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C Support

Kaze: Hm, now that the war council is over, how shall I pass the time? I suppose I could head back to camp and organize my supplies... Hm?

Beruka: ...

Kaze: Beruka? What is it?

Beruka: Nothing. I currently have no orders, so I am merely standing by.

Kaze: So you've some free time then? Why not use the opportunity to go train? You spend so much time doing it, you must enjoy it.

Beruka: It is duty, nothing more. And I have spent enough time on training today. If I overexert myself, I will be fatigued tomorrow. This is unacceptable.

Kaze: Your dedication is commendable. Perhaps some fun is in order. Do you have any hobbies?

Beruka: Hobbies...?

Kaze: You don't know what a hobby is? Allow me to explain. Hobbies are activities you devote time to for pleasure and interest.

Beruka: Pleasure? Interest? Frivolities. I perform no such activities.

Kaze: Perhaps you should go for a walk, then? It might be a nice change of pace for you.

Beruka: Which part of the term "frivolities" confused you, ninja?

Kaze: I do not believe it is a frivolity. Mental health is as critical as bodily health. Walking and other leisure activities relieve stress and purify the mind. It is, in a sense, your duty to spend some of your time off duty. Relaxing.

Beruka: I...see.

Kaze: If you push yourself to your limits at all times, it can weaken you. It is precisely the same reason you are not training right now. Overexertion is a vice. However, if you do not enjoy walking, you should not do it.

Beruka: I suppose it is worth a try. ... What do I need to do, exactly? Do I just...walk?

Kaze: How about I accompany you?

Beruka: Very well. You have my gratitude.

Kaze: You are most welcome.

B Support

Kaze: Hello, Beruka. Are you up for another walk today?

Beruka: Yes.

Kaze: How about we go through the forest this time? It will be refreshing to be among all that greenery.

Beruka: Are the woods truly that pleasant to you?

Kaze: I think so. The air is always full of sweet smells. Especially when it rains. Pine sap, flowers, fresh soil, and wet leaves... And it's calming to look at.

Beruka: All I see in a forest are obstacles to be overcome.

Kaze: How very Beruka of you.

Beruka: Is it? Oh! Over there. A squirrel.

Kaze: Hm? Oh, yes, it is. Say...do you like animals?

Beruka: No...though I prefer them to people. They were always much kinder than the humans I knew.

Kaze: I see. Why don't you try to get a little closer?

Beruka: Hm? OK. I think I will. ...

Kaze: ...And there he goes. I'm sorry, Beruka.

Beruka: It's fine.

Kaze: He was just being cautious. Wild animals are frequently scared of humans. Don't let it get you down.

Beruka: I am not "down."

Kaze: Oh? My mistake.

Beruka: Yes. It was.

Kaze: Well, let's keep going. Who knows? We might even run into another squirrel.

Beruka: If you say so.

A Support

Kaze: Beruka! I was about to go out on another walk. Would you like to join me?

Beruka: Very well.

Kaze: Perfect! I was hoping you'd say yes. I brought something special today.

Beruka: Is that...an acorn?

Kaze: Yes. With this, you might be able to get close to a squirrel.

Beruka: You still haven't forgotten about last time? Why do you think I want to pet a squirrel so badly, anyway? I don't care in the least.

Kaze: Haha. I know. I just brought this because I wanted to. Now, shall we be off? Ah, speak of the devil! It's a squirrel.

Beruka: Maybe he wants your acorn.

Kaze: Would you like to give it to him, Beruka?

Beruka: That's all right.

Kaze: OK, then... Here you are, little creature. Feast, and be glutted. Isn't that adorable?

Beruka: ...

Kaze: Heh. Were you having fun just now?

Beruka: Yes. I believe I was.

Kaze: I'm glad. I know we are fighting a war, but it is important to have moments like these. I hope you will continue to accompany me on these little strolls.

Beruka: Yes, I believe I will. I think I am beginning to see what you mean about this "hobby" business.

Kaze: I'm glad to hear it.

S Support

Kaze: Beruka, are you ready for our walk?

Beruka: I am.

Kaze: It's funny, isn't it? How often we seem to go on walks these days. It doesn't seem so long ago that the very idea of such things was alien to you. And we've been talking much more than we used to as well. A growing friendship is a beautiful thing.

Beruka: Yes... I have never felt so close to another person before.

Kaze: Hm?

Beruka: When I'm with you, I feel...different. I do not know how to explain it. But it is nice. I very much enjoy spending time with you, Kaze.

Kaze: I wonder...perhaps now is the time.

Beruka: Huh?

Kaze: Beruka. I have to tell you something. I have developed feelings for you.

Beruka: You mean...?

Kaze: Yes. I want to be with you, Beruka. Do you feel the same way about me?

Beruka: I understand...and I wish to return your feelings. I...do not truly understand love, I know. But I feel happy when I am with you. Happier than I have ever been...and I think that is enough. Will you be mine, Kaze?

Kaze: I will. Thank you, Beruka. You've made me the happiest man alive.

Beruka: And you've made me the happiest woman. Thank you, Kaze.