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C Support

Kiragi: Selkie! Let's go to the lake today!

Selkie: OK! Sounds good to me!

Kiragi: Wanna make it a race? Whoever gets to the really tall cedar first wins! Winner gets the game of the loser! You in?

Selkie: The game?

Kiragi: Yeah, game. Like, the stuff we hunted earlier.

Selkie: Oh, OK. Got it!

Kiragi: OK. On your mark! Get set... Go!

Selkie: Haha!

Kiragi: Haaaaaaaa...haaaaa... *wheeze*

Selkie: *pant* *pant* Did...I win? Or did...you beat me?

Kiragi: Hmmm... *huff* *puff* I think...we got here...at the same time. So it's...a tie?

Selkie: Aww. Then what should we do about the prizes?

Kiragi: Well, since we both won, how about we just exchange all the game we caught today?

Selkie: Haha! Yeah, I guess that works! Huh? Wait.

Kiragi: Selkie? What's wrong?

Selkie: Hey, Kiragi...take a look. Over there. There are people. Four, five...looks like there are six of them.

Kiragi: Yeah. What are they doing out in the middle of the forest?

Selkie: I dunno. Let's ask them! HEE— Mmmmph! Kiragi, what's the big deal? Why did you put your hand over my mouth?!

Kiragi: Something's strange about this.

Selkie: Oh... Like what?

Kiragi: I don't know. Something about them just doesn't look right. The sun is going to set soon. Let's head back...

B Support

Kiragi: Selkie? Selkiiiiiiiie? Could she have gotten lost? Wait! Is that— It's those guys we saw the other day! I wonder what they're up to... Maybe I should get a closer look. Oh, no... They have Selkie.

Ruffian: Hmph. I was beginning to second-guess my information. But I guess they were right. There are kitsune in these woods after all. You put up a pretty good fight, I'll give you that. But playtime's over. Time to be quiet. I wonder what kind of price you'll fetch... A high one, I'd wager.

Selkie: Mmmpf! Mmmpf!

Kiragi: HEY! Leave her alone!

Ruffian: Huh?! A little hero, eh? Get him, men!

(fade to black)

Kiragi: Selkie! Selkie! Are you OK?

Selkie: Y-yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for saving me.

Kiragi: Just hold on. I'll get you out of these ropes.

Selkie: Kiragi...I'm so sorry.

Kiragi: It's all right. Don't worry. They won't be bothering you anymore, OK? Now, let's go home.

Selkie: O-OK. Let's go...

A Support

Selkie: ...

Kiragi: Hey, Selkie! Ready to go on another hike in the woods?

Selkie: Um, sure. OK.

Kiragi: Something wrong?

Selkie: Just...what happened the other day. When those thugs captured me. It's not that it was too scary or anything. I've been in worse situations. It's just...I let my guard down. I ate the food they offered me without a thought. Even though you said those people looked suspicious before. I'm such an idiot!

Kiragi: Don't worry, Selkie. It's OK. They can't hurt you now.

Selkie: I know, I know. I'm not scared of them. I'm just...disappointed in myself. I need to be more careful in the future. I can't just keep trusting everyone I meet.

Kiragi: No! You shouldn't change who you are. Especially not on account of a bunch of thugs like that.

Selkie: What? But I'll just cause more problems for everyone if I let myself get fooled again!

Kiragi: No, the people who cause problems are the ones like the guys who tricked you. Never blame yourself for that, OK? It wasn't your fault. And anyway, I think one of the best things about you is that you're so trusting!

Selkie: Kiragi...

Kiragi: And if anyone tries to take advantage of you again, I'll be there to stop them.

Selkie: Haha! Really? You'd do that for me?

Kiragi: Yup! Of course!

Selkie: Thank you, Kiragi! You're the best!

S Support

Selkie: Hey, Kiragi! Let's go play in the woods again today!

Kiragi: Huh? Um...OK.

Selkie: Huh? Is something wrong? You look like you've got a case of the gloom-glooms.

Kiragi: Well...after I said I'd protect you the other day, it got me thinking. I started to wonder why I didn't just protect you better in the first place. If I had been with you...

Selkie: But you came to save me! Like a super- awesome hero from those old stories!

Kiragi: Thanks, but I still can't shake this feeling.

Selkie: Kiragi...

Kiragi: GAHH! OK, OK. I'm gonna do it!

Selkie: Huh?! What's going on? You're going to do what?

Kiragi: I have to tell you something.

Selkie: Uh-huh...?

Kiragi: Selkie... I love you!

Selkie: I love you too, Kiragi! You're like a brother to me!

Kiragi: Er, I mean, I'm not talking about that kind of love. I mean romantic love. I want to always be by your side!

Selkie: You mean you want to be my...boyfriend?

Kiragi: That's right! And someday, I want to make you my wife! Then I can always be around to protect you, no matter what!

Selkie: Heehee. One thing at a time, Kiragi. But OK! Let's be together!

Kiragi: Whew. I feel so much better having got all that off my chest.

Selkie: Heehee. You think you're feeling happy? Guess how I feel!