: Yeah! I'm no poet obviously. But I like that you are. The way you break into poetry—that's awesome!

Mitama: Hmpf. Awesome.

Soleil: Hey, what'd I say? I didn't mean it as an insult! You're even less sparkly. Come on—tell me another one of your poems.

Mitama: Sorry. Not now. I don't feel that I have another "awesome" poem in me today.

B Support

Soleil: *swoon*

(Soleil leaves)

Mitama: ...

(Mitama leaves)

Soleil: *wistful sigh*

(Soleil leaves)

Mitama: It has not escaped my notice how closely you've clung to my side of late, Soleil. What, pray tell, is your motive for this?

Soleil: And it's just like I said before. I like hearing your awesome poems!

Mitama: Your words make my ears hurt. The ocean is vast / Many words swim within it / Yours flop and flounder.

Soleil: So poetic...so cutting... I guess I should tell you the truth about why I want to hear your poetry.

Mitama: Please, continue.

Soleil: Poetry is about rhythm and stuff, right? Well, so is dancing. Which I stink at. Poetry will help me get the rhythm. And your poetry, Mitama, has such perfect rhythm...

Mitama: You think so? Understanding you / Is a rainbow from the clouds / It's a rare surprise.

Soleil: So since your poetry has such a nice rhythm... I was thinking if I could learn to do that, it might help me with my dancing!

Mitama: You've been dogging my heels because... you want to learn to write poetry?

Soleil: Exactly!

Mitama: Hmhmhm...so that's it. Shared love of haiku / Pupil approaches master / A new friend is made.

Soleil: Huh?

Mitama: If that's what you were after, you should have made yourself clear! I will take you on as an apprentice.

Soleil: Apprentice in what?

Mitama: In poetry, of course! Anyone who desires to find their inner poet is welcome to study at my feet.

Soleil: Are...you asking me to write a poem? By myself? That's a pretty tall order to start off with.

Mitama: Ah, but you have me to oversee your first halting steps into the world of the poetic. Let the grand lesson commence!

Soleil: Right now?!

Mitama: But of course! Unless you are opposed to learning...?

Soleil: Who, me? N-never... If you're willing to step up and teach me, how can I say no? Though, um...maybe we can start some other time?

Mitama: No! We must strike while the iron is hot! Let us waste no time! We will not part until I am satisfied with your progress for today. Haiku is fleeting / Though one studies all her life / Still she yearns for more.

Soleil: Ugh, this sounds really hard. I hope I don't regret this...

A Support

Soleil: Mitama, I came to say I'm sorry.

Mitama: Hmm? What are you apologizing for?

Soleil: We've been having these poetry jams for a while now, and I'm no better than ever. I guess there's no hope for a terminal case of rhythm loss.

Mitama: Ah, yes...I, too, was struck dumb by your ineptitude.

Soleil: A-aren't you supposed to tell me I can make it if I keep trying?

Mitama: You have no sense of imagery or metaphor. And no matter how many times I remind you, you utterly neglect the syllable count. Meter and scansion / Many feelings in few words / This is poetry.

Soleil: Wow, don't hold back or anything... Look, Mitama, I know you tried, but you're wasting your time with me. I can't do it. What a burden I've placed on your pure heart... See its gravity pull on your brow... It's a grave offense against art I've committed today.

Mitama: ... Such pearls spill effortlessly from your lips, yet a pen is lead in your hands... You are a profound mystery to me.

Soleil: I don't think I'm going to sprout a sense of rhythm, even studying with you. Sorry for following you around to hear your beautiful words. I'll cut that out.

Mitama: That was the least of my concerns.

Soleil: Wait...you don't mind?

Mitama: You could stick closer to me than my own shadow, and I would think no less of you. I would forgive much in someone sincerely trying to take up poetry.

Soleil: That's so nice of you!

Mitama: As long as you have not abandoned the path of the poet, I will be your mentor. Through our time together, you may find yourself improving, inch by inch. Obstacles abound / But only one path's futile / The road abandoned.

Soleil: Mitama...I knew it! That's just the encouragement I needed to keep at it!

Mitama: Hmhmhm...that was my hope.

Soleil: I thought I might learn to dance like the belle of a ball. But maybe I'll end up being an awesome poet!

Mitama: That "awesome" again...

Soleil: Sorry. Uh... Perchance I'll one day blossom into a bloom of a thousandfold poems.

Mitama: Nicely done, Soleil. Shall we get back to work?

Soleil: That might be all the poetry I have in me today. But I'll try to keep up with you, haiku master!