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C Support

Sophie: Geez, you sure eat a lot, Avel.

Kana(M): Hello, Sophie!

Sophie: Hi, Kana. What brings you out here?

Kana(M): Just walking around. Wow, that's a lot of grass. Is Avel going to eat all of that?

Sophie: He sure is. That horse is such a glutton that he can munch this up in seconds.

Kana(M): Wow, all at once? That's impressive. Do you think he's gonna keep getting bigger and bigger?

Sophie: Stand back, Kana! Don't get too close to Avel!

Kana(M): What? Why not?

Sophie: This is really embarrassing to admit, but Avel doesn't really like people very much. Honestly, he barely even listens to what I tell him to do. He might try to bite you if you don't keep your guard up.

Kana(M): I think it will be OK. Right, Avel? Can't we be friends?

Sophie: Huh? How is that possible?

Kana(M): Hehehe, Sophie, look! He's letting me pet him! Aren't you, boy? See? He's so friendly!

Sophie: N-no way! That's impossible!

Kana(M): I think he really likes me. And he clearly loves to have his nose rubbed. You should try it, Sophie!

Sophie: UGH! I have! Whenever I try to pet him, he just shakes his head and stomps away.

Kana(M): Hmm, how odd. I wonder why that is?

Sophie: Maybe he's just in a good mood for once.

Kana(M): It looks like he's enjoying himself. Why don't you try and pet him?

Sophie: O-OK... I guess I'll give it a shot. There now... Good boy, Avel...

Kana(M): Hmm, he keeps trying to dodge your hand. How strange. He likes it when I pet him.

Sophie: Why... Why, Avel?! What have I ever done to make you hate me so much, you stupid horse!

Kana(M): Geez, calm down! You're just going to scare him by yelling like that. Aah, see? He went and ran away.

Sophie: Oh no! I forgot to tie him up! Avel, come back! I have to go after him!

Kana(M): Let me help you, Sophie!

Sophie: I'm sorry about this, Kana...

Kana(M): Don't worry about it. I was curious what it was like to look after Avel, anyway!

(Kana(M) leaves)

Sophie: I wonder why he likes Kana so much. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. This is really weird...

B Support

Kana(M): Hi, Sophie! Do you mind if I play with Avel for a little while?

Sophie: I don't mind, Kana. The real question... is if Avel does.

Kana(M): I bet he'd be happy to. We got along really well the other day, right?

Sophie: True. But there's a chance that it might have just been a coincidence. I don't understand why he would love you right away. I'm with him night and day, and he clearly doesn't like me at all.

Kana(M): Yeah, I'm not sure. I just wanted to be his friend, and he came around naturally. Hey, look! He's letting me pet his nose again. Aww, you're so cute!

Sophie: What did I ever do to you, Avel?

Kana(M): Hmm? Quiet. Do you hear that noise?

Sophie: Hear what exactly?

Kana(M): Shh! Listen! I can hear shouts coming from over in that direction. Oh no! Smoke is pouring out of that shed!

Sophie: You're right! That's the armory, isn't it? I'll run to make sure no one's trapped inside!

Kana(M): What?! You can't go alone! It's way too dangerous!

Sophie: Don't worry about me. I'll ride Avel over. He's nimble and strong, so we can make an easy escape if something happens.

Kana(M): But you told me yourself that he never listens to you, Sophie!

Sophie: Th-that's true, but there's no time to wait. Just this once, I need you to listen to me, Avel. Please! Innocent people's lives are at stake here. We have to help!

Kana(M): He lowered his head! I think he's trying to tell you to get on his back.

Sophie: Oh, thank you, Avel! There's no time to waste. Let's go!

Kana(M): Please, be careful!

Sophie: Don't worry! We will!

A Support

Kana(M): Sophie! You were so amazing the other day! I can't stop thinking about it.

Sophie: Huh? I was? What do you mean?

Kana(M): How could you forget? I'm talking about how you and Avel went blazing into the armory while it was on fire!

