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C Support

Kaze: Ahh. That should about do it for today.

Setsuna: Kaze.

Kaze: Setsuna?!

Setsuna: I came to deliver a message... The war council meeting has been postponed.

Kaze: I see. Thank you. You really startled me there, you know.

Setsuna: Yes... I get that a lot...

Kaze: I cannot believe you managed to catch me so unawares. It seems I have met my superior in the art of stealth. Truly, a shameful day.

Setsuna: I got lucky... I was merely spacing out...

Kaze: No need for modesty. I know when I am in the presence of greatness. Though, if you speak the truth, it may be worth it to develop your natural talents. You are so stealthy now, imagine what you would be capable of with ninjutsu training.

Setsuna: Ninjutsu training? Me?

Kaze: Yes. I believe such training could make you an invaluable asset to Lady Hinoka.

Setsuna: That sounds wonderful... Would you be willing to train me, Master Kaze?

Kaze: Huh?

Setsuna: I wish to be useful to Lady Hinoka. Please, teach me.

Kaze: Hm... Yes, very well. I will teach you everything I know.

Setsuna: Thank you. I'm counting on you.

Kaze: I won't let you down.

B Support

Kaze: Now, to begin your ninjutsu training. You must learn how to move unseen. Stay in the shadows, and avoid the light. Try to get to that tree without being seen.

Setsuna: All right...

Kaze: I believe you will pick it up quite quickly. You snuck up on me the other day like it was nothing.

(Setsuna leaves)

Kaze: ... Setsuna?! She vanished! I never dreamed she would master these skills so quickly.

(Kaze leaves)

Setsuna: Kaze... Help...

(Setsuna leaves)

Kaze: Setsuna? Is that you?

(Kaze leaves)

Setsuna: I found a mushroom, but when I got close I fell into this hole... I cannot get out.

(Setsuna leaves)

Kaze: Oh, I see... You've fallen into a hunter's trap. Hmm...does this happen to you often?

(Kaze leaves)

Setsuna: Yes. I'm often told that I'm not attentive...

(Setsuna leaves)

Kaze: Perhaps we should begin your training with something else, then. Instead we will focus today on spotting, disarming, and escaping traps. Here, allow me to help you out.

Setsuna: Thank you...

Kaze: Let's start with the easy part. How to escape a trap once caught in one.

Setsuna: That's...easy...?

Kaze: Yes. Most traps are trivially easy to escape, provided you know how they work.

Setsuna: Kaze...you really are committed to teaching me, aren't you?

Kaze: Of course. I could not allow a little setback like this to dissuade me. Now let us begin.

Setsuna: OK... I will do my best.

A Support

Setsuna: Kaze...

Kaze: Setsuna! You've been making progress, I see. Is that a net you escaped from?

Setsuna: Yes. I managed to cut my way out of this one. Thank you for showing me how. Though I still am not capable of avoiding them in the first place.

Kaze: Hm. We must work on this. A ninja cannot allow themselves to fall into every trap they come across...

Setsuna: I feel like this is a pretty big step forward for me though.

Kaze: I suppose that's technically true...

Setsuna: And to thank you, I've brought you some venison.

Kaze: Thank you. Did you catch it yourself?

Setsuna: Yes. I am an excellent hunter.

Kaze: I see. Perhaps I have been pushing you in the wrong direction with our training.

Setsuna: Hm?

Kaze: Your strengths lie more with the bow and arrow than they do with ninjutsu. A ninja must be able to get around unseen, yes, but they must also be attentive. Perhaps we could train you up to be an acceptable ninja, given time. But it is better to be no ninja at all than a mediocre one. The battlefields, after all, are littered with the corpses of merely acceptable fighters. However, you do have the talent to be an archer of unsurpassed skill. So I think we should focus your training around that.

Setsuna: OK... Let's do that then. Whatever I can do to be of service to Lady Hinoka.

Kaze: I am glad to hear it. I will plan our next training sessions accordingly.

Setsuna: I'm looking forward to it.

Kaze: As am I.

S Support

Setsuna: Kaze...

Kaze: Yes?

Setsuna: Lately, you've been doing nothing but helping me with my training... I feel like I'm keeping you from your other duties.

Kaze: Oh, is that all? Don't worry, I'm doing it because I desire to do so. Not due to obligation. Besides, I cannot seem to focus properly when you are elsewhere.

Setsuna: What do you mean?

Kaze: You still get caught in traps frequently, do you not? Whenever I'm not with you...I worry that you've fallen into one again. Perhaps...a fatal one. And fear seizes my heart.

Setsuna: Kaze...

Kaze: So I want to make sure I am always near you in order to ensure that you are safe. ...

Setsuna: ...Kaze? Are you all right?

Kaze: Setsuna. There is something I must tell you. Please, forgive me.

Setsuna: Huh?

Kaze: I have fallen in love with you.

Setsuna: What?!

Kaze: I believe it is the reason I have been so concerned for your safety of late. I want to be with you, and I want to protect you from all harm.

Setsuna: Oh...

Kaze: Is the idea so odious to you?

Setsuna: No! I...I love you too, Kaze. That's why I've been training with you so much. I want to be around you, always.

Kaze: You've made me the happiest ninja alive, Setsuna.

Setsuna: And I am the happiest archer. I think we have a bright future ahead of us...