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C Support

Ophelia: Oh, stardust, imprisoned in this crystal! Reveal my future—my destiny!

Midori: More of your fake fortune-telling, Ophelia?

Ophelia: Fake? What do you know? I perform the most accurate fortune-telling of anyone!

Midori: The fact is that you made up your methods all by yourself.

Ophelia: Wh-what? Who told you that? But yes...yes, I did. That's how I know it's the most accurate. After all, I'm a chosen one, and I've got a great destiny ahead of me. Given my powerful future, the fortunes I tell must be powerful too!

Midori: That makes no sense. Besides, if you're a chosen one with a chosen future, why bother with this stuff?

Ophelia: You can't begin to understand what it's like to bear the burden of chosenness. Don't even try, Midori.

Midori: You just don't want to face reality. Who you are—here and now.

Ophelia: Yeah, whatever, Little Miss Smarty-Pants. The present is dull and boring. Just like you. I like seeing my future through sparkly glasses, thank you very much.

Midori: Then I'll leave you to your lies. Come chat with me anytime you want a fact check.

B Support

Ophelia: Mighty spirits who watch over us! Reveal my future—my destiny!

Midori: Still more of your fake fortune-telling, Ophelia?

Ophelia: You again? Leave me be.

Midori: It's high time you stare reality in the face. You need facts, not foolishness.

Ophelia: You live your way. I'll live mine. But don't be spreading lies about how my fortune-telling is a sham!

Midori: The fact is only your fortunes are fake. We know others who do it properly. Your weird chanting doesn't do anything.

Ophelia: How do you know?

Midori: You're clearly saying things you want to hear. But it's just gibberish.

Ophelia: What's wrong with saying things I want to hear? It builds confidence.

Midori: Really...

Ophelia: Yes, really. Here, I'll tell your fortune. Then you'll see things my way.

Midori: No, thank you.

Ophelia: Scared? You shouldn't be. I'll tell you only the good parts of your fate.

Midori: I don't want to hear about the future.

Ophelia: Why?

Midori: I have enough problems in the present. People injured. People in pain. I have too much to worry about in the here and now. I cannot bear to know the future.

Ophelia: Oh, Midori, I didn't realize...

Midori: So you can keep your sweet dreams. Ugh. Why am I even here? I have too much to do.

(Midori leaves)

Ophelia: By the gods, I had no idea how heavy a burden that girl is carrying...

A Support

Midori: That last batch of medicine I made... It was a mess—unusable!

Ophelia: Hi, Midori.

Midori: Please, Ophelia. I don't have time for your nonsense now.

Ophelia: Spare a moment?

Midori: The fact is, I never have a spare moment. Not for myself. Certainly not for you.

Ophelia: I want to tell your future.

Midori: Argh! No! Stop trying to convince me!

Ophelia: You need your future told more than anyone I know. I had no idea the pressure that you're under. I think I can help.

Midori: I...I am having a hard time. All the wounded and dying...

Ophelia: Could it hurt to try a fortune just once? Please, even if you think it's silly. Do it just for fun then.

Midori: If you insist.

Ophelia: Thank you, Midori. Here we go. Oh, stardust, imprisoned in this crystal! Reveal Midori's future—her destiny!

Midori: Hmpf!

Ophelia: Wait! I'm seeing something! It's you! You're...you're... You're smiling!

Midori: I am?

Ophelia: You're surrounded by all those you've healed. They're smiling too! They're gathered to celebrate your life's achievements—your incredible medicines!

Midori: Really? That's my future? That's a sweet dream, all right.

Ophelia: It won't be merely a dream if you keep working as hard as you do.

Midori: Ha! I hope you're right.

Ophelia: I know I shouldn't get so caught up in all my fanciful fortune-telling. But I'm not you. I'd wilt if I was around as much pain as you always are. I need my fortunes to keep me going. The world—it's so gloomy.

Midori: Well, the fact is that you'll always have me around to rally your spirits.

Ophelia: I will? Then maybe I can face reality now and then. If I don't, I know you'll tell me to!

Midori: Oh, no I won't. Not anymore. Not with you around to make my future bright. Thanks for being you, Ophelia.