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C Support

Laslow: Hey! Hey, Mozu!

Mozu: Laslow? What the heck?

Laslow: Thank goodness someone showed up... I can finally go home!

Mozu: H-how come you're tied to that tree? Is this some kinda game you city folks play?

Laslow: If only... You see, I was having a pleasant cup of tea with a girl. Really hitting it off. But apparently, she'd drugged the tea, because I woke up as you see me now. *sigh* She stole my heart, and my coin pouch along with it...

Mozu: What?! People really do that? Mother was right when she warned me about city folk...

Laslow: On the bright side, I finally got to properly meet you, Mozu!

Mozu: That's one way to look at it, I guess... But, Laslow, you've gotta be more careful. With your wallet and your heart! Here, let me get you down.

Laslow: Thank you. So tell me, what brings you out here?

Mozu: Oh, I came to plant some trees. There was a little thicket by my old village. It was a good place for birds, and they sang all day long. I loved it there. I thought maybe it'd be nice if we had something like that here too.

Laslow: Huh! Mind if I take some of those saplings, in that case? I'll help you plant them as thanks for saving my hide.

Mozu: You're a sweet guy, Laslow. The way you chase girls, I always thought you might be kinda creepy.

Laslow: Haha, me? Creepy? Pshaw! I'm always sweet as can be to cute girls like you. I'd do anything to see you smile!

Mozu: Even if it means getting hog-tied to a tree?

Laslow: Apparently.

Mozu: ...You're pretty cool, you know that?

Laslow: Do you think so? That's amazing. ... This is going to sound weird, but could you say it again?

Mozu: Huh? Why?

Laslow: Girls never say anything nice about me... I want to make sure I remember what this feels like. It'll take some of the sting out of losing all my money, that's for sure!

Mozu: O-OK. *ahem*... You're real cool, Laslow!

Laslow: Yessssss!

B Support

Mozu: Awww...

Laslow: Hey, Mozu.

Mozu: Look, Laslow... The saplings we planted together are all wilting.

Laslow: Hmm, so they are. Maybe I planted them wrong? I'm really sorry.

Mozu: No, it's not your fault. Look, you can see how the ones I planted are withered too. *sigh* Where did we go wrong...?

Laslow: Mozu...

Mozu: Time was, when something like this happened, I'd ask the other farmers. But now they're all... I can't stand it...

Laslow: ... *sniff*

Mozu: Huh? What's wrong, Laslow? You look like you're about to cry...

Laslow: I know how you feel. I know so well, it hurts. I didn't want anyone to know this about me...

Mozu: Huh?

Laslow: When someone you've always been close to dies, it's more than you can take. Especially when you've lost your home and don't have anyone to talk to about it.

Mozu: Are you saying...that happened to you?

Laslow: Yes...or something like it, anyway. I know how it feels. That familiar ache... You can talk to me about it, if you want. I'll make time for you. I'd hate to see you try to go through something like this alone.

Mozu: Laslow...

Laslow: Heh, I mean, I'll never say no to talking to a pretty girl. So get it all off your chest. Keep talking until you feel your smile coming back.

Mozu: Thank you...

A Support

Mozu: Hey, Laslow! Look! The trees that wilted are getting better!

Laslow: Good...all your hard work is paying off.

Mozu: My hard work? Don't you mean yours?

Laslow: Who, me? I just lent an ear when you needed one. I didn't do all this.

Mozu: I wasn't born yesterday, Laslow. Every time we were finished talking, you pretended to go home... But really, you came back here to lay fertilizer and water the trees.

Laslow: Y-you knew?!

Mozu: Yep. And I know that much fertilizer doesn't come cheap. I know money's tight for you right now, but you still spent every last dime... Thank you, Laslow.

Laslow: Well, this is awkward, isn't it?

Mozu: I know you don't like folks to know much about you. But if you ever want to chew the rag, you can talk to me anytime. I'll listen to whatever you have to say.

Laslow: Much appreciated. But I'm all right.

Mozu: Do you not trust me to keep it quiet?

Laslow: No, no. I trust you. But what kind of man would I be to complain about my problems? It's just not cool.

Mozu: Where the heck did you get that idea? It's not uncool to air out your troubles. You worked hard to get to where you are. And you're real cool, Laslow. I guarantee you! Whatever anyone else says, I think you're the best warrior ever!

Laslow: A real cool warrior, huh? ... You know...that actually does cheer me up, haha. When I hear it coming from you, I feel like maybe it's true!

Mozu: Attaboy! And a real cool warrior like you can tell me anything.

Laslow: Then I will. It'll be an honor to spill my problems to you. You're a true friend, Mozu. Thanks for all your help.

Mozu: Same to you, Laslow.

S Support

Mozu: Hi, Laslow. What's up?

Laslow: Well... I have something to confess. ... It's started sprouting.

Mozu: What has?

Laslow: Um...my feelings.

Mozu: Say what? ... Did someone spike your drink again?

Laslow: ... What?

Mozu: What?

Laslow: Why does it always go like this for me...? Uh, sorry. I got embarrassed, and what I wanted to say came out weird. The truth is, I've been wanting to tell you this for a while... But I had to wait for these flowers to bloom first. So here you go.

Mozu: Wow! What a pretty bouquet! Say...I know these flowers... They only grow in my village. And only at this time of year, too...

Laslow: Yep. I mean, you knew that, of course. Just like you probably know this kind of flower represents a deep love. I heard your village had a tradition of giving them as a gift during a proposal.

Mozu: You heard right, but... Wait...

Laslow: The whole time I've been seeing you, I was secretly studying gardening. I waited for these flowers to bloom so I could make this bouquet to give you...

Mozu: Wow... So...

Laslow: That's right. Mozu, will you marry me?

Mozu: Oh my gosh! This isn't a trick, right?

Laslow: I love you, Mozu. I want to stand by your side and support you in everything you do. I know I'm no replacement for the family you lost... But maybe we can make a new one together.

Mozu: This isn't how I thought today would go when I woke up... I'd be happy to marry you. I want you as part of my family, too.

Laslow: I can't wait to join. Although...I might have to go back to my own world someday. So if that happens...

Mozu: Go back? You mean like to Nohr? I don't see why that'd matter. If you care about me, it's just good sense that I'd care about you too. That's what marriage is.

Laslow: Thank you, Mozu... Man! Now that that's decided, there's so much for us to do! Why don't we sit down over some tea and have a long talk about it?

Mozu: That's what I like to hear!