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C Support

Kana(F): Oh, Kiragi! There you are!

Kiragi: Whatcha want, Kana?

Kana(F): I want to learn how to use a bow. I was hoping you could show me. But you know, I looked everywhere. Where were you?!

Kiragi: Er, I was in the woods for a bit.

Kana(F): The woods? You're sure?

Kiragi: Um, yeah!

Kana(F): I thought you might be there hunting. So I looked in the woods.

Kiragi: Uh, you did?

Kana(F): Yep. I walked all over. No Kiragi. I flew over the woods too. Guess what?

Kiragi: Uh, no Kiragi? Yeah, well, who knows? I could have been anywhere! I'm small. Easy to miss. Like a needle in a haystack, right?

Kana(F): You're hiding something.

Kiragi: Wh-who, me?

Kana(F): Yes. You.

Kiragi: Ha, Kana! What would I be hiding? I've got nothing TO hide! Now, what was that about archery lessons? Glad to help! Let's go before any of those pesky adults need us for anything.

Kana(F): Oh? Oh. Right. My lessons. Yes, let's go!

B Support

Kana(F): Now I'm sure that Kiragi is hiding something from me. I'll just follow him into the woods... Keep going, Kiragi... Keep going... Keep...

(Kana(F) leaves)

Kiragi: Not far now.

(Kiragi leaves)

Kana(F): How far's he going to go?

(Kana(F) leaves)

Kiragi: Is that it? Yeah, that's it.

(Kiragi leaves)

Kana(F): Wowie! What a big tree! Is this where he's been sneaking off to? No wonder I didn't see him from the sky! This tree's like a ginormous parasol, dark as dark can be down here! Whuh? Where'd he go? Oh, there he is, that rat! Scampering up the branches... Fine then. Up I go... Ha! Nowhere to run, Kiragi... ... Whoa. Nice tree house!

Kiragi: Kana?!

Kana(F): Er, hi!

Kiragi: Wait, did you follow me?!

Kana(F): Maybe.

Kiragi: I'm impressed! I didn't hear you once. You know me—I can hear a bear burp from the other side of a forest. Being a hunter and all.

Kana(F): Neat tree house.

Kiragi: Yeah? You think? Thanks. This is my secret hideout.

Kana(F): That's neat. What's all this stuff scattered everywhere?

Kiragi: My hunting gear!

Kana(F): You need more than just a bow?

Kiragi: My bow's fine for battle. But a hunter needs lots of other tools. I also hang out here when I just gotta get away.

Kana(F): You're so lucky.

Kiragi: I'm heading out to check on some traps I set around the woods. Wanna come? Or, uh, you can stay here if you want.

Kana(F): I've never been in a tree house before. I'll stay, if you don't mind?

Kiragi: Totally fine. Just watch out for the sharp stuff. Be back soon.

Kana(F): See ya!

(Kiragi leaves)

Kana(F): Oooh! I wish I had my own tree house. Now I see why it was such a secret. But what'd he mean, he's just got to get away? I hope he didn't mean from me!

A Support

Kana(F): Kiragi! You ARE here!

Kiragi: K-Kana?! Whew! You scared me. I thought someone found my tree house! I mean, besides you.

Kana(F): I'm the only one who knows?

Kiragi: Yep.

Kana(F): Last time you said that sometimes you've just got to get away. Your tree house is great, but why go to all this trouble to keep it secret?

Kiragi: Um, well... When I'm with everyone else, they treat me like I'm part of the royal family.

Kana(F): But you are.

Kiragi: Yeah, but I hate how people are putting me on a pedestal. Or worse, telling me to do royal stuff. No one lets me...be me. So I come here.

Kana(F): I never thought much about what it'd really be like to be royal.

Kiragi: What? But you're one of us.

Kana(F): Oh, I guess so. But no one's ever treated me like I need to be put on a pedestal.

Kiragi: What?! Not even when you were growing up in your Deeprealm?

Kana(F): Nope. Not even a little. Actually, I always dreamed of being a princess. Here you are, a prince who dreams of being...uh, not one!

Kiragi: Ha! Weird. That's sorta funny.

Kana(F): I'm just glad it wasn't me you were trying to get away from. I'd be...sad about that.

Kiragi: What? You thought I was—? Oh, yeah. I wasn't. You're welcome here anytime. Didn't I make that obvious?

Kana(F): Good! I love visiting your secret hideout!

Kiragi: Uh, Kana? It's OUR secret hideout.

Kana(F): You're the best, Kiragi!

S Support

Kiragi: Uh, Kana?

Kana(F): What? I'm all ready to head off to our secret tree house.

Kiragi: Yeah, about that. I can't go today.

Kana(F): Aw, really? Then tomorrow—right?

Kiragi: About that too. I've been thinking that we shouldn't run off to the hideout anymore.

Kana(F): I love going there! But I...I get it. It's your secret place. Not mine.

Kiragi: Oh, what? That's not why. It's just that I don't need to run off. Not for being treated like a royal. You said that people don't treat you like you're any different, Kana. But they do. How could they not? You just don't let it get to you. I can't hide. I need to be like you. Water off a duck's back!

Kana(F): Uh, maybe?

Kiragi: Well, you don't run off anyway. I've got to stay—and be me no matter what. So, er, since you've helped me be me... I want to help you be you. Remember what you said about always wishing you were a princess?

Kana(F): Sure! Castles and tiaras and stuff? I love all of that!

Kiragi: Maybe, um, when we're older? Would you be my princess?

Kana(F): ...... Wait, wait, wait! Are you asking me if I'd marry you?!

Kiragi: Not now! Later! Much later! When we're old as rocks!

Kana(F): Oh, sure.

Kiragi: Uh, you don't have to say yes that fast either. Maybe take a day to think about it.

Kana(F): Well, who knows what will really happen. But we like spending time together. A tree house now? A castle later? Sure, I can see it.

Kiragi: I see. Well, I'll do my best to be worthy of the honor!

Kana(F): Now don't go making it all serious. Just promise me one thing. We'll keep running off to our secret base, OK? It's our castle in the sky.

Kiragi: Ha! I guess it is. Well then—to the future, my princess!

Kana(F): To the future, my prince!