Fates Supports/Kana(M) Nina(SS)

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C Support

Kana(M): Hey, Nina! Do you want to go on patrol with me?

Nina: Oh, hey, Kana! Right now?

Kana(M): Mhm! I want to help everyone out as much as possible! Which, for now, means patrolling as much as possible! So are you in?

Nina: Sure! What kind of sibling would I be if I said no? Heehee.

Kana(M): Yay! Let's go!

Nina: OK. Er— Wait. Is it just us?

Kana(M): Yup! We'll be OK, though. I've been practicing a whole lot.

Nina: Kana! I know that I'll be fine, but you're just a kid...

Kana(M): Don't worry so much, Sis. If we use our special sibling powers, we can take down any bad guys that cross us!

Nina: Well, if you've got your heart set on it... OK.

Kana(M): Yahoo! You know what, Nina? I think we should go patrolling every day!

Nina: E-every day? Are you sure?

Kana(M): Yeah! I mean, patrols need to be done every day anyway. Why not us?

Nina: Every...day...

Kana(M): Is something the matter?

Nina: Just thinking about how much...um...fun it will be to go every...single...day... (Oh gods above, deliver me.)

Kana(M): Heehee! This is gonna be fun!

B Support

Kana(M): Thanks for coming on patrol with me again, Nina!

Nina: No problem. I'm actually starting to have fun. And the more we go, the more I feel I can rely on you. You're improving all the time!

Kana(M): You mean it?!

Nina: Mhm! You've been getting much stronger. And I can see you're more comfortable. You're doing very well, Kana. I think you've got a natural talent for this.

Kana(M): Haha! Yay! Thanks, Nina! What about you? What are your natural talents?

Nina: Me? I'd have to say reconnaissance, I guess. I can size up an enemy army in a few minutes, given the right vantage point.

Kana(M): Wow, Nina, that's amazing! With your skills, we'll be unstoppable!

Nina: Heh heh. Thanks, Kana! You might just be right.

Kana(M): All right! Let's get moving! We've got a ways to go if we're gonna be the best patrollers in camp!

Nina: H-hey, wait up! Kanaaaaaaaa!

A Support

Kana(M): Hey, guess what, Nina? It's patrol time!

Nina: Heh. OK. Let's go!

Kana(M): Er, wait. First I had a favor to ask of you.

Nina: Yeah? What do you need?

Kana(M): I want you to teach me how to be like you!

Nina: You want to be like me? What do you mean?

Kana(M): You said that you're real good at reconnaissance, right? Well, I wanna learn how to do that too! I'm the youngest kid out of everyone, right? So there's a lot I still can't do. I know I can't just be a grown-up, but I can try to learn lots of different skills. Besides, I've always wanted to learn something from my big sister! I always wondered what it would be like to spend time with you.

Nina: Kana...

Kana(M): So I want to learn as much from you as possible now that I can! Is that OK?

Nina: Of course it's OK! I'm so happy you asked.

Kana(M): Thank you so much!

Nina: But don't think this is going to be one- sided. I want to learn from you too. So let's compete to see who can become stronger the fastest.

Kana(M): OK! But I'm not gonna be the one to lose! That's a promise!

Nina: Heehee. All right, then. Today is patrol duty. Tomorrow, the real training begins!

Kana(M): Sounds good to me!