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C Support

Selkie: Midori! You look like you're having fun!

Midori: Good eye, Selkie! I just harvested a bunch of herbs for a new medicine. Nothing's more fun than that!

Selkie: That's wonderfuuuuurrrghhh...

Midori: Oh my. You're looking a bit peaked. Are you feeling any symptoms?

Selkie: Nah. But boy, it's freezing out! When did it get so cold? Ah...ACHOO!

Midori: Yipes! Selkie, you're definitely coming down with something!

Selkie: Me? Never! I'm fit as a...as a...as ACHOO!

Midori: I've seen this before. And I have just the thing to fight it. Where'd I put that jar... Ah! Here it is!

Selkie: Ew, no! Put it away!

Midori: What? It's good medicine! Made from the finest herbs and minerals!

Selkie: More like the GROSSEST herbs! I could smell that stench a mile away!

Midori: Whaaaat?! Surely it's a small price to pay to get better fast! Besides, it doesn't TASTE bad. I made sure to add some sugar for you.

Selkie: Nuh-uh! That stuff smells nasty, and my nose never lies!

Midori: *sniff* *sniff* That's strange. I barely notice anything. You must have one keen sense of smell!

Selkie: Yeah, all kitsune do. I can pick up on that stuff's powerful funk even through a stopped-up nose.

Midori: Very impressive!

Selkie: And that's why I'm not drinking any!

Midori: But...it's good for you...

Selkie: I know you mean well, but I'll just get plenty of food and rest. That always works! See ya later, Midori!

(Selkie leaves)

Midori: Um, Selkie! Wait! *sigh* So a kitsune can detect even the faintest hint of bitterness, eh? Challenge accepted! I'll brew a tonic even Selkie can stomach!

B Support

Midori: Selkie! Just the girl I was looking for.

Selkie: What's up, Midori?

Midori: I just finished...my new... Oh no. Don't tell me you've already recovered from that cold.

Selkie: Yep! I feel fantastic! I hit the hay early and woke up late, and by that time I was alllll better!

Midori: Oh...

Selkie: Is that...bad?

Midori: Well...no. I mean...I did make a special trip deep into the forest to find the right herbs. And I did spend half the night devising the right balance to make them palatable. But if you're over your cold, I guess none of that matters now! Hooray.

Selkie: Oh, gosh. Sorry, Midori!

Midori: No, no. I'm the one who should apologize for being disappointed that you're well.

Selkie: Hey, no worries! I totally get where you're coming from.

Midori: Oh, but! How about some preventative medicine, eh?

Selkie: Huh?

Midori: Yes...yes! I'm a genius! Just need to mix a little of this, and...behold!

Selkie: U-um, sorry, but that's making me gag from all the way over here.

Midori: So even the tiniest hint of bitterness means you won't drink something?

Selkie: Yeah, pretty much! Maybe if it tasted like candy, but not if it smells like a sewer.

Midori: Then that's just what I'll make for you! A philter as sweet as candy! You may be hale and hearty now, but who knows when the next cold may strike? I'd be devastated if the smell of my warding medicine kept it from doing its job. So I'll reformulate it to be so sweet, even you'll gulp it down happily!

Selkie: Midori... You're the best friend anyone could have! I shouldn't be turning up my nose when you're trying so hard to help. Tell you what. To make it up to you, I'll drink down whatever medicine you give me!

Midori: Yay! In that case, I think we should start with some herbal tea tasting.

Selkie: Herbal tea...?

Midori: Yes. Hang on while I brew some. With my special technique, it won't take long!

Selkie: H-hang on a minute! What are you trying to pull? I agreed to taste any MEDICINE!

Midori: Oh, this is the first step, though! We need to experiment with lots of flavors to find one that you like. Armed with that data, I can ensure my medicine has the right flavoring for you!

Selkie: F-fine...I'll drink your tea... I just have to drink it, right? Not pour it up my nose or bathe in it or anything?

Midori: No, but you're giving me some wonderful ideas!

A Support

Midori: Thanks for your help the other day, Selkie! I couldn't have made a tonic that goes down this smooth without you.

Selkie: Anytime! I'm happy to help you develop medicine as sweet as candy. It's a win for both of us!

Midori: Not just us. It's been a hit all over camp! I'm getting order after order for my "anticold candy."

Selkie: Whoa! This could be your big break!

Midori: Definitely. I really owe you! In fact... since your kitsune senses were so instrumental to its creation... I'd like you to be my partner!

Selkie: Your partner?! Midori! I'm honored!

Midori: Your contributions to my work were so significant, it's the least I could do.

Selkie: I've never been partners in anything before. Do I get part of the money? Or just credit? Oooh! Can we call it "Selkie's Sweet Serum"?

Midori: Th-this would be more like...a silent partnership.

Selkie: A silent partner! That sounds even cooler!

Midori: Definitely! Between my brewing, marketing, and sales and your secret testing work... we're going to make a great team!