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C Support

Kana(M): Errrrgh... Errrrgh...

Ophelia: Kana! You're going to put out your back, carrying that chest!

Kana(M): It's worth it. I've got to keep my treasure with me at all times. Wanna see inside?

Ophelia: Ooooh! Quite a collection of gemstones you have there! Each one, a miracle of the earth! Born of rocky gestation! Each with an aura of splendid color and rarified quality!

Kana(M): Er, right. But what do you mean, my gems have auras?

Ophelia: You know, like halos. Each of those stones has uniquely radiating energy.

Kana(M): I don't see it. They're not glowing. Maybe if I squint? Anyway, you like gemstones too, huh, Ophelia?

Ophelia: Gems speak to the deepest part of me. The mystic me! The eternal me! To you, that looks like a sapphire. And that one? Quartz. But to my eyes, that is an Ultimate Heart of Blueness! The other? That is a Stone of Scintillating Fortuosity! Your whole chest contains such mystical gems.

Kana(M): Wow. I thought they were just pretty. Actually, this is my collection of potential dragonstones. Anything that looks like it might be a dragonstone—plop, into the box! They almost never turn out to be one. It's nice to have a chest of gems though.

Ophelia: They may not be dragonstones, but they all possess special qualities. Only I can sense it.

Kana(M): Really? Then would you like to come on my next gem hunt with me?

Ophelia: You'll show me where you've found all of these stones?

Kana(M): Of course. As long as you help me see the stones through your eyes!

Ophelia: A fair trade of expertise.

Kana(M): I'll grab you the next time I go.

Ophelia: Oh, fair finger of fate, thank you for pointing me toward dear Kana!

B Support

Kana(M): Here's the canyon where I find all of my gemstones, Ophelia.

Ophelia: Oooh! Look at them, peering out of the rock like bright, little eyes. But I can feel many more underground. Their energies serenade my soul.

Kana(M): I tend to find red gems over there. I think I see one.

Ophelia: Ah—a Scarab Bloodberyl!

Kana(M): Blue ones are over there. See 'em?

Ophelia: Lovely! Their energy signature is like thunder on the windowpane of my heart! I've never seen the like, but they are surely imbued with spirits.

Kana(M): Hey! There's a new one. It's sort of shaped like...a star?

Ophelia: An Imperial Celestialstone? Hmm...maybe. We should take it for sure. Ha ha! I need to do my part to find some stones on my own. I made something to help me locate them—a dowsing rod of sorts.

Kana(M): Neat. Let me see!

Ophelia: It's this pendant. You hold it in your hand...and then...watch it swing. Its pendulous motion is influenced by the presence of powerful stones.

Kana(M): No way!

Ophelia: The closer you get to a stone—?

Kana(M): The faster it swings? Amazing.

Ophelia: Why don't we turn this into a game? You search your way. I'll search with mine.

Kana(M): You're on, Ophelia. Let's start!

(fade to black)

Ophelia: Ha ha! I've found a bountiful harvest of gemstones.

Kana(M): Wow. That pendant of yours really does the trick.

Ophelia: And these stones all positively throb with power. They'll be very useful.

Kana(M): It seems that you've won. But I don't care. I'm just happy you're happy.

Ophelia: I can barely contain my happiness at this moment. I may burst. Thank you for showing me this special place, Kana.

Kana(M): Of course. It's been fun!

A Support

Kana(M): Ugh...

Ophelia: Your spirits seem crushed to dust, Kana. Whatever could be wrong?

Kana(M): You know all those gemstones we found? Mama said I could keep only one.

Ophelia: One?! A travesty!

Kana(M): My treasure chest broke, and all of my other gems spilled out too. So Mama said I've got to pick just a single stone out of all of them.

Ophelia: Well, all is not lost.

Kana(M): What do you mean?

Ophelia: Pick your favorite. Then I'll use my magic on all the other ones. I'll draw out their energy and then imbue your favorite with them. Then you can do your mama's bidding, returning all the stones to nature. Yet you'll still hold the essence of them all in your hand.

Kana(M): That's not the same at all. And it sounds complicated.

Ophelia: A hundred gems in one? That's better, Kana! A truly unique gem.

Kana(M): All right. I get it now. What a great idea, Ophelia! How do you think up such great stuff?

Ophelia: Scribes could write for a year of notions in my head—and still have years to go. Now, pick your favorite gem.

Kana(M): This one! This one! The star-shaped one we found!

Ophelia: A fine choice. Now, prepare to witness magic unparalleled in this world or any other... Oh, earthen deities! Hear my plea! Divest these gems of their eternalness! Swirl their essences into a rainbow blenditude—pour it into this one stone!

Kana(M): Is it working?

Ophelia: Oh, wasn't it obvious? Yes. Your stone is now a virtual treasure chest of gems.

Kana(M): It is? Thanks, Ophelia! Is there anything you can't do?

Ophelia: I humbly say...that there isn't. I'm glad to help you, Kana, with anything you ever need in this life or any other.

Kana(M): Thanks, Ophelia!

S Support

Kana(M): Hey, Ophelia! Here!

Ophelia: What? Oh, it's that star-shaped gem I imbued with all your other gems!

Kana(M): I want you to have it.

Ophelia: What?! But this is your special gem!

Kana(M): It's OUR special gem. I realized that it will be even more valuable to you than me. It's stuffed with all that mystical energy, right?

Ophelia: H-how thoughtful. Thank you from the nexus of my eternal being. I've never received such a precious gift from anyone.

Kana(M): Hee hee. Really?

Ophelia: I knew that the fair finger of fate pointed me in your direction for a reason. You and I are bound by destiny. I don't know how. Or when. But we are hurtling through existence toward a moment of true wonder! I felt something special when we were gathering gemstones together. I dismissed it as a hiccup of cosmic energies though. My mistake.

Kana(M): What does it all mean, Ophelia?!

Ophelia: You and I are fated to be the best of friends forever. Beyond that, who knows?

Kana(M): Fate is scary.

Ophelia: The finger knows what the finger knows. And we must follow its direction.

Kana(M): Well, I'm sure if you're sure.

Ophelia: Oh, I am. Can you not feel it too? What fun we have together? Fun is the sun shining on two lives. May we never be burned.

Kana(M): I don't always get what you're saying, Ophelia—but it is fun figuring it out! And all this, just because I wanted you to have the gem. Neat!

Ophelia: Yes, neat.

Kana(M): Well, since we're fated to be friends forever and everything... Let's put that gem on a ring so you never lose it!

Ophelia: I would never misplace this. But, yes. That would be infinitely neat. After all, the fair finger of fate brought us together—let us put a ring on it.

Kana(M): Yay!

Ophelia: Together forever?

Kana(M): Forever!