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C Support

Leo: Hello, Beruka. Something has been bothering me a while, and I was hoping to ask you about it...

Beruka: What is it?

Leo: Your skills are quite remarkable. Who was it that trained you?

Beruka: A person I met in the slums. Another assassin.

Leo: Based on what I've seen, your teacher must have had considerable skill. What was his or her name?

Beruka: An excellent question. However, I do not know the answer.

Leo: Pardon? How do you not know the name of the person who trained you?

Beruka: I was only taught the art of assassination. Nothing else was important.

Leo: Very well... Do you know where your old teacher is now?

Beruka: Dead and buried. By my hand.

Leo: You killed your teacher?! Why?

Beruka: He was the target for a contract I accepted, simple as that.

Leo: I don't know what to say...

B Support

Leo: Hello, Beruka. Sorry for the intrusion, but I can't stop wondering why you killed your teacher...

Beruka: Why does it concern you?

Leo: I'm curious, that's all. I want to learn what kind of person you are.

Beruka: It is as I said before: I accepted a contract to kill my teacher, so I did.

Leo: Do you always carry out a contract, even when the target is someone you know?

Beruka: I do. The subject of any contract is just another target to me.

Leo: Was there no way you could refuse the contract to kill your teacher?

Beruka: I could have, but I had no reason to.

Leo: Oh, I see. You hated your teacher, then?

Beruka: We had no problems between us.

Leo: Then...I still don't understand. How can you be so calm about this?

Beruka: You are factoring in emotion. You can't do that when you take on a contract. And once a contract is over, you have to forget about it. That was the final lesson that my teacher gave to me.

Leo: That seems very...cold.

Beruka: Is it? Before, I would kill someone if I accepted a contract. Today, if Lady Camilla ordered it, I would kill someone without hesitation. Nothing has really changed.

Leo: So if you got an assignment today to kill someone, it wouldn't matter who they are? Even if they were a friend or ally?

Beruka: If I accepted the contract... You're right, it wouldn't matter.

Leo: That is...most unsettling.

A Support

Leo: Oh, Beruka. I didn't see you there...

Beruka: Have you been avoiding me, milord?

Leo: What do you mean?

Beruka: Exactly what I said. You seem to be going out of your way to not be around me.

Leo: I suppose I have been, yes. It's difficult to trust someone that you know could change sides in an instant. If you accepted an assignment, you would try to kill that person right away, right?

Beruka: That is how it works, yes.

Leo: So I thought. Even so, I'm only wary of you. I feel no fear in your presence.

Beruka: I don't understand. Why not?

Leo: Well, you serve my sister Camilla, who I'm certain would never order my death.

Beruka: Another person could give the order. Never assume something is impossible.

Leo: This is true... Even so, I still don't fear you. It's a waste of time to overly concern myself with unlikely events. There are undoubtedly those who already want me dead, so I'll worry about them.

Beruka: Ignoring potential threats can get you killed.

Leo: You really want me to be afraid, don't you?

Beruka: Perhaps.

Leo: Well, so long as you're my ally, I have nothing to fear from you. You'll fight with me and help defeat those who stand against me.

Beruka: You are correct.

S Support

Leo: Beruka, I was wondering... Is there anyone that you think you'd be unable to kill?

Beruka: Hmmm... Of course, anyone stronger than me would prove impossible to defeat.

Leo: Sorry, I meant...anyone you wouldn't be able to kill for sentimental reasons.

Beruka: Oh. No.

Leo: Ah, I see...

Beruka: Why do you ask, milord?

Leo: Because you said you'd kill anyone you were ordered to, no matter who they were.

Beruka: That is correct.

Leo: But, what if that person was more to you than just someone you knew?

Beruka: I don't understand.

Leo: What if you were told to kill a family member? Would you be capable of following that order?

Beruka: I...I don't know. I've never had family.

Leo: You've lived your whole life without loving someone or being loved?

Beruka: That...is correct, milord.

Leo: Then it's possible, if you felt what it was like to be loved... you'd be unable to bring yourself to kill such a person.

Beruka: Lord Leo, what are you trying to say?

Leo: Beruka... I'm in love with you. I want to show you what love is.

Beruka: I don't know what to say... You truly love me?

Leo: With all my heart, yes.

Beruka: I've never felt the feeling described as love. I don't have any idea what it is. But hearing your words... I have this strange, slight warmth in my chest... Is this what it feels like? I'm not certain I like it. But I may.

Leo: There is no need to rush this, Beruka. This is a new and unique feeling for you. Please take your time getting used to it.

Beruka: No need. I can tell already that I wish to be with you, Lord Leo.

Leo: Truly? That is delightful! I wish to be with you as well, Beruka. From this day forward, we'll both live for each other!