Fates Supports/Kana(F) Velouria

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C Support

Kana(F): Velouria! Velouria! Play with me!

Velouria: No.

Kana(F): Why not? Too busy?

Velouria: Playing sounds like work.

Kana(F): Playing isn't work, silly.

Velouria: Tag, tug-of-war, hide-and-seek... What drudgery.

Kana(F): What do you mean?

Velouria: Chasing my tail would be more fun than any of those things.

Kana(F): Oh, when you put it that way...

Velouria: Children's games are bad enough. But playing them with a child? I'd rather kick a hive of bees.

Kana(F): Why would you do that to bees? Wait. Are you calling me a child? I am NOT a child! Take that back!

Velouria: Oh, I see. You're not. Thanks for setting the record straight. Good-bye, Kana.

(Velouria leaves)

Kana(F): Wait! I can tell when someone's treating me like a child! You'd better start treating me like an adult or...or...ELSE!

Velouria: I wasn't. You said you weren't a child. And you're not. Clearly. Just like you're not having a temper tantrum now. Can I leave?

Kana(F): Yes. Of course. You're an adult. You can do what you like.

Velouria: Very mature of you.

Kana(F): Thanks. Bye-bye, Velouria!

Velouria: She is such a child.

B Support

Kana(F): Velouria, Velouria!

Velouria: What today, Kana? A game of pin the tail on the donkey? No thanks.

Kana(F): Huh? No! That's cruel to donkeys!

Velouria: How mature of you to think so. Well then, good-bye.

Kana(F): It makes me sad that you don't want to play with me.

Velouria: Does it? Well, you'll recover. Adults always do.

Kana(F): They do?

Velouria: They do. Good-bye.

(Velouria leaves)

Kana(F): OK, if you say so. Bye-bye, Velouria!

Velouria: Wait. What's that in your hand?

Kana(F): This? Just a toy. One of my childhood treasures, actually. But I've outgrown it.

Velouria: What a nice doll! I've never seen a more beautiful one.

Kana(F): I don't want it anymore. So I'm going to town to give it to a little girl. Bye-bye, Velouria!

Velouria: W-wait, Kana!

Kana(F): Huh? What's wrong?

Velouria: That doll—may I have it?

Kana(F): Very funny. You almost got me again. But I know you hate childish things. Bye-bye!

(Kana(F) leaves)

Velouria: No, that doll—that precious, little, adorable supercutie... I should have pounced on it!

A Support

Kana(F): Velouria, Velouria!

Velouria: Hello, you. Give away any more precious dolls lately? Dolls that deserve GOOD homes?!

Kana(F): No, but here!

Velouria: You said you were going to give this doll to some wretched girl in town!

Kana(F): I almost did. But halfway there, I finally realized that you really did want it.

Velouria: You're right.

Kana(F): Ha! Thought so! Anyway, it's yours. Take good care of it for me!

Velouria: It will be my most precious treasure. I swear it on my life, Kana.

Kana(F): Neat!

Velouria: I'm...I'm sorry.

Kana(F): Er, for what?

Velouria: I guess you really aren't a child.

Kana(F): I'm not?

Velouria: No. You saw into my heart and sensed my needs—despite what I said. No child could put her own selfishness aside to see that.

Kana(F): Yay! I'm finally an adult?

Velouria: In my book, definitely.

Kana(F): Then you won't mind playing games with me?

Velouria: Whatever you like. Let's play.

Kana(F): All right, then... TAG, YOU'RE IT!

Velouria: I walked right into that.