Fates Supports/Kana(M) Selkie(SS)

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C Support

Kana(M): Hey, Selkie! Wanna go on patrol with me?

Selkie: Huh? You mean right now?

Kana(M): Mhm! I want to help everyone as much as I can! Which for now means patrolling as much as I can! Are you in?

Selkie: Sure! What kind of big sister would I be if I wasn't?

Kana(M): Yay! Let's go!

Selkie: Er—wait. You mean just us?

Kana(M): Yup! We'll be OK, though. I've been training a whole lot!

Selkie: I know I'LL be OK, but you're just a kid!

Kana(M): It'll be fine! With our special sibling powers, we can easily take out any bad guys we find!

Selkie: Oh. I guess that sounds plausible. OK!

Kana(M): Yahoo! We should do this every day!

Selkie: Every...day?

Kana(M): Yeah! I mean, patrols need to be done every day anyway, right? Why not by us?

Selkie: Every day...

Kana(M): What's the matter, Selkie?

Selkie: Oh, nothing. Just saying good-bye to my afternoon naps...

Kana(M): OK, good! I can't wait for tomorrow's patrol! Thanks, Selkie!

B Support

Kana(M): Thanks for coming on patrol with me today, Selkie!

Selkie: No problem, Kana. I've been having a lot of fun on our little adventures lately. It's neat to watch my brother grow into such a strong and reliable young man.

Kana(M): Really? You mean it?!

Selkie: Uh-huh! I think you've got a natural talent for this sort of thing.

Kana(M): Thanks! What about you? Do you have any special talents, Selkie?

Selkie: Me? Hmmmm... Well, people tend to say that I'm super fearless. Does that count?

Kana(M): Of course it does! That's amazing! I bet that combined, we'd be unstoppable!

Selkie: Absolutely! We're a force to be reckoned with. Heehee.

Kana(M): Heehee. OK, let's get moving! We've still got a long ways to go if we're gonna be the best patrollers in camp!

Selkie: K-Kana? Kana! Hey, wait for me!

A Support

Kana(M): Selkie! Guess what time it is! That's right! It's patrol tiiiiiimmmmeeeee!

Selkie: Haha. All right. Let's go!

Kana(M): Er, but first...I wanted to ask you a favor.

Selkie: A favor? Sure, what is it?

Kana(M): I want you to teach me how to be like you!

Selkie: You want to be like me? What do you mean?

Kana(M): I mean I wanna learn to be as fearless as you!

Selkie: Huh? Where's this coming from?

Kana(M): Well, see, I'm the youngest kid in camp, right? So there's a lot I still can't do. I know I can't just become a grown-up, but I can try to learn lots of different skills. Besides, I've always wanted to learn something from my big sister. I used to wonder a lot about what it would be like to spend more time with you...

Selkie: Kana...

Kana(M): So I want to learn as much as possible from you, now that I can! Is that OK?

Selkie: Of course it's OK! I'm so happy you asked. Heehee.

Kana(M): Thank you so much!

Selkie: But I'm not going to let you get ahead of me that easy. I want to learn from you too. So let's compete to see who can become stronger the fastest!

Kana(M): OK, but I'm not gonna be the one to lose! That's a promise!

Selkie: Me either! All right, then. Today is patrol duty. Tomorrow, the real training begins!

Kana(M): Sounds good to me!