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C Support

Keaton: Got you now, Hana!

Hana: Ha! Not a chance, Keaton!

Keaton: Yeooooow!

Hana: You're gonna need decades of training before you can hope to catch me off guard.

Keaton: You hit me really, really hard with that wooden sword! Jeez!

Hana: It was actually pretty easy to slip past your guard there, Keaton. Maybe you should put a little more work into your training.

Keaton: Whatever! If I'd really been trying, I could have taken you in a second!

Hana: Oh yeah? Then why weren't you really trying? Claiming you lost 'cause you were holding back doesn't change the fact that you lost.

Keaton: Grrrrrr! I'm not sure I like how blunt you are toward me.

Hana: Honesty is a virtue. Why don't you try to be more honest with yourself?

Keaton: I am honest!

Hana: Heehee, perhaps... Or are you lying to yourself right this very moment? Who can tell.

Keaton: Grrrr... I can't stand you!

Hana: For what it's worth, I don't actually dislike you, Keaton.

Keaton: Uhhh, you don't? Maybe you're not all that bad, then...

Hana: Jeez, you're easy to please.

B Support

Hana: Hey, Keaton. What's all that stuff you're holding in your hands?

Keaton: Oh, it's you...

Hana: Uh, what do you mean by that? Did I do something to rub your fur the wrong way?

Keaton: Not...necessarily. It's just, you make me uncomfortable. You're too straightforward, and you don't hold back when you say stuff.

Hana: I do tend to just say what's on my mind...

Keaton: It's all right. You don't have to worry about it.

Hana: Oh, if I don't have to worry about it, then I won't! Anyway, what're you carrying there?

Keaton: This? They're some small treasures I just found while wandering in the forest!

Hana: You found treasure?! That's amazing!

Keaton: Heh heh, right? I'm really excited! Wanna see, wanna see? I've got all kinds of goodies here!

Hana: Yes! Let me see! Uh, this is... a human skull with a dried up snake poking out of the eye socket...

Keaton: Right?! It's not every day you come across something like this! I was jumping for joy when I found it.

Hana: It's disgusting.

Keaton: Disgusting? How can you say that about my discovery?!

Hana: Really easily, actually. I mean, a skull is part of someone's dead body! I really don't understand how you could think this is at all valuable.

Keaton: No, no, you must be mistaken. Here, take a closer look!

Hana: Oh, wow, no. The more I look at it, the more nauseated I end up feeling.

Keaton: I can't believe you! This is easily the best thing I've found in the woods...

Hana: Wait, so this is the kind of stuff that you like to collect? I guess you're a wolfskin, so your tastes might be different from a human's... But I'm pretty sure most people won't get your fascination with things like this.

Keaton: You really make it tough for me to like you...

A Support

Hana: Surprise, Keaton!

Keaton: Yeooooow!

Hana: One-shot victory!

Keaton: That's dirty! You attacked me out of nowhere!

Hana: Really? This coming from the guy who launched a sneak attack first?

Keaton: Yeah, but... I didn't attack you when you were carrying a whole bunch of stuff!

Hana: Heehee, that's true. What were you doing anyway? Returning with more treasure?

Keaton: ...It's a secret.

Hana: Huh. Well, I think it's pretty obvious by looking at what you have in your hands.

Keaton: I'm not telling! I said it was a secret! Even if I showed you what I have... all you'd do is tell me how disgusting another of my valued treasures is!

Hana: You don't know that. Maybe whatever you've got is the most amazing thing ever!

Keaton: No way! I'm never showing you my treasures ever again!

Hana: Keaton... I'm sorry. I guess I may have gone a little too far...

Keaton: Nah, I'm fine. Really!

Hana: I can tell that's not true. Your tail is bristling and...are those tears?

Keaton: It is not! And I'm not about to cry!

Hana: I was a little harsh in talking about your treasures. I'm not sure if you'll forgive me...but I'm sorry.

Keaton: Why are you being so apologetic all of a sudden?

Hana: I just want to let you know it was never my intention to hurt a friend...

Keaton: ... Sigh... All right. I forgive you, Hana. Sometimes the things you say cut like the blade of your sword. I suppose I should be grateful; some people would rather be deceptive than honest. That two-faced behavior makes people hard to trust, so I'm glad you're different.

Hana: Thanks, Keaton! Anyway, what creepy, gross thing did you find this time?

Keaton: Ack! Too honest! Despite forgiving you, I still won't ever show my treasure to you.

Hana: What? I even tried to make my question sound nice!

Keaton: You failed!

S Support

Hana: Haaaaai-yah! (weapon clang)

Keaton: Ha! That time I was ready for you, Hana! Today will be different, though. I'm not gonna lose! Just watch!

Hana: What the—?! Darn it...

Keaton: Yes! Somehow I've finally managed to win!

Hana: I could sense a lot more determination in your fighting today.

Keaton: Heh heh. There's a reason I wanted to beat you, no matter what.

Hana: Why's that?

Keaton: You train every morning without missing a single session, right? Why is it that you work so hard to become stronger?

Hana: That's an easy question—I have someone I want to protect.

Keaton: I thought so. People strive to be stronger when they have someone they want to keep safe. And I feel the same way...

Hana: You do?

Keaton: There's someone I want to protect as well, so I'll work hard to be stronger. I wanted to defeat you to prove that I was strong enough to do the protecting.

Hana: Ahhh, that explains all the spirit in your attacks today. But why did you need to prove yourself against me, of all the people in camp?

Keaton: Well... The person I want to protect...is you.

Hana: Me?!

Keaton: I've fallen for you! Please tell me my affection isn't misplaced!

Hana: Keaton...

Keaton: I'll get as strong as I can possibly get in order to protect you!

Hana: ... Judging from how hard you fought in that last bout... I can tell that you mean exactly what you are saying. So...I'm all yours.

Keaton: You mean...we can be together?

Hana: Heehee, yes! That's exactly what I mean! It would make me really happy, actually. But I don't just want to be the one being protected; you'll let me protect you, right? You're a really important person to me as well...