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C Support

Midori: Ah! There you are, Kiragi!

Kiragi: Midori? What's up?

Midori: I've been looking for you. I need your help with something!

Kiragi: My help?

Midori: Yessir! I'm developing a new tonic, buuuut I ran into some issues. I don't have all the right plants! So I was wondering if you'd go with me to get them. I think most of them grow up in those mountains you spend all your time in.

Kiragi: Sure, I'd love to go! But...are you sure you want me? I don't know the first thing about medicine.

Midori: Not to worry! You don't need to. That's my job! You just need to know the mountains! Point me in the right direction and keep me company, and your job's all done. I'll even let you call yourself my assistant! Deal?

Kiragi: Haha. OK! But don't get too excited. I'm not sure how much help I'll be.

Midori: Hooray! I'd like to go right away. Are you free?

Kiragi: Sure! It beats latrine duty, anyway.

Midori: Then let's get out of here!

B Support

Midori: Hey, Kiragi! Thanks for your help the other day.

Kiragi: Glad I could be of service.

Midori: Me too—believe me! You're like the king of the mountains! You know where every plant grows, where all the animals live, where the streams go... Everything was right where you said it'd be. I had no idea you'd be THAT good.

Kiragi: Aw, I'm not that special. I just picked this stuff up on my day-trips.

Midori: No need to be so modest. You've got a real talent. I mean, you even found me all those special fungi! I didn't even know those grew here!

Kiragi: Well, you mentioned damp places, so I remembered that cave. It was more luck than anything. Honest!

Midori: Nope! You're king of the mountains! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! Or maybe you're, like, one with the mountain! Ooh, or is your real father a mountain? Should I call you "Mount Kiragi"?

Kiragi: Haha! I'm not so sure about that.

Midori: Say, Kiragi...I just remembered. There's something else I could use your help with.

Kiragi: Oh? What's that?

Midori: I've heard tell of a legendary flower. It only grows in the craters of dormant volcanoes.

Kiragi: Dormant volcanoes? I think there's one of those not too far from that cave I showed you.

Midori: Yeah, I know about that. But that whole area's covered in poisonous gases. Nobody can even get to the crater, let alone search it for a plant.

Kiragi: Oof. That sounds like a pretty tall order, Midori, but I guess I could give it a try.

Midori: Wait! No! That's not what I meant. Geez. You could die up there if you did that. I just wanted to know if you'd seen it anywhere else.

Kiragi: OH! OK. Um, sure. Describe it to me.

Midori: It's bright red. The color of flowing lava. And its stamens are gray, like ash. The stem and leaves are covered in a spiky fuzz that stings when you touch it.

Kiragi: Hmm... I can't say I've ever seen a flower like that before. You know, I learn so much when I hang out with you. Maybe I should call you Teach!

Midori: Awww, you're so sweet. Oh! I think one of my live cultures is almost ready. I gotta get going.

(Midori leaves)

Kiragi: Okeydoke. See ya around! Hm...

A Support

Kiragi: Midori! There you are!

Midori: Kiragi? What happened?! You look like you just crawled out of an ashpit!

Kiragi: Never mind that. Here, take a look at this bad boy!

Midori: Huh?! Th-this is the flower I wanted! The one that only grows on dormant volcanoes! You picked this yourself?

Kiragi: Yep!

Midori: B-but how?! Where?! Don't tell me you—

Kiragi: Yup! I wanted to see it for myself. The way you described it, it sounded so neat!

Midori: Why would you do that?! That crater's covered in poisonous gas, you stupid idiot!

Kiragi: I got back just fine. Everything's all right, right?

Midori: No, it's not! What is wrong with you?!

Kiragi: Huh?

Midori: What if you had really gotten yourself hurt up there? You could have died!

Kiragi: Er...I'm sorry, Midori... I just thought it would make you happy, I guess.

Midori: Well I'm not! If you died because of me, how do you think I'd feel?

Kiragi: Midori...I'm really sorry. But I was sure I could do it. Like you said, I'm king of the mountain! Right?

Midori: Even kings die, Kiragi... But...um. Thanks, I guess. I appreciate the thought. And I'm sorry for yelling at you. Just promise me you won't do anything like that again, OK? Your being happy and healthy means way more than some dumb flower.

Kiragi: OK, OK. I promise.

Midori: Just saying it isn't enough. Pinky swear!

Kiragi: I pinky swear I won't ever do something like that again. Sorry...

Midori: Phew! OK! I feel better now. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound. And I'll make sure to put this flower to good use. Thanks, Kiragi.

Kiragi: Heheh! No prob!

S Support

Midori: Hey, Kiragi.

Kiragi: Something wrong, Midori?

Midori: Well, see...I made that new tonic using the flower you picked for me...

Kiragi: You did? Congratulations! I bet it's super effective!

Midori: Heehee. Thanks!

Kiragi: So what is it exactly?

Midori: It's an energy tonic! If you're feeling tired, it'll pick you right up! And it won't put you back down for another three days!

Kiragi: Oh? That's pretty cool! You'll have to let me try it next time I'm feeling pooped. Er, on second thought—

Midori: Lemme guess. You never feel tired, right?

Kiragi: Yeah, pretty much! Haha.

Midori: Heehee! So, um, anyways, the reason I came to talk to you is that my tonic needs a name. Do you think I could use yours?

Kiragi: Huh? I'd be honored, but...why me?

Midori: You WERE the one who risked your life to get me the primary ingredient. Plus it fits! It gives the rest of us the kind of energy you always have. And...um...

Kiragi: And...?

Midori: And I want to. Because...I love you...

Kiragi: O-oh?

Midori: Yeah! And I can't think of a more fitting namesake than the person I love!

Kiragi: Midori...

Midori: There! I said it! I finally said it! Oh, molehills, this is so embarrassing!

Kiragi: Thanks for telling me, Midori. It makes me so happy to hear you say that.

Midori: R-really?

Kiragi: Yup! See...I've fallen in love with you too. You're so passionate. And so smart! So...um...here goes! I love you too, Midori!

Midori: Yay! Let's be together forever! Teehee.

Kiragi: I wouldn't have it any other way!