Sophie: Oh, that! Sure, I remember, hahaha. That was pretty scary for a minute there, but everything turned out OK.

Kana(M): It was awfully lucky that no one was trapped inside. We even got the fire out pretty quickly too.

Sophie: Honestly, there wasn't time to really think when I saw the fire. I was frantic. I don't remember the details of what happened all that well.

Kana(M): Really? But you seemed so calm and cool.

Sophie: That's probably because I had Avel with me at the time. I could feel that he wouldn't let me down.

Kana(M): And he didn't! He was listening to everything you said.

Sophie: *sigh* I just wish that he acted like that normally. He's so stubborn.

Kana(M): When push comes to shove, I think he does want to help you.

Sophie: Huh? What do you mean?

Kana(M): I have a feeling that if something like that happened again, he wouldn't let you down. Even if I begged, Avel would never let me ride him. You're his owner, Sophie. That's why he was willing to charge into the fire with you. Your bond is unshakeable.

Sophie: I don't know...

Kana(M): I'm sure of it. In Avel's head, I'm just his friend. You're his master though. That's a different type of connection, don't you think?

Sophie: Heehee, maybe you're right, Kana. I'd never really thought of it like that before. It's funny, but that makes me feel a little more confident.

Kana(M): You should be beyond confident. The other day, you were so incredibly cool.

Sophie: Stop it—you're embarrassing me! Heehee... So you really think that Avel will help me out if something else happens?

Kana(M): Yeah! I have no doubt. Uhh, Sophie, watch out! Behind you!

Sophie: What? Eeeek! Stop it, Avel! Why do you always try to chew on my hair? Youch! That hurts!

Kana(M): Hahaha! Maybe Avel was feeling just a little embarrassed too!

Sophie: Maybe, but this really hurts! OW! Hey, cut it out already!

Kana(M): Hahaha, I don't know what you're talking about, Sophie. It seems like you guys get along great!

Sophie: Kana, stop laughing and help me! Ouch!

S Support

Kana(M): Hello, Sophie.

Sophie: Oh, Kana, it's you. Did you come to play with Avel again?

Kana(M): N-no, not today. Actually, there was something I wanted to talk to you about...

Sophie: Oh really? What is it?

Kana(M): Avel is great and all, and I really like playing with him. But the truth is I mostly just come around so that I have an excuse to talk with you.

Sophie: I-I had no idea! I like talking to you too...

Kana(M): R-really? You mean it?!

Sophie: Why are you being all fidgety? Did I say something wrong?

Kana(M): No, it's not that. The thing is, Sophie... I think I like you.

Sophie: Oh, OK. Wait... WHAT DID YOU SAY?!

Kana(M): Yeesh, don't scream like that! My ears are ringing.

Sophie: B-but you just said that you liked me!

Kana(M): It's the truth. I can't help but love your adorable smile... Or how gentle and sweet you are with Avel in spite of his annoying nature. And how graceful yet steely you are while riding into the heat of battle.

Sophie: Stop it, Kana! You're embarrassing me!

Kana(M): I can't help it! I just want you to know why I think you're amazing! There are so many reasons why I want to be with you. Please, won't you be my girlfriend?

Sophie: G-girlfriend?!

Kana(M): This is going worse than I thought. You don't like me, right? That must be it...

Sophie: Just hold on a minute. This is all happening so fast. I haven't had any time to think yet. I need to take a deep breath. Inhale... Exhale... OK. I think I'm calm enough now. Brace yourself, Kana. I'm going to tell you how I feel.

Kana(M): O-OK...

Sophie: The truth is I like you, but only as a friend.

Kana(M): Oh... I see.

Sophie: But being your friend makes me so happy! Do you remember when I was upset about Avel recently? You were so reassuring. All my anxiety and sadness just disappeared. Spending time with you always cheers me up, Kana.

Kana(M): I had no idea you felt that way, Sophie.

Sophie: I understand why Avel took to you so quickly. You're a great person.

Kana(M): So are you, Sophie. Can we be best friends forever?

Sophie: Of course!