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C Support

Mozu: Oh, hey there, Keaton!

Keaton: Well, if it isn't Mozu! How are you?

Mozu: Wait a minute...

Keaton: Uh...is something wrong?

Mozu: You! You're country folk too, aren't you?

Keaton: What? That's ridiculous! What makes you say that?

Mozu: No use trying to hide it. I can tell from the way you smell! It's all over you.

Keaton: Don't be ridiculous! I am not!

Mozu: Haha, only a real bumpkin would get that upset over being called one! Trust me. It takes one to know one.

Keaton: Well then you don't know one!

Mozu: So, from one bumpkin to another, I say we should be pals! Whaddaya say?

Keaton: I'm NOT a bumpkin!

B Support

Mozu: *sigh*

Keaton: Hey, Mozu!

Mozu: Hm? Oh. Hi, Keaton.

Keaton: What are you doing staring off into space like that?

Mozu: I was just thinking of my village. It was such a peaceful place before...you know.

Keaton: Oh. Before the attack... Yeah, I bet it was.

Mozu: People would sing while they worked all through the harvest season. We got so excited when the yield was good. We'd have dances every night. No one ever had much money, but we always had each other. ...

Keaton: Are you OK?

Mozu: I don't know. Not really. I'm sorry to be such a downer, Keaton. I seem to be getting like this a lot these days.

Keaton: I don't mind. There's nothing wrong with missing your home and your family. Listening to you reminds me of my home, up in the mountains. It's nice.

Mozu: Oh? What kind of life did you live there?

Keaton: I hunted, mostly. Spent a lot of time in the woods around us. Never was much for traps though.

Mozu: Oh? I'm pretty good at hunting too.

Keaton: Really now? How about we have ourselves a little hunting contest sometime, then?

Mozu: Anytime, anywhere. But I knew it. I just knew it.

Keaton: Huh? Knew what?

Mozu: You lived in the mountains and spent all your days hunting, right? That means you're just like me: a bona fide country bumpkin!

Keaton: Wait a minute! You take that back! I'm a sophisticated man about town! Really!

Mozu: Haha, I've never heard of a sophisticated man that lived in the mountains!

Keaton: Grrrr...

A Support

Mozu: Now!

Keaton: Grrrrr! Hey! It went that way!

Mozu: Perfect! Right into the trap!

Keaton: Yep. Bagged ourselves a juicy little rabbit!

Mozu: Yeehaw! You weren't kidding when you said you were good at this.

Keaton: You're no slouch yourself, Mozu. That trap was a neat piece of work.

Mozu: Heehee. Thanks! You know, this was really fun. It's been a long time since I've gone hunting like this with someone.

Keaton: Me too! This was great!

Mozu: Thanks for suggesting we come out and do this. I was really depressed thinking about old times... But I think this was the perfect medicine. You knew that when you asked, didn't you?

Keaton: What? No! It's not like that! I just wanted to go hunting! I swear!

Mozu: Haha! I don't believe that for a second.

Keaton: Whatever. Believe what you want!

Mozu: Seriously, though...thank you. You've given me the strength I needed to go on.

Keaton: Um. Sure. You're welcome. If you want to go hunting again, just let me know. I'll be available anytime.

Mozu: OK, I'll do that. Heh. We bumpkins gotta stick together, don't we?

Keaton: I-I ain't no darn bumpkin! Ugh. Never mind. In any case, I agree...we should probably stick together. Friends?

Mozu: You bet!

S Support

Mozu: It went that way!

Keaton: Gotcha... HIYAAA!! Ha! A flawless victory!

Mozu: Yeehaw! That deer is huge! Looks like we aren't gonna run short on food anytime soon. Now I just need to field dress him and clean up. After all, we can't go wasting a life that was sacrificed for our benefit.

Keaton: Agreed! I'll help...

(fade to black)

Mozu: That should about take care of it.

Keaton: Just what I've come to expect from you, Mozu. Talk about a professional!

Mozu: Don't be silly. Any hunter worth their salt could do the same. Like you! You're like a dancer when you hunt. Not a single wasted movement.

Keaton: Heh. All in a day's work. You know...I was thinking. We make a really great team. If we were partners, we'd probably never want for anything.

Mozu: Yeah! Maybe we could become hunting partners after all this fighting is over.

Keaton: Yeah, that'd be great. Maybe we could even get married! Hahaha...

Mozu: Huh? You shouldn't joke around like that. You could really hurt someone's feelings.

Keaton: It's not a joke! Mozu, will you marry me?

Mozu: Are you sure? I'm not as cute as most of the girls around these parts. And I'm just a simple country girl. Why would you want someone like me?

Keaton: Don't be ridiculous! That's one of the reasons I love you, Mozu. Besides, I'm a country person too.

Mozu: Ha! So you're finally admitting it, eh? But even if you are...

Keaton: No buts about it! I don't want anyone else! I love you and only you.

Mozu: Keaton...you're sure about this?

Keaton: More than anything. Please...will you be with me?

Mozu: ...Yes. I will! We're going to have an amazing life together, I just know it.

Keaton: Me too!