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C Support

Kiragi: Hey, Mitama! Do you want to come with me? I'm gonna go—

Mitama: I refuse to go / I will not sully myself / By playing in mud.

Kiragi: I haven't even told you where I want to go yet!

Mitama: You do not need to. I know you just want to drag me up to the mountains.

Kiragi: W-well, yeah, but—

Mitama: I decline. The sweetest pleasures / Are found within four strong walls / Sleep and poetry.

Kiragi: Aw, come on! Isn't there anything I can do to convince you to come with me?

Mitama: Nothing at all. Now leave me. I have some snuggling and writing to see to.

Kiragi: But...um... Oh! But the flowers! You've got a lot of flowers in your tent, right?

Mitama: Yes. I love the atmosphere created by the presence of many flowers. They are the perfect tiny muses. I cannot count the poems they've inspired in me.

Kiragi: Then you should come with me to go see the wildflowers on the mountain!

Mitama: Wildflowers?

Kiragi: Yup! I know of an AMAZING field of wildflowers up in the mountains! I'm sure you'll be inspired to write tons more poems if you see them! Like, way more than you would just looking at the ones inside your tent!

Mitama: I see... You speak the plain truth / One flower can grow indoors / But outdoors, thousands. It seems I cannot avoid it if I wish to see such fields. I must venture outside.

Kiragi: Haha! Yes! Well, glad we got that settled!

Mitama: We haven't "settled" anything!

Kiragi: I'll pack everything we need! You don't have to worry about a thing.

(Kiragi leaves)

Mitama: *sigh* Like the wind, he came / Without noise, without warning / And like wind, he left. I suppose I will let it slide. This time.

B Support

Kiragi: Keep up, Mitama! We're almost to the field!

Mitama: *pant...pant* My body cries out / My lungs, my legs all afire / My life breath departs...

Kiragi: Aw, don't say that! We're almost there!

Mitama: But...not...quite...

Kiragi: Look! You can already see it! This is the field I told you about!

Mitama: Oh? Oh! There it is! I see it! This...this is magnificent! I do not recall the last time I beheld such beauty!

Kiragi: Isn't it amazing? It's especially pretty this time of year, too. So many different kinds are in bloom right now!

Mitama: It's so beautiful...words have fled me...

Kiragi: Really? Haha. I'm glad you like it!

Mitama: This is transcendent / I cannot express my thanks / You are a dear friend. Thank you, Kiragi. I would never have known about this place were it not for you.

Kiragi: No, thank YOU for coming with! Sorry if I was pushy before. I just knew you'd love it! Now c'mon, let's go! If we hurry up, we can be there in a few minutes. You won't believe how it feels to lie down in all those flowers and breathe them in!

Mitama: I can't wait! A hand stretched outward / To the yawning flower cups / A poem is born!

A Support

Mitama: Kiragi, may I have a moment of your time?

Kiragi: Huh? Sure. What do you need?

Mitama: I crave the meadows / Lush with wildflowers and dew / Will you go with me?

Kiragi: Oh, you want to go see the flowers again? Sure, I'll go with you!

Mitama: Thank you very much, Kiragi.

Kiragi: You know...there are tons of other neat places I could take you, too. Like where I do most of my hunting, or the rivers with all the fish, or the waterfalls!

Mitama: ...No, thank you. I care not for those / Flowers and flowers alone / Can lure me outside.

Kiragi: O-OK. That's fine too. I just thought you never know what'll inspire a poem, right? But I'll go with you to the same spot, too! It's good for you to get outside and breathe some fresh air anyways.

Mitama: Thank you. I am not ungrateful. I should do something for you in return. Perhaps I will prepare a special lunch for our next journey.

Kiragi: Really? That sounds great! We can get up to go hiking in the morning and have lunch with the flowers!

Mitama: Then it's settled. It's unnatural / This craving for sun and air / Mitama, transformed. Heehee. It seems you've had quite the influence on me, Kiragi.

S Support

Kiragi: Hey, Mitama!

Mitama: Kiragi! Thank you again for accompanying me to the mountain today. Two travel buddies / Arm in arm they take their way / On new adventures!

Kiragi: Aw, you don't need to thank me. We're friends, after all!

Mitama: I suppose you're right.

Kiragi: Mhm! Though, speaking of our little trips, that last lunch you made was amazing! You know, the way we keep running off to the woods, people will start to talk. In fact, I bet if someone saw us now, they'd even think we were probably on a date!

Mitama: A date?! H-how dumb would that be?! Why would we do something like that? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! To think, us, dating! How ridiculous!

Kiragi: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So dumb!

Mitama: ...

Kiragi: ... No... It's not right for me to hide these things from you. I'm sorry, Mitama. The truth is, I do want to date you.

Mitama: Kiragi?

Kiragi: I like you. I think you're the cutest girl I've ever met. And I love our mountain trips. If I had my way, we'd...we'd be together.

Mitama: I see...

Kiragi: Ahaha... Sorry about that. I sort of just blurted everything out there, huh? But...now that I have...I was wondering how you felt about me.

Mitama: How I feel about you? My secretive heart / Locked away, even from me / The key, another's.

Kiragi: Huh? I'm sorry, what does that mean? D-do you love someone else?

Mitama: No, I mean...I don't know my own heart sometimes. But the one who can reveal it to me must also be the one to whom my heart belongs. And that person is you, Kiragi.

Kiragi: So— You mean—

Mitama: Yes. I like you too.

Kiragi: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My heart's been racing like crazy! I thought for sure you were going to turn me down!

Mitama: Heehee. Well, you certainly did surprise me. But it also made me so, so happy to hear you say those words.

Kiragi: Yahoo! So...the next time we go visit the flowers, let's do it as a date!

Mitama: That would be delightful.