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C Support

Selkie: Hi, Kana.

Kana(M): Er, why are you staring at me?

Selkie: You're neat.

Kana(M): Huh? I am?

Selkie: Of course! When you turn into a dragon, anyway. Then you look so big and tough. And you ARE big and tough!

Kana(M): Stop! You'll make me blush. I think you're neat, too, when you turn into a fox.

Selkie: You think so?

Kana(M): You can jump super high and run really, really fast. I can't do that.

Selkie: You, jealous of me? When here I've been jealous of you?

Kana(M): I guess so. How weird. How about sometime you turn into a fox, I'll turn into a dragon, and you can ride me.

Selkie: What? That sounds like the most fun thing ever.

Kana(M): No way. There's got to be some way we can make it even more fun.

Selkie: We'll do that and go hunting. I'll listen for prey—you can swoop in on it!

Kana(M): You've got that amazing sense of hearing, after all.

Selkie: I know! So between your wings and my ears, we'll catch lots of game. We'll feast for days.

Kana(M): Let's meet up in the forest soon.

Selkie: I know a great hunting spot.

Kana(M): This plan just keeps getting better and better, Selkie. I can't wait.

Selkie: There's nothing better than fresh meat, except for lots of it. See you soon!

B Support

Selkie: I can't believe how well our hunt went, Kana!

Kana(M): A fox riding a dragon—how could that NOT go well? Of course, you knew exactly where I should go next.

Selkie: My ears were made to pick up on the sounds of easy meat. But the way you attack—so fast— there's no time for prey to escape.

Kana(M): We're a great team. And tonight we'll have a well-deserved feast.

Selkie: I can't wait to go hunting again.

Kana(M): I wonder what else we could do, since we work so well together?

Selkie: What else?

Kana(M): I bet we'd be great in battle. I mean, no enemy would be able to survive against us.

Selkie: I could use my hearing to find out who we should attack next.

Kana(M): And then I could unleash my dragon attacks. Perfect!

Selkie: More strategic, right?

Kana(M): Right. Everyone's going to be so jealous of what we can do!

Selkie: Hmm. I wonder what other fox-dragon techniques we can come up with.

Kana(M): We should come up with a bunch of dual attacks.

Selkie: We'll invent 'em the next time we go out hunting.

Kana(M): We're unstoppable.

Selkie: And hungry—time to eat?

Kana(M): Let's use our dual chewing techniques!

A Support

Selkie: Everyone loves our dual techniques, Kana.

Kana(M): We're really getting noticed.

Selkie: We deserve it. We practiced all those new fox-dragon moves so hard.

Kana(M): When you weren't chasing birds.

Selkie: I only did that once. Besides, even you said that it's more fun to hunt than battle.

Kana(M): I did? Yeah, I guess I might have said that.

Selkie: I mean, no matter what we do, it's super fun.

Kana(M): It's nuts how fun it is.

Selkie: I think that makes us pretty much inseparable.

Kana(M): Inseparable?

Selkie: OK, best friends then.

Kana(M): Best friends.

Selkie: So, are we going to focus on hunting or battling from now on?

Kana(M): Both, Selkie. I'm just lucky that I know a smart fox like you.

Selkie: And that I know a great dragon like you!

S Support

Kana(M): Hey, Selkie—have a second?

Selkie: For you? Always. But there's something funny about you today... What is it?

Kana(M): F-funny?

Selkie: Not haha. More like weird. And weird in a weird way.

Kana(M): Er, well. I've been keeping a secret from you.

Selkie: Tell me! Tell me!

Kana(M): We've been hanging out with each other a lot.

Selkie: Oh-oh. Too much, you think?

Kana(M): No! Not enough! I think I sorta...like you.

Selkie: Like me? Oh, wait. You don't mean like THAT, do you? LIKE me, like me?

Kana(M): Don't say it like it's a bad thing. We have a lot of fun together, right?

Selkie: I...I was just caught by surprise, that's all. The thing is I sorta like you too.

Kana(M): What? Like, LIKE me, like me?

Selkie: Yep. How could I not? You're a dragon. I'm a fox. We're best friends. We laugh a lot too. We don't mind being completely silly in front of each other.

Kana(M): I...I didn't even think of that. But it's true, isn't it!

Selkie: So fine. We'll be girlfriend and boyfriend from now on.

Kana(M): But we'll be just the same, right?

Selkie: Just the same.

Kana(M): So, how about we go hunting?

Selkie: Perfect. I can hear all that scurrying prey from all the way here.

Kana(M): Then let's go. Get ready to jump on my back—I'm going to transform.

Selkie: Let's catch a whole heap of meat to celebrate with a feast tonight!