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C Support

Kiragi: Oh, hey, Rhajat! How are you doing?

Rhajat: How am I doing? Same as usual, I'm afraid.

Kiragi: Yeah, you look a little under the weather. Anything I can do to help?

Rhajat: Ugh. Helpfulness. Look, I'm fine. Now leave me alone before I curse you.

Kiragi: Sure thing. I was going to go take a walk in the mountains anyway. Wanna come?

Rhajat: What part of "leave me alone" is giving you trouble?

Kiragi: Gotcha! See you later!

(Kiragi leaves)

Rhajat: ... Hey, Kiragi, wait a second.

Kiragi: Sure. What's up?

Rhajat: Let me get my map of the mountains... Do you ever walk around this place here?

Kiragi: Hmmm... Oh, sure. It's right near that really steep cliff. Riiiiight...there.

Rhajat: So you've been there?

Kiragi: Yep. Pretty often. There are lots of deer, so it's great for hunting.

Rhajat: I see... At the base of that cliff there's a patch of purplish mushrooms. They're rare and have powerful magical properties. Could you get me some?

Kiragi: No sweat! I'll head out right now!

Rhajat: I have nothing but faith in you.

(Kiragi leaves) ... I wonder if he can really climb down to the base of that cliff. Oh well. He lived a long and full life.

B Support

Kiragi: Oh hiya, Rhajat! Here are your mushrooms!

Rhajat: This is...impressive, Kiragi. I half expected you'd fall to your death on those cliffs.

Kiragi: Haha. Naw, it was easy! Practically a stroll through the park.

Rhajat: A stroll through the park? You saw the skeletons at the bottom of that cliff, right? Er. Not that I would send you on a suicide mission. Perish the thought. Heehee. "Perish."

Kiragi: Haha. You're funny, Rhajat! But, um, I was going to head into the mountains later. Want to come with?

Rhajat: Today? But...it's raining.

Kiragi: Yeah! It'll be great. The mountains change into a completely different place in the rain. It's way more fun when that happens.

Rhajat: Even so, I'm afraid I will have to pass.

Kiragi: Oh, that's right! You're a witch, huh? You'd probably melt in the rain!

Rhajat: A...witch? N-no, Kiragi. I am not a "witch." I merely dislike going out in the rain. But if you're going, I have a favor to ask of you. Do you know of a type of algae that appears only on rainy days?

Kiragi: Nope. What about it?

Rhajat: Near that cliff you went to, there is a vast bog, on the shores of which grows a plant. This is the algae. It only surfaces when the land is drenched in rain. It also happens to have unique magical properties that would be very...useful. Would you be so kind as to collect some for me?

Kiragi: Sure! I'll head out right now, even.

Rhajat: I wish you luck!

(Kiragi leaves)

Rhajat: Heehee. Better him than me.

A Support

Rhajat: Kiragi... I can't let this go on any longer. Much as I'd like to.

Kiragi: Huh? Let what go on?

Rhajat: The herb collecting. All those cuts you've been getting were from that, right?

Kiragi: Yup! Haha. Guess I should be more careful, huh?

Rhajat: I wish to apologize, then.

Kiragi: Apologize?

Rhajat: Yes. You have been hurt, badly, on my account. And I have not thanked you even once. So...I'm sorry. And thank you.

Kiragi: Oh, is that it? You don't have to worry about that. We're friends! It's only natural we do favors for each other!

Rhajat: No, I got carried away. I knew those things were dangerous to collect. I put my own wants before your safety. For some reason this bothers me.

Kiragi: Oh, really? I guess that makes sense. But I didn't mind, really!

Rhajat: Heehee. You're a cute one. But you should be more careful. Sweet as you are, others are bound to try to take advantage of you.

Kiragi: Hm...so I guess to make us even, you'd owe me a favor, then? How about you come up to the mountains with me? That's actually the whole reason I started talking to you, honestly. I thought we could have a bunch of fun on a hike!

Rhajat: That is an acceptable trade. Very well.

Kiragi: Woohoo! This is gonna be great!

Rhajat: Perhaps it will... I understand malevolent spirits tend to gather on those mountains. And I hear there's a nice little spot positively crackling with cursed energy. Hee. Heeheehee. Heeheeheeheeheehehehe. MuahaHAHAHA—

S Support

Kiragi: Rhajat. There's something I wanted to speak with you about.

Rhajat: Hm? What do you need? Are we going up to the mountains again? Let me just grab my pack.

Kiragi: Er, wait, no. I didn't want to talk about that.

Rhajat: Oh? That's too bad.

Kiragi: Um, yeah...so, you know how I started asking you to come hiking with me?

Rhajat: Yes. What about it? Are you still upset with me for using you to gather ingredients for my curses? It's OK. I understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore.

Kiragi: N-no! What? If I didn't want to talk to you, I wouldn't—agh, never mind. Here, just...listen.

Rhajat: Oh, goodie. Very well, then. I am all ears.

Kiragi: Thank you. So...like I said, I had been hoping we could go hiking for a while. Because...ah...I thought it would be nice to make a new friend. And you seemed different from everyone else. In a good way! But after we began hiking...something happened. I... I realized... *gulp* I realized that I like you, Rhajat!

Rhajat: Oh.

Kiragi: So...um. I was hoping that you might want to be with me...you know?

Rhajat: I see.

Kiragi: Rhajat? C-could I hear what you're thinking? It's OK if you don't want to go on hikes with me anymore. I'll understand. I just...want to know...

Rhajat: Kiragi...you fool. I am, as they say, as giddy as a gilly-oyster. I admire you too.

Kiragi: What?! Really?

Rhajat: Of course. You're the kindest person I've ever met. And our hikes have numbered among the happiest times of my life.


Rhajat: But I do wish you had spoken up sooner. I was wasting my herbs all this time with that curse I put on you to keep girls away.

Kiragi: Y-you cursed me?!

Rhajat: Yes, of course. Is something wrong?

Kiragi: No way! I'm just so happy you felt that strongly about me! Plus it gives us an excuse to go gather even more ingredients! This'll be great!

Rhajat: Heehee. You really are pure, aren't you? Yes...I don't think I'll ever let you go... Heeheehee. Hehehehehehe. Muahahahaha- hahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!