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C Support

Kiragi: Woohoo! The hunting today was excellent. Not every day you bag two deer!

Velouria: Aha! That explains the wonderful smell.

Kiragi: Hey, Velouria! What's up?

Velouria: Kiragi. I see you've returned with some things from the woods. Would you share their delights with me?

Kiragi: You mean the deer? Well, gee...I don't really know that I can. I was going to bring them to the cooks so everyone could have some tonight. Think you could wait until then?

Velouria: The deer do not interest me, little huntsman. I was talking about the little treasures stuck to your clothing.

Kiragi: Huh? Treasures? All I see are furballs, slime, and some dead old leaves.

Velouria: Exactly. I will take them all, if you don't mind. You were not planning on keeping them, were you?

Kiragi: N-no, I wasn't. Um. Sure, you can have them. But maybe I should take them off of me first...

Velouria: As you like. Thank you very much! Heehee. I can't wait to play with them! Ooh. Is this a bone shard? It is so sharp! So pointy! And this tuft of fur has the most divine smell! *sniff* *sniff* A rich, complex body...with notes of rancid bat dung...and a nice, long finish. How did you find such perfection?

Kiragi: Haha. Well, when you're done taking inventory, think you could do me a favor? It'd sure be helpful to have an extra pair of hands to butcher the deer here. Plus I think it'd be fun if we ate together. What do you say?

Velouria: Thank you, but I will have to pass. My new treasures are not going to lick themselves. But...maybe another night. Now, if you'll excuse me.

(Velouria leaves)

Kiragi: Huh? But you'll miss out on dinner!

B Support

Kiragi: Whew, that was quite the trek! It feels great to be back home. Just too bad there's nobody here to welcome me back...

Velouria: Welcome back, Kiragi!

Kiragi: Whoa! Velouria?! Where did you come from?

Velouria: I have been here the whole time. Apparently you didn't notice me...

Kiragi: Oh, really? Haha. Sorry about that! I just got back from a trip to the mountain. Guess I was too tired to notice, huh?

Velouria: Do not trouble yourself over it. Now, did you bring back anything special?

Kiragi: Sure did! Got it all right here in this bag. Thought I'd try my hand at mining today. Check out this little beauty! The cave was pretty dark, but that didn't stop it from sparkling. Look at that shine! Have you ever seen a rock so green? Girls like this kind of stuff, right?

Velouria: I'm sure some do. I do not. Do you mind if I keep what is at the bottom of this bag?

Kiragi: Huh? You mean the sand and the pebbles?

Velouria: Yes.

Kiragi: So you don't want any of the minerals I found? None at all? Agh, OK. Suit yourself. You can have the bag too, if you want.

Velouria: Thank you very much. Mm. This one has a little nubbin on it. How adorable. And the sand is surprisingly fine. Very good find. It was well worth the wait.

Kiragi: Wait? Were you...were you waiting here for me to get back?

Velouria: I-I would not put it like that, no.

Kiragi: Well, instead of waiting, how about you just come with me next time?

Velouria: Pardon?

Kiragi: Well, I don't really have an eye for the sort of things you like. So if you're there with me, you'll probably find way more treasures, right?

Velouria: This is true... I shall consider your proposal.

(Velouria leaves)

Kiragi: ...And she's gone. Well, I think it'd be fun to explore the mountains with Velouria. Maybe I'll ask her again tomorrow.

A Support

Kiragi: Thanks for coming with me today, Velouria. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun!

Velouria: Yes, this will be a most productive adventure. However, if you dawdle, I will not hesitate to leave you behind.

Kiragi: Oh, that's right. I forgot that wolfskin usually spend their whole lives in the mountains. I'm not used to traveling with someone who can manage the terrain better than me! It'll be a nice change of pace.

Velouria: I wish your pace changed to be a little bit faster.

Kiragi: Sorry, sorry. Say, is there any place you'd like to visit in particular? There's lots to see up here. Clusters of wildflowers, a whole area covered with lichen, super-tall poplars... I think my favorite spot is the glacial lake near the top! The water's so refreshing. Wait. Velouria? Velouria! Don't tell me you left me behind already!

Velouria: I'm over here.

Kiragi: Oh. Uh...why are you crouching?

Velouria: There is a pile of dead insects here. I am collecting them. Those and the leaves. A fine hunting ground indeed. Today is a glorious day.

Kiragi: Uh...

Velouria: Oh! And tufts of stray fur! Everywhere! Never have I seen such riches! *sniff sniff* Oh yes! Delectable! *sniff sniff sniff* This is fantastic!

Kiragi: Um...Velouria... We've barely reached the foot of the mountain. We still have a long way to go before we reach the summit.

Velouria: My apologies, Kiragi. It's just... I have no desire to go anywhere else. This spot is too perfect.

Kiragi: Oh? Well, all right. No need to apologize! Let's just stay here for the day! We can eat our lunch and take a slow stroll. The summit can wait for another day.

Velouria: That sounds lovely.

Kiragi: Great! Ooh, hey, Velouria! Look! I think someone left behind a cracked hand mirror!

S Support

Kiragi: Hey, Velouria. It's Kiragi. It's rare for you to invite anyone to your tent. Something wrong?

Velouria: Oh, no. There's just something I'd like you to see.

Kiragi: Oh, OK. Sure. Let me just step on in and... Whoa! What is this place?! It's... I can't even... WOW!

Velouria: Perhaps you could express your impressions using real words?

Kiragi: Oh. Um. Sure. I don't feel like I'm in a tent in here. It feels just like I'm in the great outdoors! I love the mushy dirt floor...and is that a tree you've got growing over there? Oh, wait, that's a dead tree. Well, all the same, it's great! And the stuff you've got on the shelves! I recognize some of that stuff! Aww, it's the moss ball I found for you the other day. It looks so cozy!

Velouria: This is my collection. I am glad you like it.

Kiragi: I knew you collected lots of things, but seeing it all in one place is breathtaking.

Velouria: I know the others think I collect garbage. Trash. Refuse. Waste. Detritus. No one seems to understand. Even if they know my father has the same hobby. Even you seemed baffled at first. However... I still thought I should share it with you.

Kiragi: Oh? Why's that?

Velouria: I've...become...fond. Of you.

Kiragi: H-huh?!

Velouria: So fond, in fact, that I— I'd be willing to throw away all of this if it meant I could spend more time with you!

Kiragi: O-oh. Well, shucks, Velouria. But...why me?

Velouria: You never laugh at me when I talk about my hobby. You even invited me to go with you on your trips out to the mountains. And I found myself enjoying our trips more for your company than for these treasures. You are always so willing to go out of your way for me. It's very sweet.

Kiragi: Velouria...

Velouria: And, more than that, you seem to love nature almost as much as I do. I think you may be the only person who could ever truly understand me.

Kiragi: Thank you, Velouria. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say that!

Velouria: Truly?

Kiragi: Yep! After we started hiking, I began to realize you were the one for me. You were constantly pointing out things I would normally miss. You showed me a whole new world that was there all along, right under my nose! And...the first time I saw you smile, I felt something warm inside me. Something I've never felt for anyone before.

Velouria: Then...

Kiragi: Will you be mine, Velouria? It'll be just you, me, and the great outdoors!

Velouria: Nothing would make me happier!

Kiragi: I believe it! Your tail is wagging like crazy! You must be almost as happy as I am! I...I love you, Velouria!

Velouria: And I you, Kiragi.